According to TmoToday, T-Mobile retail stores are receiving accessories for the Nexus One. As in the same Nexus One that isn't actually available in those T-Mobile retail stores and only available on Is it effective strategy to sell accessories for a phone that doesn't exist in your stores or is this a prelude to the Nexus One finally going the traditional route of becoming available in brick and mortar shops?

We really don't know the answer but it'd be a complete change-of-direction with Google's previous no marketing, web only stance with the Nexus One if it ends up in retail stores. Admittedly it's a stance that has softened up considering their new advertisements and job hirings but it'd be an interesting move nonetheless. We think Google and T-Mobile would both benefit from the Nexus One hitting T-Mobile retail stores, Google would gain visibility and T-Mobile would gain a flagship device.

And if the Nexus One makes it way to T-Mobile retail stores, will it make its way to Verizon, Sprint, & maybe even AT&T as well? 


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Nexus One accessories hitting T-Mobile retail stores ?


Nexus One is the best phone T-Mobile has or will have anytime soon.

Can't believe they're not trying to get people to buy it. Why would anyone willing pick T-Mobile? Worst coverage, no discount on even more plus, unlike common 20% discount on Verizon's plans.

Why does T-Mobile only discount one plan on the Nexus? They don't act like they need customers.

Dude, tone down the fanboyism.... I'm a lover of Android and can't see myself ever using any other mobile OS but even I know that HD2 slaps the Nexus One silly specs wise.

You are so wrong on every level. Show me a stat that has T-Mobile with the worst coverage. Reality is that simply is NOT true.

If you took time to take your head out of you hole you would know that Google requested the one plan option not T-Mobile. Once you sign up you can switch to any plan you want on T-Mobile.

Ask Verizon to let you buy any device you want and pay for it over 20 months let alone interest free. And if you are even correct that you can have a 20% discount without a contract on VZN which I doubt do you not think you are paying them back 30% due to their absurd rates?

You are a comment troll, seriously.

Search around, the car dock (car home) .apk is floating around, and all you have to do is install it like any other .apk you find on the internet.

i believe he is talking about the physical car dock. Car dock come pre installed on the nexus and droid.

Why would Google want to sell their phone through a company (AT&T) that has practically rid itself of the Google experience on their Android phones, minus the OS itself?

Tmo will gain a flag ship device?

Um, Mytouch? And the HD2?

...Pretty sure those replaced the Sidekick line as Flagship devices a while a go.

It makes perfect sense to sell the accessories at the TMobile stores even tho the phone isn't there. For starters people may not order all the exras they want when they order the phone. And as new accessories roll out they may be more accessable at the stores. Look at places like Best Buy. They sell tons of accessories for phones they don't sell in the store but everybody knows where to go if they need something. (Well besides AndroidCentral of course......)

Would Google be going against their original strategy if in fact some of the rumors are true and they could be looking at purchasing T-Mobile. We all know the company has been wavering, they were the original Android user, and Google has been growing into the mobile community. We all know they purchased spectrum sometime in the middle of last year. Could this have been coming all along? They could also be in the final development of Google Voice becoming a VoIP. Google Voice VoIP would be a TREMENDOUS exclusivity to a carrier. Just thinking in dream world . . .