Red Nexus 5

New color option launches on Google Play

After a flurry of recent online leaks the Nexus 5 is now available in "bright red" through the Google Play devices store.

The new color has launched on the Google Play Store at the same price point as the black and white versions — $349/£299 for 16GB, rising to $399/£339 for 32GB. The new colored Nexuses look set to ship in the next 1-2 days.

On the retailer side, British outlet Carphone Warehouse will have exclusivity over the new color option in the UK, with the device going on sale tomorrow at 6 a.m. Carphone's website has reduced its SIM-free Nexus 5 price to match the Google Play store, too.

LG says the new color will be available from this month in the U.S., Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan and Korea," with broader European availability by the end of the month.

Hit up the Play Store link above to buy, then drop by the comments and let us know if you're picking up a new red Nexus!

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Reader comments

Nexus 5 now available in red


Yellow please.

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(ZeroLemon 7000mAh battery)

Queue the whiner's who think Google screwed them over because they weren't available on launch day. Like this is new, manufacturer's releasing subtle color or small changes to devices to sell more units after the phone has been out a few months or more lol.

I love my black nexus 5, but for those who want a splash of color this is nice :-)

I can't lie, bought mine launch day and I totally would've bought a red one if given the choice! My red TPU case from Cruzerlite will have to do... :(

Red would've been sweet indeed tho... Match my red Leatherman Squirt mini multitool, red Olight i3s pocket flashlight, red V-moda M-80 headphones, red Nexus 7 case... What? I like red, sue me.

Is too bright, it needs to be more crimson.
One of those guys who complains about everything

Posted from my newly Kit Katted Droid Ultra

Bright yellow, I think, would be a really tough sell. Way tougher than red at least. It is pretty cool that they derived this red from the accessories they already put out though

Posted from my Moto X

Do you use a case? If you do it definitely isn't worth it. I would imagine red backs will be available in a couple weeks but then you'd have a white or black border and the speaker grill wouldn't match.

All you would see in red would be the perimeter of the camera, & camera flash area, phone speaker & the USB/speaker grill area with a case on.

Yeah, I'd have to switch to a clear case. I won't be buying it, but if it were a choice from the start I would own it.

I think this is pointless. Just like the custom moto x. 90% of people are going to put a case on the phone anyway.

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From what I've observed in my travels, with the exception on the iPhone, not even half the people I see walking down the street or on the subway use a case.

Not to be rude, but choice is never pointless. Clearly there must be some sort of demand for color choices, and if there isnt any demand at all... why not? Doesnt hurt anyone

I saw that. For some reason, it's been happening to both you and NoNexus. I'm not sure, why. It could be the spam filter acting up again.

I think life is pointless we're all gonna die...but at least I'll have the choice of what color phone i have while I'm here

Posted from my newly Kit Katted Droid Ultra

Where did you get your 90% figure?

90% of the people running cases seem to be enclosing their thin Iphone in an ugly bank vault. I see an awfully lot of people running caseless these days.

I bought clear backed case for my white Nexus 5. there are clear cases for the Motox to show off all your customization so I would say it isn't pointless.

That looks quite smart, and is similar to the red N5 bumper case.

I wonder if the back and sides are like the black or white Nexus phones.

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If you look at the store page on Google Play, it shows different angles.

It looks like it goes around the sides a bit further than the white, leaving only the faceplate black. Red speaker mesh, black volume and power buttons.

Again! Another fake/wrong colored phone, if your going to make the back a different color, then make the front that color also. Both the front and the back of my S4 are white, not just the back.

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I like the panda N5 exactly like it is (well...could do w/out a colored earpiece). Business up around back. However, I did not like the panda gnex or N4 and I don't like the GS4 at all in any of its colors. Feels great to have opinions, aye?!

Ordinarily I agree with the front of the phone needing to be the same color as the back but I think the the red dot (speaker grill?) ties it together nicely. I would buy one. It's the same with the gold ring around the home button of my iPhone. I don't think the phone would look as nice without that accent.

Looks nice! Had both black and white, kept the white despite the fact I occasionally hate the white earpiece for a bit of a change. Least the red earpiece isn't quite as "shocking." Although it is useful for quickly determining what is up or down on an otherwise beautiful black slate of glass (Nexus' forte).

Well after I rma'd my second nexus5,black,32 and my third is perfect I shall stick with it.....although the red is nice.

