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Verizon, some would say, leads the pack for the amount of Android devices they have available. As such, that also means they lead the pack in terms of the number of people inquiring about Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich updates and now, the latest leak (oh, by the way, Verizon leads in those, too) may put some folks' minds at ease. A slew of devices are headed into testing or are already past testing stages for Ice Cream Sandwich updates and are now just awaiting approval before the OTA updates are sent out:

Also mentioned are the Droid Bionic, HTC Rhyme, LG Spectrum and LG Revolution but those devices are separated and not related to the ICS list which, may mean they'll release other software updates to address some bugs before moving on. Considering this leak came from, Reddit does that make up for all the fake previous Samsung Galaxy S III stuff that "leaked" there before?

Source: Reddit; thanks to everybody who sent this in!


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Leak details ICS update and testing phases for several Verizon devices


I'm still waiting for at least a radio update officially for my Galaxy Nexus. I feel we are due an incremental bump by now and I was hoping the rumors that the testing was finished were true.

anybody with a xoom get a soak test invite? I didnt. The last "leak" I saw had the same dates for testing and said it was going out on 4/23. I'll believe it when I see it.

Probably a bigger file size to upgrade to ICS from GB than from HC. Not a huge UI change between HC and ICS compared to GB.

Kinda wonder why the Xooms have a completed test date but a TBD for rollout, when the Rezound and RAZR are currently testing and have a rollout date a couple days after the testing phase. The holdup from Verizon on the Xoom is just ridiculous at this point, ICS has been on the WiFi version for months.

Uh hello, BIONIC?!? FU Verizon.. This phone was doomed before it was ever released. POS phone, 1 update since release (that should've never happened if the 4G would've worked from day 1) and now it's NEVER going to get ICS. Well, probably will but in 2015 when there's 100+ more released phones! HAHAHA putas!

The LG Spectrum just came out this year, no more than 3 months ago, and already they are relegating it to no ICS updates? That's fucking bullshit, Verizon. Good thing rooting and other ROMs are an option. Not that there are any available right now with ICS, but they are available with GB and run faster than the stock ROM.

Frickin cellular companies!

This image came out a while ago. We've already seen the Xoom passed up on and no soak test started for any of the purported updates. I refuse to buy into any of these rumors until I see hard proof publicly available on a Verizon website.

I spoke to a HTC Representative yesterday 05/02 and he confirmed the May 9th release date. He did however add that the update will roll in batches and could take up to 22 days from the release date.

What is ICS ice cream sandwich and why do I want it for my android phone? I have the Samsung Galaxy II Straosphere (basically same as the S3 but with a slide out keyboard. Thanks! I'm new to android phones, so sorry for the dumb question.