HTC Incredible

If there's anything we love for breakfast, it's more leaked shots of unannounced phones. And here we have more of the HTC Incredible floating around Twitter. User DevDroidian (great name, btw, Austin) brings us four new ones that don't really show anything new, but it's always great to see new stuff.

We're still expecting a Verizon launch at some point ... hopefully. Three more pics after the break. [DevDroidian] Thanks, Peter, for the tip!

HTC Incredible

HTC Incredible

HTC Incredible


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New pics of the HTC Incredible surface on Twitter


No N1 for me... Each week seems to bring a story about glitches or underperforming software on the N1. Let's go Incredible!

IF it's underperforming software you are worried about on the N1 shouldn't you be worried about it on any other android phone? After all android is google's baby

Now if we can just get VZW to push this thing out already!!! I see articles on the Google search going back to late last year talking about this release on VZW. This is almost torture. My 'new in 2' was up in January and it's all i can do to keep from getting a droid or storm 2 (my current Curve 8330 is almost dead). Let's go already!!

what's up with the battery cover? is it off bc its that ugly organge/red color? im assuming so because of the red buttons on the side...

Nice!! i like the red on the sides and it might look better now with the red back. whats up with that second picture? is it just the flash that made it look like there is a joystick coming out of it?

What if they launch both, Nexus One and HTC Incredible, at the same time? I need to figure out which one should i get. Any suggestions?

I was thinking about the N1, but after hearing about issues some people have, I will go for the incredible, you get 2.1 with sense ui. I think the incredible has a optical trackpad as well instead of a ball.