Yesterday during the Web 2.0 summit we got a brief look at Google CEO Eric Schmidt showing off Gingerbread -- Android 2.3 as well as, the now infamous "unannounced" device also known as the Nexus S. While it's time on stage was brief, it was more than enough to have us wanting to see more. A few goodies were noted after Eric stepped off stage as well. Remember that "blink off" video of the screen we previously saw powering down? It's pretty awesome. What's even more awesome is that it's still included, as noted by the folks over at Engadget. Hit the break for the full embed of the video. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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moosc says:

It's on t-mobile service

The guy representing google ("eric") came off as a bit arrogant to me and i was irritated by his stupid pompous responses. "we dont make devices" & repeating "its an un-announced device". He lightened up after that, im probably just being overly critical ha

Anyways - Id love to have a nexus phone on sprint. is there much of a difference between my evo with cyanogen and a nexus phone's OS? Arnt they both stock android?

nivlac978 says:

I would imagine being a CEO requires you to be extra careful when it comes to legal stuff. (That being said, he did sound kinda like an a hole. But he's our a hole.)

image2nv says:

LOL Well said, very inspirational. He IS our a hole. lol Better him than that a hole Jobs.

Nudo says:

weird, I totally thought the interviewers were being dicks. Eric is the CEO of Google, he has to be very careful what he says. he was surprisingly smooth to me.

FuManChuu says:

On an actual software level? Not really. BUT - Team Douche has an awful lot of work, reverse engineering things, figuring things out lacking source code that is closed, waiting for AOSP builds to be released.

With these google dev phones, theoretically, Google pushes an update, you get it. No root, no waiting, no hard-work for the underpaid under appreciated dev teams.

Its close, and I could easily argue that CM6 beats the pants of stock 2.2.1, but it sure appears to be a lot of work on TDs part.

I don't really think he came off as arrogant. He just has to extremely careful with what he says. He came off prepared, calm, and cool to me. Also, he seems a lot more stable than Jobs. I'll take Eric over Jobs anyday.

XXXdc5 says:

LOL!!! "the guy representing google" HAHAA gtfo of here

verks says:

XXXdc5, hahaha, LMFAO!!

nsxla#CB says:

Oh great another samsung device (epic) with GPS lock issues lol - I am pretty certain Eric was going to demonstrate more than what was shown on the video, yet it was cut short by the "loading" screen!

Nice to know he believes there needs to be more quality app development!

image2nv says:

Loving that new live wallpaper and that new dark notification bar already a huge improvement.

nsxla#CB says:

lol - people are so fixated on themes =] It will all be interchangeable once rooted, one should be more worried about the hardware of the phone, and which bloody carrier. (f t-mobile)Please build it compatible with a CDMA radio!

image2nv says:

Not everyone is into rooting or installing cynogen or whatever. Its cool if you are but I want my stock phone to look sweet. I feel stock will run better IMO. But to each his own. Its nice to have that option unlike iphone. But I love T-Mobile.

nsxla#CB says:

Agreed it should look appealing (htc sense) not at all like the galaxy S UI layer. T-mobile has great costumer service from what i hear, i think they would be done for in the states, if they weren't doing quite well in Europe.

Smokexz says:

Its definitely by Samsung, notice the lock screen on the side lol

nsxla#CB says:

Yep unless you've been locked in a basement for the past two days, everyone knew its a samsung, engadget folks got a better look at it i believe?

nsxla#CB says:

. Well, our tipster tells us Samsung's been shopping this curved display technology to carriers for a while -- as early as CES at the beginning of this year behind closed doors -- claiming that its research showed such a design improved perceived usability over a perfectly flat display

Good eye sir

by engadget

frozencloud says:

is it just me, or does the nexus s look concave? Or is it because of the angle they filming?

nsxla#CB says:

The back is.

cjbrigol says:

Yeah, samsung S phone, with a still broken GPS. Oh well, G2 ftw

nsxla#CB says:

I swear my blackberry tour 9630 had the quickestlock and reliable GPS from the recent devices i have test, even a bit faster than my EVO =\, how is it on the G2?

cjbrigol says:

Just used the GPS for a second on the way home on the G2. It took the phone about 5-10 seconds to get full accuracy on my position.

frozencloud says:

i was thinking the same thing...haha

spielnicht says:

Yeah, my interest in a Nexus successor to replace my Nexus One took a nose dive when I found out Samsung was making it. As of now, the SE Anzu is what I'm aiming for, just hope SE doesn't disappoint.

I've only owned Nokias and an iPhone (3Gs...blah!), the N1 was my first from HTC and honestly seeing how they released it with a faulty screen, I'm not too fond of it either. Nokia's SW might be crap, but their HW leaves a lot to be desired, which can also be said about the iPhone.

TuxDotKing says:

Because Google let their GPS be broken... Samsung is certainly lacking in the quality of their private endeavors, but Google wouldn't go with them if they didn't think they could force something lasting and working out of them.

sandplasma says:

I've never had problem acquiring GPS signal with my vibrant.

tailsthecat3 says:


I just went around the web searching for you, what I came up with was this site lol:

Click on the different modes in the top right to change the image.

sandplasma says:

I JUST bought a Vibrant. I wonder if the hardware will be different enough to warrant an upgrade.

Jaredshoes says:

holy 35 hours of video uploaded to youtube EVERY MINUTE?

redman213 says:

That interviewer in the middle (Tim) has the most annoying laugh ever!

markespo55 says:

what the?! the home screen is on the right side. that could take some getting used to.

Smokexz says:

Eric Schmidt is so smooth, no one can deny it.