Nexus 7 Nexus 7

$229.99 for 16GB, $269.99 for 32GB

Google isn't expected to officially take the wraps of its new Nexus 7 tablet until a little later today, but Best Buy has jumped the gun and is already offering the new tablet for pre-order. The "new Nexus 7" is listed in 16 and 32GB flavors for $229.99 and $269.99 respectively, with Wifi data connectivity only — we're not seeing the rumored LTE version anywhere. A full selection of press renders is also provided, clearly showing the device we exclusively revealed last week.

Here's a rundown of what the Best Buy listing reveals about the new tablet —

  • 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 7.9x4.5x0.3 inches
  • 11.2 ounces
  • 7-inch, 1920x1200 display
  • 16/32GB of storage
  • 1.2MP front-facing canera, 5MP rear camera
  • Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS
  • Bluetooth 4.0 support
  • Wifi 802.11 a/b/g/n

That lines up with what many were expecting from the ASUS-made tablet, and it represents a sizeable upgrade upon last year's N7. We'll be live from Google's presentation in San Francisco later today, where the company's expected to show off Android 4.3 and its new Nexus tablet. Stick around for full coverage of the day's events!

Source: Best Buy 16GB, 32GB


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Next Nexus 7 now available for pre-order at Best Buy


A couple more inches of screen size? I would've rather them shrunk the bezels and left the screen size alone, making the overall tablet a bit smaller.

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It is a black slab, how ugly could it be.

Personally I like the new design. I like the new oversized horizontal nexus logo on the back. The bezels measure out to be the same as the current nexus 7. I think it is a job well done by Asus.

Also it's thinner and lighter than the current nexus 7. I think all the "this device is so ugly" comments are either trolling or extremely ocd.

No no, they are very legitimate complains. If we wanted ugly bezels we could've gone for iPad long time ago. Nothing wrong with wanting a bezel-less Nexus 7.
However this isn't my biggest complain with this tablet. Mine is the chip!


lol because of the bezels? as said my MANY, its by design, when holding your tablet you dont accidentally touch the screen. i like it

Is there no LTE version because that is still a nebulous possibility, or is it telling that bb does not have it on their site?

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It might be coming later, just like GSM-version came, some months after WiFi-version was released with first generation Nexus 7.

Was the previous cellular Nexus 7 available via retail? I thought Google was the only one that carried it. I'm really hoping it's available today; I was planning on ordering a cellular model but if it's WiFi only at this point I'll probably pass.

I know last year's model was for sale at Sam's club and GameStop.

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It originally came out via the Google Play Store at first where I first got it, then it came out in Staples here in Toronto. I'm waiting for this new one myself. It would be a nice surprise if it came out with the Wifi version but I'm willing to wait for the cellular one myself.

Ya that tiny hole is definitely starting to make me think of a SIM slot too. Maybe they will all be LTE capable? Well, that's just wishful thinking.

Getting a little pricy should have stuck with the 200 dollar 16gb 249 for the 32gb ill just stick with my n7

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i know right....people expect these AMAZING prices when there is nothing out there that can touch this tablet at this price point.

even the N7 is still the best tablet for the price.....STILL. this is priced right IMO. if you can't afford the $30 extra(over the $200 you wanted it to be), the old N7 is still an AMAZING tablet at the $170 price Staples has it at.

Yeah, I've been looking at deals, for the first Nexus 7. Quite a few people are selling the 16GB version, for less than $130. As much as I want the new version, $130, for a Nexus 7, 16GB at that, seems like a smoking deal.

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Agreed, $170 is great for the Nexus 7! We got my wife's Nexus 7 a week or so ago for $150 when Staples had a $30 coupon. For the price I'd say the $80 difference in what we paid isn't totally worth it(she isn't going to notice a difference).

But, if it wasn't on sale and at $200, I'd say it worth the upgrade price. $230 is still a great deal for this tablet!

Thank you! People are ridiculous with their expectations at such a low price point. One day, once they have a real job, and see this is the same price as their electric bill for a month, they'll probably understand.

Probably just a premium for the new adopters until the stock of the original N7 has been depleted. In a month or two, it will probably go down to the prices you quoted.

+CPU/GPU, stereo speakers (well at least dual), LED, slimmer profile and bezels, 4.3, rear camera (and better FFC), sexy back...

Meh. It's also one year later. I would hope that a lot of the features would improve for a similar asking price.

Personally, the 1080p screen is the only notable, standout spec imo.

The rest of them really just range from expected to already a little outdated.



What are you talking about? The 16 GB was $249.99 at launch last year, taken down to $199.99 when the 32 GB/ nexus 4 was announced...

Wow it looks SO much better in that video than some of the leaked renders. N7 2 or wait for N10 2 is the question. Especially seeing the G2, which I expect to be the base for the N5 that I will definitely own, having a 5.2" (gorgeous) screen. Do I need a 7" tablet? Thinking not...

As soon as the GSM version is available I'm jumping on it like white on rice. I just sold my GSM Nexus 7 a couple a weeks ago in anticipation for this device. I loved my N7 but if you fill it up with apps it lags like a mofo. It runs great when there aren't many apps installed, but load it up(100+ apps) and watch it lag.

i think its hit or miss. i had a wifi only version, 16GB, 80+ apps (lots of games) and like 6 HD movies on it. had just over 1GB left....and it almost never lagged.
I was running custom ROM's, and wiped the device clean about once a month....but still, it almost never lagged, had great battery life, and was stable as could be.

I was expecting to see this comment/question in the first five or so. I didn't see it so I guess it's up to me.

I want that wallpaper. Where can I get it!

The sad thing is I find myself actually wanting it the more I look at it. I'm just not willing to buy a new N7 to get it ;)

The wallpaper is very 'Google'. I assume it is a stock wallpaper, I don't know if it is just on the new N7 but it may be packaged with 4.3 when it releases. I have a feeling you will see it, and all the new stock 4.3 wallpapers floating around the interwebs very soon.

Hello from Canada..

I just bought the MS Surface Pro (runs too hot, too heavy, battery life sucks) last week and am going to return it to get this..less cost and the resolution on this new Nexus 7 too at that size will be awesome...

Four questions...

1. What will be the ppi as far as resolution be for this new Nexus 7?

2. How long can the battery life be expected to be?

3. Will it be available in Canada the same time at Best Buy or Future Shop as it is in the States?

4. Will it be available on the Canadian Google Play store at the same time as the American version of Google Play store?

Thank you

What's up with the little light in the middle of the bottom bezel? It sort of reminds me of the little light on the Palm Pre (the version that doesn't have the half ball sticking out of the plastic).

It was available for pre order. They stopped it. But yes. It was available for pre order. You just missed it.

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