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Have a rooted and hacked Nook Color? Want to run the new Netflix app? It's as simple as changing the build.prop file, of course, to make the app think your $250 e-reader actually is one of the few phones currently supported by Netflix. Been there, hacked that, got the T-shirt.

Youtuber huskermania has worked up an excellent video showing you how it's done. In less than five minutes, you, too, can be streaming Netflix on the Nook Color to your heart's content. Check it out.

More coverage: Nook Color forums. Thanks, Alex!


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Netflix on a rooted Nook Color [how-to]


No such luck on the Atrix. I have a feeling that the Tegra chipset is causing the issue here. I wouldn't expect to have it working on the Atrix until Netflix updates it to support Tegra.

I buy a 'high end device' and it seems like I'm the one waiting the longest... :/
--Stupid double post

Its supposed to work for any "unsupported device" The previous qualifier that was around was the Qualcomm chipset so I am not sure that is still in place. My only question is if and when our device does become supported, do we have to do the same process but return it to its original state and does this affect other apps on my phone?

A few people over at XDA tried this for the Inspire but no joy. For sure a great feature for Nook users though!

Every time I turn around the$ 250 I spent on the Nook Color seems like a better investment. Now that this is available and my wife just got an ipad its time to sign up for Netflix.

I have to agree with the best 250 I've spent in a long time. The nice thing is with the Kal-El tablets just around the corner my CM7 nook color will fulfill my tablet needs until then.

I'm sticking with the Nook until Kal-El Ice Cream Sandwich based tablets hit the market. I'm definitely happy with the Nook.

Well, now I know what I am doing when I get home. I looked around the net last night but couldn't find anything on this so thank you very much!

I'm not sure about Nookie Froyo specifically, but there have been people saying it works with CM7, so I'd imagine that it would probably work on Nookie as well since that meets the "os requirement" part.

Works great!! It's a little jerky and pixelated at times, but other than that, it works great! Watching Dexter on it now...

Have a rooted stock Nook Color 1.2

The HTC Settings on this link allowed me to get it working on my rooted Stock 1.2 NC. I couldn't get it to work using the Nexus S, as soon as I switched it to HTC it worked perfectly. I used a combination of ES File Explorer and Super Manager since ES kept saying my phone doesn't support Root Functions

What would be the reason that Netflix wouldn't showup in the Market App? I have a rooted NC 1.1, which was done using Autonooter a few months ago. I noticed your Market app interface was different than what mine shows, so thinking there may be an update I'm missing?

Very cool demo BTW. Thanx.

Just a tip for the users running Honeycomb on their Nooks, it does not work with it. "Downgrade" to CM7/Phiremod/Nookie Froyo.

Not good. Now can't connect with WIFI and can't paste build.prop back in to System folder. Can't edit/save build.prop either. Running CM7.

Tried it on my Vibrant running CM7, and everything works except the picture. Sound is perfect and no error messages pop up, but I just get a black screen for the video.

I tried to edit my "build.prop" file using the es file explorer but it says it doesn't support my Rooted LG optimus S phone's ROM. Is there another free app out there I can use to edit this file? ohh yea I tried the native file editor but of course it wont allow it to save.
Many Thanks

GEE-ZUS! WHATS UP WITH THE SAMSUNG EPIC and the rest of galaxy s line. i'm tired of defending my phone to these fanboys. i could see this turning into another froyogate. we probably have to wait till our devices get gingerbread.

I'm curious if this breaks anything in the Market?

I have rooted my Nook several times using autonooter and finally CM7. My App Brain shows each and every one of these as a different device.

There are some apps in the Market that won't show up for my Nook when it is listed as a Nook Color. Will these now show up when the device is a "Samsung" phone?

Can I changed the file back at some point or will I have to leave it like that until Netflix is support for the rooted Nook (as if that will ever happen)?

I did on my Nook (CM7) too. It works fine, although I'm not sure why I would want to watch Netflix on Nook rather than on HDTV.

I wonder if modifying build.prop (I used Nexus S settings) could affect further upgrades by ClockWork ROM Manager and Cyanogen MOD? Wouldn't it get confused and try to install Nexus S Cyanogen instead of Nook Cyanogen?

Glad I looked around for a while, found a netflix apk that didn't scan for a device, no build prop modification necessary, just installed it and it worked like a charm. The Nook is so addicting.

Please, what version of CyanogenMod are people who have it working using. I just installed the most recent one last night and have no joy on using the Nexus S/samsung combination or any of several others I've seen on the net (HTC Vision) n such.

I can run the program but when try to watch a movie, it sits on blank screen and time index 0:00 constantly. If I try to pause and restart, it falls back out to the movies list page.

About Tablet currently shows:
Model: Nexus S
Android 2.3.4
Build: GRJ22

Also, the installation I followed had a OC capably kernel that I believe I flashed:
Kernel version:
erik@myhost #62

If any of that is helpful.


What version of HC are you running on your nook? It doesn't look the same as mine. Also I'm getting a test failed error in ES File Explorer right after I select the root explorer box. Any help would appreciated. Running HCv04 preview. Thanks again.

I never thought I would use my CM7ed Nook Color a lot when I bought it for $200. This is the best decision I've ever made for buying a tablet, so far. And by the way, Thanks to Cyanogenmod and also to XDA people. You guys are the best. This thing keeps on getting better.

I just installed CM7.1 beta 3.1 on my nook color and then followed the directions in the video to get the netflix app to work. Everything went fine but when I load a video on netflix it plays on my nook color in what seems to be fast forward. Does anyone have an idea of what could be causing this or what I did wrong?

This thing is happening exactly the same on my Nook Color. It must be because of the CM7.1 update. Please help if anybody have a fix for it. Thanks.

Hi, I have a problem. Basically I messed up. In following the instruction I changed the ro.product.brand=(samsung) instead of the ro.product.manufacturer. I realized my mistake when I viewed the video again.

Now when I went back to build.prop, and tried to make the correct changes, a system error popped up.

Now, I know, at first I made a copy of the file, but for whatever reason i couldnt restore that original file back into place.

Therefore, I went and deleted the ES File Explorer, thinking that would help my problem. It didnt. there a way for me to fix this, or do I have to go and restore everything to factory specs and CM7 my nook again?

The chipmunks have me - how can I get rid of them?

After changing build.prop, Netflix installs but movies are at 2x speed and everyone sounds like a chipmunk.

Android 2.3.4
but also had similar results when trying Android 2.3.1 and CM 7.0.3
Any advice?