Dolphin Browser Mini

The team over at Dolphin Browser is working on a new browser which they hope will bring faster browsing to your Android device.  Currently in a "preview" stage, the team just released the second public build of the browser on their blog.

Some new features include:

  • Completely redesigned user interface
  • Faster page loads
  • Infinite tabbed browsing
  • New menu layout 

 Hit the read more link to grab the download link.  The application isn't in the market yet, so if you're on AT&T, you'll need our Sideload Wonder Machine.  If you decide to take the new browser for a spin, be sure to give the team feedback in our developer forums. Via [Twitter] [Dolphin Browser Blog]

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Reader comments

New Dolphin Mini browser aims to bring faster browsing to Android


I used this browser for awhile, and really like the ui, however i promptly uninstalled......

Why is there no option for desktop view ONLY? I hate hate mobile web, it has no place on my phone.

Am I missing something?

In the options there was something to toggle desktop mode. Does it reset itself every page? If so, drop them a line in support forums about it.

Under settings, scroll down to User Agent and select "desktop". This will force all pages into regular desktop view. There is also an add-on for Dolphin Browser HD which can easily toggle between desktop and mobile view.

I also uninstalled but there is a option for desktop...but I too like desktop view not mobile view however the reason why I took it off was bcause it was a little too slow for me n froyo 2.2 is faster so if they can fix that I will install again

I must say, this works pretty dang good. I'll make it my default for a while. The handling of tabs works awesome, gestures rock, etc. There is a lot to like. They also didn't lie about it being fast. Quite a polished UI too.

I tried it. I really don't see a difference in it, vs the other two versions. It did not load pagea any faster. I don't get the "mini" part. It is a bigger file than the "HD" version. Am I missing something?

I'm not seeing any speed difference in loading actual webpages (in some cases it seems to be slower) however it does seem to be faster at bringing up the actual UI menus.

Something else that I noticed was that when you pinch and zoom quickly to the max, it doesn't take you to a random part of the page, like the HD one does. That's an improvement.
EDIT: Actually that bug seems to still be in there after further testing.

This is not for 2.2 devices, that is still Dolphin HD. It probably should have been mentioned in the article above that it is for low end devices

Actually Dolphin HD is no faster than stock on 2.2 either. It's my showoff browser but not my default.

In a quick test, I loaded engadget desktop on Stock browser, Dolphin HD, Dolphin Mini on my Samsung Captivate with Froyo.

Stock Browser: 22 Seconds
Dolphin HD: 33 Seconds
Dolphine Mini: 64 seconds

So it is only for 1.x devices that can't take advantage of other browsers. Another example is plugins are set to on demand and you can't turn that off (how I use it anyway, but might annoy some)

love dolphin, but not this one so far. i liked the side menus not actually hitting the menu button. dont seem much faster if any. not as pimp as the first one . nex.

Just became my new default browser. Much faster than Dolphin HD and a cleaner interface as well. I always thought the UI on Dolphin HD was kind of clunky.

i agree, it has become my default on N1. Very fast and the interface is great. Dolphin HD has too much going on. This is a lot simpler.