We've already seen Samsung put out commercials for the AT&T Captivate, the T-Mobile Vibrant, and the recently launched Sprint Epic 4G. The only phone left in this Galaxy S saga of commercials to be shown is the Verizon Fascinate

Well it looks like you're in luck, Samsung just updated its YouTube channel and uploaded the latest commercial in this saga. Grab some popcorn, recline that chair, and dim those lights... full video after the jump. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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New Verizon Fascinate commercial hits the tubes


No matter what phone u get they have to ADVERTISE ADVERTISE ADVERTISE! I think with all the bloat they bogg our devices with we should get the same price for only a year contract. Fair.? My droid x came with an app called city id, 1 month subscription then like $3/mo. U can't tell me vzn doesn't get kickbacks from the devs who own the rights to that app. And now that app just sits in my phone taking up space. MY SPACE.
rant over

I 2nd that! Looking forward to leaving AT&T and getting back on a network that works for me in my area with a spankin phone.

Anyone else seen the LaptopMag battery test that shows the Galaxy S phones lasting only 63% as long as the D2 and DX during a web usage test? Where can I find more empirical reviews comparing battery life on these phones?

From personal experience, the droid x has the best batterry life. Evo ugh! Samsung vibrant eh, moto droid ok, droid x excellent! All the other androids out there, not so sure. I bet the mytouch slide has killed battery life. Rocking a sub par >1Ghz processor and 3.5ish screen,,, nah. 2.2 will help though, it improved the evo significantly. Goodluck!

my girlfriends got an upgrade in october and she loves my dinc (lolz!). soooo perhaps i cop that upgrade and toss the dinc her way?

Saw this commercial on the actual phone today. i have two words to describe the screen. freaking amazing!! TOO BAD IT IS FILLED WITH BING!!! no google nav, no google search. i just dont know... but, cool commercial.

Isn't Bing just a preloades widget that can be replaced (but maybe not removed altogether) with google apps/widget from the Market? Or am I wrong?

If it comes preloaded on the phone you're gonna be stuck with it unless you root. You'll probably be able to remove the widget though. Verizon customers should get accustomed to having Bing on their phones. For those with short memories, Verizon signed a deal with Microsoft not that long ago to put Bing search on it's phones. BlackBerry users were the 1st to have it done to them. I remember waking 1 morning to find a Bing shortcut on my Storm and at no point did I get any notification about it. If they force that crap onto my Incredible it won't be a pleasant day at my local VZ store.