Nexus 7 in Canada

Prices start at C$229, shipping in 1-2 days from the Google Play Store

A few weeks after the new Nexus 7 went on sale in the U.S., Canadians can now get their hands on Google and ASUS' new tablet through the Google Play Store. The Wifi-only 16GB version of the tablet goes for C$229, while the 32GB model will set you back C$269. The tablets are listed as in stock and shipping within 1-2 business days.

If you're still on the fence, be sure to check out our full review of the 2013 Nexus 7.

Canadians, hit the comments and let us know if you're picking up a Nexus 7 today. Next stop for the tablet will likely be the UK on Aug. 28.

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JSKershaw says:

I'm so tempted to get one, but I will wait until the LTE version is released. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

eszklar says:

Bring on the celluar-enabled version!!!

RapMasterC says:

Already bought a 16 gig on when it was briefly available at the end of July. Tempted to get a 32 gig one though.

Mayoo614 says:

Two things :

1) Now where is the Chromecast? ^^
2) Do we (Canadians) really look like that?!? lawlz

Picked up a 32gb model from a Canadian online retailer last week. Loving it so far.

Google Play is acutually selling for less than the retail stores ($20 less on the 16gb, $10 on the 32gb).

biggorilla71 says:

Also got one from an online retailer last week... paid $320 tax in.

AMAZING piece of kit !!!

Only "problem" so far is finding accessories for it up here in the Great White North... but they will come I'm sure.

Didn't think the 4G version was going to be available in Canada?

Done! Bought it!

priority9 says:

Ordered the 32GB version with the sleeve today. :-)

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Camulus says:

Ordered 32 gb version. Limited time free shipping too!

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Navraj Saini says:

it's been available since the original launch day in the US.

ced2334 says:

Only the 16GB had been available previously. Both the 16 and the 32 GB are available now.

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Navraj Saini says:

Memory Express was selling it since the 1st (atleast), since I bought mine on the 1st.
Edit: the 32

I wonder what Rene Richie will find wrong with this one?

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chrismage says:

Aaargh just lost my job or I would have gotten one.

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tophermori says:

Got BestBuy to price match. Good deal.

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kgh00007 says:

The shipping is pretty ridiculous!

ced2334 says:

It's free shipping right now. How is that ridiculous?

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griftercm says:

Free shipping? Done!

Let them fix bugs (GPS, touch,..) first.

Ordered the 32gb with the free shipping, sweet. Might order the case, but I'll wait to see what comes around first.

Simon Sage says:

You just think all us Canadians are beavers in mountie suits, don't you Alex? Typical monarchical BS. 

Kylecore says:

Bought mine the day it launched here, expected delivery is Monday the 18th
$300 for 32Gb, can't refuse that

dannyd86 says:

Just ordered a 32 gb version. My first google device. ALso just sold my blackberry playbook for 80$ on craigslist, surprised I got that much for it lol