If you want to buy an Android tablet that's really, really big, the folks at Nabi have you covered with this week's announcement of the Big Tab HD, which will be sold in 20-inch and 24-inch models.

Nabi, who has previously released smaller Android tablets made for kids, says their new and massive Big Tab HD models are designed to "promote increased social interaction, communication, collaboration, and socialized learning" for the entire family. The 20-inch model will have a screen resolution of 1600x900 while the even bigger 24-inch version tops out at 1920x1080. Both have NVIDIA's Tegra 4 processor, along with 16 GB of onboard storage. The tablets also have a kickstand so they can be used right side up as well as flat on a floor or table.

The Nabi Big Tab HD tablets come with an Blue Morpho OS overlay which has a number of features designed to be used by children and their parents, and it also comes pre-installed with a number of educational-based apps and games. The 20-inch model will sell for $449 while the even bigger 24-inch version will have a price tag of $549. Both will go on sale later this fall.

What do you think of these big Android tablets from Nabi?

Source: Nabi on MarketWire


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Nabi to sell Big Tab HD 20-inch and 24-inch Android tablets


I gotta say it, why those huge bezels if they have that big frame around that thing.

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I get that, but, keeping those huge bezels and adding that frame makes the already large tablet huge. It's already big being 20 inches and 24 inches. It just seems like they could have put a little more effort into the overall design.

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It would be awesome to play games like Carcassonne or Magic the Gathering. But can I get a Google Play edition.

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Would've been better as a normal tablet for all. Kids hands are too small for this even if it has a kick stand and it might be too heavy for portability.

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Too big.

I see a device like this being placed on a kitchen counter or half-wall. To be used for email and browsing throughout the day. A 15" version would be a better size imo.

Now thats funny! But sadly... Probably true.

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"they can be used right side up as well as flat on a floor or tablet" hmmm a tablet to put flat on your tablet. Just in case you need to find a use for your old normal sized tablet while you use your new oversized tablet...

My kids (3 year olds) would stop this thing into the ground without supervision. Hopefully Nabi comes out with something more kid friendly like they did with the Nabi Jr.

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I'm guessing that this will be marketed to kids using Nabi's NFC games, like the How to Train Your Dragon Morpho Pods.

They should add a phone to it and call it "Yikes, WTF Flablet"
Also it folds up to fit in your pocket
And comes with wax crayons so your kids can draw on it. Also, It will double as the new Amazon Delivery Drone.
Anyone receive an invite yet?

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Kind of defeats the purpose of a tablet. Something like this would only be attractive if it came with chrome OS. As for the blue os crap. Worthless without stock android and the Google play store is all I'm saying.

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Well, I could see this being good for several different uses:
1. As a classroom teaching aid.
2. As a family game table.
3. It'd be great for personal viewing on an end table w/headphones when one's spouse wants rest while the other is wide awake.
4. Perfect for small apartment viewing when the cost of cable is more than you want to pay.
5. Would be downright super on an island, or hung on a wall, in the kitchen to display recipes, watch tv while cooking, etc.
6. A graphics artist would love this if it had good palm rejection.

All of this depends on the weight, battery life, durability, price, etc.

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Is there a release date yet? This sounds like a great product for the kids that come to the library that I work at and cheaper then the window base kids learning stations. They are like $3200.00.

Just saw one of these last night at Walmart. It seems that they want kids to be more sedimentary. The price was light but the pseudo tablet was on the heavy side. My kids have the original Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7inch WiFi and they take them everywhere. This thing is not very practical in the mobility department. At the same weight as a laptop and what seemed to be about 3inches in thickness, I wouldn't want the kids running around with it.