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Matches earlier leaked renders, looks a lot like a refresh to the Xperia Z

At this point we're somewhat used to new Sony devices leaking out ahead of their launch, and Sony's next big device, codenamed Honami, is no exception. Following earlier leaked renders, some pretty clear photographs have emerged claiming to be Honami, and they show a device that looks as though it could be a refresh to the Xperia Z line. 

The overall form factor is very similar to the Xperia Z, with the same external skeleton frame we've seen before, only colored to match the device. The back looks to possibly be glass again, and that rumored 20MP camera sits up in the top left as we've seen before. Down on the bottom edge of the device there's what looks to be a pretty hefty speaker, and round the front it looks pretty much the same as other Sony smartphones. 

Other rumors state that inside the Honami is a Snapdragon 800, 2GB of RAM, a 3000mAh battery, all sitting beneath a 5-inch, 1080p Triluminos displays. At this point none of the alleged specs are unlikely, and all that remains now is for it to finally launch. We're expecting our first look at the Honami at Sony's September 4 press conference in Berlin at IFA, where of course we'll be on the ground throughout. Hit up the links below for more images. 

Source: Gadget Helpline via Xperia Blog


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New Sony Honami images emerge matching up to earlier leaks


I can't keep up with Sony phones. Didn't they just launch the Xperia Z? A flagship? So now they have flagship no. 2?

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Was announced in January launched moist places around May, so more like a mid-year spec update

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That's Sony, they're not happy unless they're releasing 30-40 phones a year. The biggest issue is they offer such slow and poor software support.

Really? Havw you seen the 50 xperia variants?

Samsung is the undisputed champ, but Sony is no slouch

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I hope the battery specs are correct and the screen is better then the Z. If it come to T-Mobile it's mine.

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Less likely than that, TBH. Let's put it somewhere between your suggestion and Verizon bringing back unlimited data.

The software support on Sony is pathetic my Xperia Z is sitting on 4.1.2, while there are talks of android 4.3.

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Really? You're dinging Sony for not upgrading you to an OS that hasn't been released yet?

Yes, there's 4.2, but aside from lock screen widgets, it's not like there are killer features that you're missing out on in 4.1.2.

Sony has updated the Xperia Z C6602 and C6603 to 4.2.2 and it has been out for a month now. 4.2.2 through Sony AOSP and CM10.1 has been available since April.

If you have the T-Mobile version and is stuck on 4.1.2 - blame T-Mobile and not Sony.

You can update it with the latest 4.2.2 for the C6603 too (without any problems).

Gotta love that rumored battery spec, but I'm disappointed the camera lens is so small.

At the end of the day, photons matter, and cramming more pixel sites into a tiny sensor isn't going to make your pictures any better.

I'll go back to hoping that RX100 lens/sensor add-on rumor is real.

Almost picked up the Z through T-Mobile last weekend, something told me to just wait a bit and stick with my N4. This may be the phone that is my next. Looks like everything I had issues with on the Z has been addressed. Anyone know if this one is also water resistant like the Z?

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