MyTouch HD Quadrant benchmark score

The T-Mobile MyTouch HD (or is the the MyTouch 4G?) makes an appearance once again, this time to show off some under the hood power and some WiFi calling magic.  Above we see the unrooted, stock myTouch pulling off a Quadrant benchmark score of 1890.  I'll pause to let that settle in for a bit.  And we're back, with a most respectable (read: pretty darn fast) Linpack score of 34.34 (photo after the break).  Those kinds of scores are on par with other devices that have been hacked nine ways to Sunday, and it means the MyTouch HD will be fast, right out of the box.

If you're the kind of person who cares more about features than speed, we also get a chance to see WiFi calling running on the MyTouch HD.  We were pretty sure it was there, as it is in the ROM dump, but just seeing it running on the phone itself is pretty satisfying.  Check the screenshot after the break.  Nov. 3 is eight days away, folksThanks to our anonymous friend!

MyTouch -- Linpack

WiFi calling on the MyTouch

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Menno says:

Anything you can process, I can process faster, I can process anything faster than you!


This device looks excellent. Can't wait to see it in the real world.

ziaodix says:

No you can't. "Yes I can." :-P

theglock says:

Im kinda iffy about the whole mytouch line's plasticy feel when you hold it in your hand

IceBone says:

Judging by those benchmarks, they've also done wonders to speed up the I/O, since Adreno 205 only shouldn't have brought out this high a score.

Why can't the people that leak these screenshots just "buy" quadrant so we can see the breakdown?

weehooherod says:

I so badly want wifi calling on my Evo. Reception in my basement sucks.

fatboy97 says:

myTouch 4G!!!

At least that is my bet on the true name.

My Galaxy S Vibrant is sad!

namyawon says:

Not so sad. Your Vibrant is still running Eclair (2.1), which lacks the JIT compiler of Froyo, which is on all of the phones above in the benchmarks. Come next month, you'll have Froyo too and can finally compare apples to apples.

Adiliyo says:

your device can hit those numbers (and beyond) with the voodoo lagfix.

it's the stupid filesystem that samsung put on this device that is making it "slow" change that to ext4 and the benchmarks will put all these devices to shame all while running 2.1u1

JayPhill89 says:

Samsung Captivate. 2.1.

Clow says:

Galaxy is still an awesome phone. As for the my ass plastic phone anyone who knows phones knows that quadrant deal means nothing. The droid 2 runs 1500 and is slow as molasses in real life. Droid 2 owners or former owners can attest to this

ippikiokami says:

What's with this fanboi type comment?

I have a galaxy S (epic) and it's plastic too the last time I checked.

jxcgunrunna says:

Yea that is a fanboy comment there. The Galaxy S phones are plastic and feel cheap at that(the american ones at least) The Droid 2 is extremely fast and only that motoblur lags. everything inside of apps runs great and when you root and install a custom ROM, your problems are solved.

Adiliyo says:

ya, the last metal construction android phone i remember was the droid 1...

uansari1 says:

The Nexus One is unibody aluminum with rubberized teflon coating in the few plastic pieces.

nice... my G2 scored 2020 @ 1ghz....

Clow says:

Still a cheap plastic phone

Mano123 says:

Just because someone else has a phone you want doesn't mean you should hate and call it plastic

keilflex says:

just please make the nexus two, or even call it something else just need googles confirmation that it is its big brother. soon! too many phones. the nexus after touching most of em, has still got the best in hand n quality feel , no doubt.

Nexus One. Jerry ROM, Jerry Kernel

oh noes

I had to. Point still stands, the MT4G out of the box is freeking fast.

Why is the DroidX "improvement" so pathetic compared to, say, the Nexus One (going from 2.1 to 2.2)?!? Anyone know what the hang up is?