Galaxy S II

If you weren't lucky enough to be part of the initial roll-out of Ice Cream Sandwich updates for the Samsung Galaxy S II, then you shouldn't have too long to wait. The long-awaited update started pushing out to Galaxy S II owners in Poland, Hungary, Sweden, and Korea this morning, and more European countries should start to see it from next Monday, March 19.

The news comes from Samsung by way of British tech site Pocket-Lint​, and the good news for anyone in the UK is that it'll apparently be a part of this second wave of countries. Of course, if you're not afraid to tinker with your device, you could always just change your CSC code and update through ODIN. (If you don't know what any of that means, it's probably just best to wait for the OTA.)

Source: Pocket-Lint

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Well that's a pain but at least we have some solid information.

P.S. petrochemicals and friends, I don't care.

Nev says:


Shadowriver says:

Last news gone to pit hole so i guess i post it again ^^' Here screens from international version:

:/ the look of it is very disappointing. Doesn't really look like ICS at all.

Shadowriver says:

Well Ginger didnt had stack apps eather

wojtas25 says:

Easy guys, if you using already one of the beta rom.s of ICS you dont need to wait for official release. I've updated my SGS2 and im dissapointed a bit. They removed 3D effect when scrolling on home screen. Iv.e get some issues when my SGS2 can't "find" my sim card. Everything works just as on beta LPH/LPB or even worse.

lazagna says:

Any idea when Canada will see the update since we use the International version (at least with Bell)?

I updated my SGS2 to one of the beta ICS roms last week and the best part of it is being able to run Nova Launcher and ICS Browser+.

Is there any prediction of arrival of the ICS on Galaxy Note to Brazil? The blog know something? :(

h0ruza#AC says:

This is still sim free phones only I take it. Your Network/Carrier will have their own time frame.

JohnBS says:

My "KIES" states that "your device does not support software upgrading via Kies". I am connected via a USB chord. Does this mean I won't be able to update to ICS via Kies? This mention is under "Firmware Information".

warrengholm says:

I had the same issue, it was because I had rooted and then unrooted with a different software ID. I went from 2.3.6 to 2.3.5 and Kies started giving me the same message that your getting. What I had to do was go to XDA developers and find the stock carrier rom and put everything back to it's original state, then Kies read it just fine, just like it never happened.

warrengholm says:

I get tired of waiting for these companies to finish playing their games. We pay for our phones just like everybody else, but the US has to sit and wait for everybody on the plant to get an update before we can (if at all). What's so hard about an update apple does sweeping updates all the time. my computer gets updates every 10 minutes but these people make it such a big deal....I've been a loyal customer to Samsung i.e. TV's, computers and cell phones, but if they keep this crap up I'll spend my money else where. SAMSUNG/T-MOBILE I WANT MY ICS ........before the phone becomes extinct ........