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I got unlucky like that with a device once. I had to buy 4 Transformer Prime tablets before I got one without a screen problem like dead pixels or dust behind the glass... When you finally get that perfect one you really want to hang on to it, lol.

The nexus 5 is SUPER easy to take apart. If you didn't buy one already have at the red, if you currently own a 5 and want a red 5, blue 5, rainbow 5......just paint it yourself O_o

"I'm the GREEN Falcon.....theres no black falcon"

I imagine with Google selling Motorola, they want to start offering different colors too with their (now) only device offerings.

Honestly I thought a red version will end up finally being a Verizon compatible Nexus 5.

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I don't think Google is going to make the mistake of trying to work with Verizon again after the galaxy nexus.

Maybe when verizon starts using LTE only phones with VoLTE.
Assuming Verizon unclenches and lets any compatible LTE phone on it's network like every other GSM based network.

Would buy for the wife but she will just slap a case on it and then what. Should add a red flip case at the same time.

Man imagine if apple made a red iPhone... Making my mouth water thinking about the beauty...

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Is there any indication as to the texture/feel of the back? Is it similar to the black version, with the "soft" texture backing, or the white version with a smoother "gloss" backing? My hope is the former.

This will be the deciding factor for me. I'm eager to see the reviews of this device for that reason alone

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Nice phone but I wish this color wasn't so "in your face". I like red, just not this bright red. A little more subdued color please.

Still good that Google is providing an update to their product. I don't think they would have done this if they weren't happy with it's sales

By the looks of it the soft touch red wraps all around like the black. Would be lame if it was the same material as white but got to wrap around.

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Is it possible to make a single comments without someone saying something stupid in their response???

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You should think twice before harping on someone's grammar when they are texting a comment.Then you make the same mistake.

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I did, lol. While I was using my Nexus 5 as my daily driver, I absolutely had to have a wallet case. But, I won't lie, the phone is so damn sexy caseless.

had wallet case( poetic) but just got Spigen slim armor,love it,well made. Caseless better but as soon as I did that it would b ko'd

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Haha, yeah same here. If it can happen, it will lol.

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Holy shit so glad mine isn't here as yet more I can get this's dope AF wow

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Looks nice. They should zone more colours too :-)

Posted via Android Central App from my Motorola Moto G

How many of you were hoping when this color was first leaked praying and hoping it was coming to VZW? I know I was but once again they disappoint me :-) if it wasn't for the ridiculous coverage I have here in Boston I would have switched all ready. I swear I could be in a bunker here and still get 4G :-)

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I was so tempted to get this last week. Got a bigger than usual paycheck, but I have a galaxy s3, I told myself if I can root and install kit Kat I'd keep my gs3, if not I'd get that. I'd be dammed if I'm not running kit Kat right now on my gs3. I guess I'm saying, if I would have bricked it or had ANY PROBLEMS, I'd have one of these. Oh well, there's always the toilet and a "accident" lol.

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Anyone looking to buy a used 32 GB N5 for ~$350? I'm really digging the red look.

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Cool, we now have the Nexus 5: Tony Stark edition. Complete with full J. A. R. V. I. S. support.... Err I mean Google Now. Yeah that's it. ;-)

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I can only imagine how cool it'd be to have an Iron Man themed phone (red/yellow) with Jarvis as a personal assistant (much like Siri and Google Now, but better).

WHY....WHY GOOGLE, WHY no CDMA sim access for Verizon Wireless in US. I dont want Moto, or LG, or Samsung........

This is not a Google issue. It's a Verizon issue that ended as a lesson learned by Google, from the Verizon Galaxy Nexus debacle.

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I think I fixed it for you, lol.

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Beats doesn't have a patent on red/black color motifs nor were they the first popular brand to sport those colors... Could be worse tho, could be a red One that actually says Beats on it. :p

I'll be interested to know how nicely the two reds blend together both in look and feel.

Awesome! I personally like the color. Is this like the black in terms of materials?

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Not a fan of the red. I'd love a dark or navy blue, however. Can't wait to see what other colors might be coming out

Really don't like this color. I think the white one looks the best and the black one is the most comfortable (until I get my hands on the red one).

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I am actually curious if it is soft touch like the black or smooth like the white.

If it's soft touch, i definitely want one.

As others have mentioned, I would have purchased the red version had the choice been available at launch. I have the pilot orange supposed to be red nexus case instead.

I sold my original black N5 to use the LG G2, and now, im selling my g2 and I bought this red n5 last night. I love the bold color