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Prices start at A$299, tablet 'due to arrive late August'

Australia is to be in the first wave of countries to get the new Nexus 7 following the U.S. launch, and now we have some more firm details as to when we can expect the tablet Down Under. Ausdroid has spotted the first Australian pre-order listing for the device at PLE Computers, where it's "due to arrive late August."

Prices start at A$299 for the 16GB Wifi model, A$339 for 32GB and A$439 for 32GB + LTE. It's interesting to see that the LTE version is listed with the same arrival date as the Wifi-only tablets, as this model has yet to go on sale anywhere else, including the U.S.

While there's no official Australian pricing from Google or ASUS yet, PLE's prices loosely track what you'll pay in the U.S. — with the addition of sales tax and a small mark-up.

Meanwhile in the UK, it's possible the Nexus 7 could make an appearance from late August to mid-September, depending on where you order.

Source: PLE Computers; via: Ausdroid


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New Nexus 7 up for pre-order in Australia


The most annoying part is the "Australia Tax" that mysteriously is applied as soon as the device leaves the US. I suspect that the Chromecast will be priced at $70AUD when/if that ever arrives...

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Yeah I hate seeing American prices and forgetting to add that on... the disappointment :(

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Please remember that in most states sales and state tax is added at the point of sale. So that $35 device isn't $35 but closer to $37-38 dollars. Plus our dollar stinks so yes that $70 price is about right

I think PLE is importing, there a couple of Australia Businesses that are doing this. Unfortunately I didn't see anything on PLE's page on whether they are importing from the US or not.

Please could I point you in the direction of the AC Nexus 7 (2013) Forums, and a post I made called 'UK Availability'.

Please read and you will notice the date I posted that and the fact that UK get N7 Late august as well...

Do the top people at AC not read these posts????

Very ( claim to have it in stock now, but after the frankly c**p service I've had from them, I don't believe them

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I'm in Australia and already have one - typing this message on it actually.

At those prices, I'm glad I didn't wait and purchased from the US for an extra $25~ including shipping.

Firm details? I run a computer shop, and I can tell you that a post like this merely means they're guessing on when it's coming out and are willing to be money on it.