T-Mobile myTouch 3G HD (back)

We've already seen the mysterious (and as-yet unannounced) myTouch 3G HD, which is rumored to be T-Mobile's first HSPA+ phone, from the front. Looks like the same tipster fed TmoNews the back of the device. 

No word yet on if these pictures are real or if this is in fact T-Mobile's first HSPA+ phone. T-Mobile is keeping their lips sealed on this one, so it's likely we won't know for a while. But we're likely to see more of this before release, we reckon. Does the back of the phone change any opinions you had about the device prior? [TmoNews]


Reader comments

New shot of the myTouch 3G HD's backside appears


If this is authentic, it's another sleek, sexy device from HTC.

That being said, HTC seems to be stuck on sticking the camera out (a la the Evo and DInc). While it does give a nice look, there's a reason why most other companies don't do it guys. It's not practical!

the reason most companies dont do it, is because they dont stick good camera lenses on their phones. The size of the lens gives a little hope that it might actually be a quality lens.

So, that would make it "extra practical", if it made the camera better.. no?

The slimness gives me hope for no hard keyboard... :) We've got one on the MyTouch Slide; don't need one here.

I still think its the g1 blaze that is the HSPA+ device on that website because it makes more sense.
1)They stopped selling the G1
2)They said its a revolution
3)Its been 2 years since the G1 launch which i think was November,2008 and November is right around the corner.
4)Costumers contracts that bought the G1 are ending and T-mobile doesn’t want to lose them to Verizon who is launching the Droid 2
5)The name G1 Blaze fits HSPA+ then mytouch 3g HD because calling it 3g will make people think it reaches only 3g speeds but blaze sounds better better
6)They had the word Vanguard in the website’s source and the changed to hspa when people found out so they are hiding it.