LG superphone

The folks at BriefMobile got hold of some info about an upcoming LG LS970 for Sprint, and it has some impressive specs -- namely the quad-core Krait S4 and 2GB of RAM. All the info they have certainly looks legit, and it's very likely we'll see this one sometime in Q4. But while everyone is in awe of those impressive innards (including most of us here at AC) we have to remember that these are exactly the components we expect to see at the end of this year. We're ready for the next generation of hardware, but unfortunately we'll have to wait a while longer for it.

Source: BriefMobile


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LG Eclipse, coming at the end of 2012, will have specs relevant for the end of 2012


4.5 to 4.8 will probably be the standard for the foreseeable future. 4.0 - 4.3 was 2010-11 standard. 4.5-4.8 is going to be 2012-13 standard (possibly even longer). I don't see phones getting bigger then that though, except for the occasional 5"+ niche phones like the Note.

The only way 4.6" will be too small is if we somehow only have edge-to-edge screens in every phone from then afterward. My One X is pushing it as far as size... I couldn't fathom something bigger.

I certainly hope your joking about 4.6in being too small!!! Enough with this growing trend!!! A human hand hasn't changed much in the past 7,000yrs! Not everybody is Shaq!!!

Before the smartphone craze, LG made some really decent phones. I know I reall enjoyed my LG Dare back in the day! I think they waited too long to put out a good offering for the smartphone world, but its been a few years, they may be staging their comeback. I wouldn't count them out yet.

You bet it will......and with an promise for an ICS upgrade in 2014. LG is a joke when it comes to smartphones. Lg no more.

Glad were finally moving into the next generation of phone hardware this year. I'm still rocking my DX because honestly nothing that has come out since I bought it has been a game changer. I almost bought the RAZR maxx as I'm partial to moto and I love its form factor but held off. When they make a phone that totally breaks the mold that's the one I'm getting.

I have been holding for the Note on Sprint.. and not a leak anywhere, so don't know if/when it will come to Sprint.

A woman came into my store the other day with a Samsung note. It was massive. I couldn't imagine using that to make phone calls, It really was obscene.


I am not very confident in LG as a smartphone maker yet. Feature phones ok. I expect that there will be several competitors with the same or better specs.

4.6 was maybe a bit big for me. I would go with the norm becoming 4.5-4.8...

Idk what everyone else is thinking but 4"-4.5 inches is a great size for a phone any bigger is uncomfortable for my preference.

As long as the screen is longer. The One S is the same width as my Galaxy S but longer making the screen bigger. it felt fine in my hand, mainly because it was the same width. I just cant get into the Galaxy S2 size, it gets too wide.

Does somebody who doesn't do much gaming, mostly web browsing, media, music, videos really need a smartphone with a Krait S4 processor & 2gb's of RAM?

I really think I'll be fine with the GSIII for my uses.

If Sprint Already announcing Quad-Core and their 4G LTE not up yet, I`m wondering what VZW has under their sleeve!!!!