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Negri Electronics Samsung Galaxy Nexus

While we continue to wait on Verizon to opens sales of its Samsung Galaxy Nexus here in the United States, another online retailer has begun shipping the GSM version. Negri Electronics has got it for $769.50, and it's shipping now. And, yes, that's a lot of scratch for a smartphone, but you're also paying the full, unsubsidized cost. It's also the price you pay if you've just got to have the GSM version, or if you just can't wait another couple weeks (maybe) for Verizon to get the LTE version out the door. And speaking of the Verizon version, Negri's got it listed at $678.50, with an expected shipping date of Dec. 9, for what that's worth.

Remember the good old days when the Nexus One went for $529? Us, too.

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Reader comments

Negri Electronics now shipping GSM Galaxy Nexus in the U.S.


Whenever Best Buy gets a hold of the GSM version, it won't be that expensive. People think that this is the unsubsidized price and it's not. It's a price that covers what the grey-market importers like Negri and Expansys pay and that's the reason it's so high.

The only reason that the Verizon version is cheaper is because that version will be released shortly and more than likely goes for 649.99 at a Verizon store.

"Negri Electronics"....mmmm....They need to watch it cause our beloved ACLU will be slapping them with a lawsuit saying the "Negri" is racist.