HTC Vigor

We've been seeing and hearing plenty about the HTC Vigor these days, even the guided video tours have now leaked out. Before those, the media files, live wallpaper and boot animation were all dumped for everyone to enjoy and now some new images have popped up. Aside from the front and back of the device, there is finally some confirmation for the oft rumored specs and the Vigor is running a 1.5GHz processor, Android 2.3.4, a 8MP rear camera with a 2MP shooter on the front and of course that oh so beautiful 4.3-inch HD display and LTE. More pics can be found past the break for you all.

Source: TeamBAMF

HTC Vigor

HTC Vigor


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New images of the HTC Vigor confirm rumored specs


He asked if it was duel core, not dual. He want's to know if the cores fight each other for domination of the phone.

this will be my next phone to replace my tbolt. i hope and pray the lte is more stable on this phone. id also love to know when it will be released as im hearing october?

This will be my next device. Goodbye Incredible and hello Incredible HD. Please no Rezound crap!

Sprint needs a new HTC device. The Evo3d wasn't for me. Then again, if they can't cure battery life issues on their phones, another HTC device isn't for me either.

well that's what they need to do. Will pass on my next HTC, which are my favorites, due to battery life being poor.

Still seems like October is the target month. Probably the rumored October 13th nit give it time to sell before the Prime drops.

HTC Explorer
HTC Rhyme
HTC Vigor
my Touch phones
they all have different kinds of Sense

from the looks of things, the pure version of Sense "Rosie" will be on high end smartphones like Vigor, Runnymede, and Sensation

If you look closely at the processor, you can definitively see that it says dual core. Vigor/Prime/SGSII LTE HD/ MOTOROLA RAZR. Verizon has a hell of a line up coming, and quite frankly, I don't know which way to role.

it's the Thunderbolt v2 with Gingerbread, while the original is still awaiting Gingerbread.
thank God for root/ROMs.
homebrew devs>HTC/VZW devs

Gingerbread will happen soon enough with all the leaks of test builds. I think the crowd that really has room to complain are the Xoom owners who still don't have 4G.

Oh wait nothing special here its vzw version of sensation. Another hand me down phone. Just like following in footsteps of thunderbolt. Geez Louise HTC get creative

I for one was crossing my fingers for the 4.5" display, which could be a deal breaker. Does anyone know if the Prime will have a larger display, or if VZW has anything in the works for the "plus sized" form factor?

dude, to be honest, 4.3 is big enough, we really do not need a phone with a bigger screen than that. How do you fit it in your pocket, holding it up to your ear would just seem ackward at that size. If you are looking for larger you might wanna just buy yourself a small tablet.

The styling just screams Incredible HD. Even the earpiece grill is now red. I can't see them naming this the Thunderbolt 2 or Vigor.

dpi will be massive on this if the amoled hd 720p screen at 4.65inch is 316dpi than a 4.3inch 720p would be 350dpi or so...thats just super super sharp...only bad thing is that the blacks are still more washed out and dark grey then true black than amoled...still cant wait to get 300+dpi android phone

Does anyone know if this is going to have simultaneous voice/data over 3g like the TBolt. Unfortunately, I spend most of my time in 3g at night, so I have been spoiled with this on my TBolt. I didnt realize how great a feature that is until I got the TBolt.

I hope this is thinner with better battery life than the thunderbolt, throw in an amazing hacking community and this will be the best phone ever.

I agree. I own a Sprint Epic 4G and it is 15mm thick because of the keyboard. Maybe it's because I'm 6'8" and have giant hands, but 15mm doesn't seem very thick to me at all. If they took all these phones that are 9 to 11 mm thick, and made them all 15 mm thick and filled the extra space with battery, then everyone's phone would last a whole day without charging.

I love my Sensation but Sense is getting boring, and its hard on the device. HTC needs to redesign it like Samsung did with touch wiz...... or maybe i just want stock.

Looks like a winner if it has good battery life.

And is there any touchscreen glass available out there that doesn't smudge and show fingerprints so much that these manufacturers can use??

Way I fix it, is car wax. I actually have a full body Ghost Armor, so I car wax the screen protector whenever it starts getting smuges and it gets nice and smooth for weeks, and any smuges it gets are as easy to remove as using your t-shirt.

Only thing I'm not a fan of is the back, the plastic looks like it's gonna feel like the Inc2 backing. Not sure if I will jump on this and use one of my upgrades, but a white version may push me over. Hard to imagine putting my BAMF Forever Tbolt running at 1.6ghz away. May just wait for BAMF to release ROM for this bad boy 1st?!

No wonder Verizon cosigned with Samsung, apple won't see specs like these for a least another 3yrs. Verizon isn't stupid all these other OEM's are way ahead of apple. They make a killing off phones like this.

Just watched one of the vids showing the installation of the sim card by removing the TINY battery. So once again we all have to go out and by a big third party battery. Seems like the phone manufacturers just rely on seidio and others to solve their battery issues. They shouldn't bother to even include the battery and drop the phone price instead. All of my stock batteries just go unused in a drawer.

Has anyone heard about HDMI out? I don't see it, but it could be that combo USB/HDMI that some are using. I use HDMI often, since most people do not have wifi tv's yet. Also, just how bloody fat is this thing? I wish they took pics next to other devices so we can see (I know, in time all will be revealed!)...