Nexus 7 cover

The official cover for the Google Nexus 7 is an elusive beast. As soon as they became available for order, they sold out, and chances are nobody you know got one. The lucky folks that did get their hands on one seem to be enjoying it, and don't have to worry about the back of their new precious getting all scuffed up or the glass getting scratched in a backpack or bag. The good news is that they are available once again, and you can grab one from Google Play for $20 and $10 shipping. We've no idea how long they will last this time, so you might want to jump on one now that you have the chance. 

We just ordered a couple of them, and we'll be sure to give them a good look when they arrive.

Source: Google Play


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Nexus 7 covers now listed as 'in stock' at Google Play


tablet and smartphone cases are very important... it's like condoms... don't ever leave home without it!

do people really walk around with no protective cases on their smartphones and tablets? Nobody I know
personally does that. :)

Currently I don't have one on my galaxy nexus. I have never put a case or screen protector on any prior phone either. I feel it adds too much bulk to a device that was manufactured to be slim and sleek.

But I did purchase the case when I preordered my N7. It is a little hoaky feeling having a case on it but a $30 investment isn't much when protecting this much glass.

I take it off during long periods of use because the flap gets annoying to hold. I'd like it to have a magnet like the smart cases too. That'd be nice I guess.

Second. I love the feel of a naked phone. What's the point in having a sexy slim phone then covering it up with a bulky case. I'll use a case or protective pouch when doing something where my phone could get dirty or banged around (biking, camping, traveling, etc.) but for everyday use I'm careful enough to not need a case. Never used a screen protector, don't really see the point since my phone always gets its own dedicated pocket.

I do use a cover for my tablet because it has a built in stand and it protects when I toss it in a bag. But like you I frequently remove the cover when using for long periods.

Can you combine Nexus 7 and cover shipping together? Sucks if not. I would rather buy from Amazon with prime.

Just bought one, and it will be waiting for the Nexus 7 I won in your contest. If only Google would release more 16GB versions so I wouldn't have to wait much longer.

I quickly went to the Play Store to order this, clicked on it, then saw $10 shipping!! WHAAAAAT??????????

Thats nuts!


i personally am waiting for a good magnetic case. seen some on ebay but they're not what im looking for. this is just too cheap looking.

Google needs to find a better price point for shipping to consumers. I ordered my nexus 7 through Staples via chase ultimate rewards site. I got 5 bonus points in addition to the standard 1 point per dollar charged. So that's 1500 points with equals $15 dollars cash back. Staples shipping was free and I received the tablet two days after the order.

With Google ordering and receiving the product is slow and on top of that you have to pay high rates for shipping. Why not offer free ground shipping?

A 20 dollar case with 10 dollars shipping doesn't make sense

I pre-ordered my case with my tablet. It isn't the most aesthetically pleasing case ever, but it fits snugly and seems to be durable. It is made out of a TPU-like material, so it should hold up well to abuse. I don't regret buying it, though I'm sure that something fancier will come out soon enough.

Same here...ordered one with my N7. It feels a little flimsy but it does the job of covering the screen. The only thing I really don't like, which will be hard to avoid with any case, is that the speaker hole on the back gets covered up when you flip the top of the case back and hold it flush against the back of the tablet. You can just stick your finger in between the back of the case and the front piece that's folded over, but still slightly annoying.

I preordered one when I preordered my Nexus 7, and they arrived at the same time. Personally, I don't think it's worth the cost at $20, and it's definitely not for an additional $10 shipping. Even though it matches nicely with the Nexus 7, it still looks and feels cheap. It will probably protect your Nexus 7 better than not having a case at all, but I'm sure there is a better case out there (or will be) for the price.

I actually ordered the case the same time as the nexus 7 on june 27th and i got them together at the same time and the case feels nice.

I just picked one up. The 7 sits in my house all day with a 6 and 8 year old. And when I take it out of the house I'm afraid at some point I'm going to scratch the screen in my bag. The case seems decent enough. Hopefully I won't regret this purchase. $10 for shipping is nuts though.

EDIT: I actually found a better, cheaper case online that doubles as a stand for half the price. Just called to cancel the order. Even though it doesn't ship for a week at least and they haven't processed my order or payment yet, they said they can't cancel it. But I can refuse shipping and they will refund all of my money. That's gotta be one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. Google = -1

Went to order and was turned off by the $10 shipping. Not crazy about paying $32 after tax for this particular case. Would like screen ON/OFF function for that.

I'm guessing thus is the official Asus smart cover. It says Asus right on the back doesn't it? I bought a case leather on Amazon for $12 plus $4.00 shipping. It has the magnet to wake the and sleep the device.

I wanted the OEM case but it was unavailable. I have read poor reviews anyway. No magnet and the cover doesn't event stay closed right? So if you put it in a bag... it will just flop open.