Sony 'Xperia C' and updated Android-powered wearable reportedly on the way

It seems Sony Mobile may about to reveal several high-profile devices at its press conference at Shanghai's Mobile Asia Expo tomorrow. We've already heard rumors about the "Togari" or Xperia ZU -- supposedly a Snapdragon 800-powered device with a 6.4-inch display -- and the latest round of leaks brings news of a possible smartwatch and mid-range handset to go with it.

The first report comes from CNET, which claims to have details of a new Android-powered smartwatch from the Japanese manufacturer. Supposedly a successor to the earlier NM2SW smartwatch, the new device will feature a larger display and feature a three-button layout similar to Xperia smartphones, according to the site's source. Like other Sony accessories, the watch is said to support pairing with smartphones via NFC, with further connectivity being handled over Bluetooth. For its part, Sony has been teasing a smartwatch-related announcement on its official Xperia Twitter account in recent days.

Next up, XperiaBlog claims to have details of the "Xperia C," an upcoming 5-inch, 8.88mm thick device with mid-range internals.  A 5-inch qHD (960x540) display is said to sit on the front, with a 1.2GHz quad-core CPU (likely a MediaTek chip) doing the number-crunching, backed up by 1GB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage, expandable via microSD. Around the back, the site reports there's an 8-megapixel Exmor R camera. On the software side, Android 4.2.2 is reportedly running the show.

The Xperia C is said to be targeted towards the Chinese market, so it's unlikely we'll see it appear in the west, where the 5-inch niche is already filled by Sony's higher-end Xperia Z and ZL.

Source: XperiaBlog, CNET


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New Sony smartwatch, 5-inch mid-ranger tipped ahead of Mobile Asia Expo


I just want a watch that can send and receive text with voice and run Google now. Water resistant

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I'm excited to see where smart watches will go. I want to see the tech evolve.

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I would love to get this watch if it actually integrated with my phone so I could see texts, notifications, caller id and other stuff. It will help not having to unclip phone when you're in a meeting and it will be less disturbing at a movie theatre.

Via Android Central App from a Galaxy Note 2

Smart Watches need a gimmick, something special it can do that Smart Phones cannot, otherwise they will remain an inconvenient smartphone/accessory/niche/hipster thing, but maybe that's all they can ever be.

Hmm here's another idea - A smartwatch where the screen is folded over on itself (hinged) when not in use (with a clip on the other side to hold it down), so it's protected, and to reveal the screen you flip the top half over, and the two screen parts fit together perfectly to show, you can set the display in landscape or portrait mode and rotate the screen unit on the band accordingly so you can choose how to flip it.

You could maybe do a triangular unit where it becomes a square when unfolded and may be better to use, but it'd probably get caught on stuff when it's closed.

Let's not forget that it wasn't long ago that Casio was hitting the market with the Data Bank watch, that had all our phone numbers, and such on it. At the time they hit the mark quite well. It was the data bank thing that eventually evolved to what we have now in Smart phones!

I wont be trying it out. One of the features I almost could not live without. Would be a color screen. This on appears to be black and white.

You need a color screen for the time and text messages?
Color screen won't happen in any practical way until batteries make a HUGE leap forward. The Pebble has been successful in no small part because its use of e-ink allows it to substantially improve battery life.

Love my sony smart watch, nothing like being able to see whos calling or my email and texts without pulling out my phone. Its not perfect, but it woeks pretty good

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I just want a smart watch that bluetooth pairs with a running app so I can see my metrics on my wrist. I needs to have a 6hr battery life. It sucks wearing a Garmin GPS running watch and trying to run something like Runtastic on your phone and managing them separately. I feel like this is no brainer. Runners already spend hundreds on their GPS watches as it is today.

Don't wear a smart watch on your dominant hand. It'll be too hard to focus on porn when your wrist is constantly moving.

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