Nexus 7

Our Nexus 7-a-day contest didn't end prematurely, it just got pushed back a day. You may have noticed some technical issues here at the site. We're doing some work with the servers and a few folks haven't been able to get to Android Central. We didn't think it was fair to have a contest for something as awesome as a Nexus 7 when folks couldn't get in to enter. Growing pains -- they happen when a website gets bigger then anyone imagined as fast as we have. It's all fixed up and should be sorting itself out as we speak. Erm, type.

The contest will pick back up tomorrow (bar any new and unforeseen circumstances), finish on Saturday, and we'll announce all the winners on Sunday. Keep an eye out for it.

Also, while I have your attention, Don't forget to enter the Mobile Nations CES Experience contest that's been running all week. It ends Friday at 11:59PM eastern time, and a trip to Vegas for CES is on the line. That's one you don't want to miss. And starting next week our Stocking Stuffer gift card giveaways fire back up, and a new photo contest is coming. 

Just wanted to drop everyone a line and let you all know what's up.


Reader comments

The Nexus 7 contest picks back up Friday


I can read android central again! Yay
Seriously this is the best site for android related stuff.
Keep up the good work guys.

Thanks so much for the delay till tomorrow, I missed out on yesterday's Limerick contest because I couldn't get in all night. You guys are great as always.

Love your site, news, tips and well everything. Can't go a day without checking in a few times to see what is happening.

Was 1 number off winning a Nexus 7 this year at a Holiday Part raffle. Would LOVE a new to for Christmas. SO feel free to choose me. :)

Happy Holidays Android, advertisers, gift suppliers and supoorters of all levels. I think my FireFox woes MIGHT be over. Let us not speak too soon...