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Digitimes, the manufacturing rumormonger that everybody loves to source but nobody ever admits to actually believing (we're guilty of this as well), today says that the long-rumored but never substantiated "Nexus tablet" could debut as early as May. It would cost between $199 and $249, the publication says, and be manufactured by ASUS. 

Those are all plausible statements, especially given that ASUS showed off a $250 7-inch quad-core tablet at NVIDIA's CES press event, then promptly hid it away. (That's what you see above.) On the other hand, Digitimes' sources also said that this rumored tablet would be "the first using Google Play Store," which makes absolutely no sense, because everything now uses the Google Play Store. And it might be cutting things a little close if production really was to begin in April.

In other words, maybe it exists, maybe it doesn't.

Source (more or less): Digitimes


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Mythical Nexus tablet reportedly could surface in May, says oft-wrong publication


I want the other ASUS tablet announced at MWC... the top end Infinity by ASUS... show me that first and they can have my money.

I asked this before, but who is recording long videos that need to be in 1080p with a tablet. Smaller phone maybe if the opportunity arises, but what do you pick up a big tablet to record that isn't just going to be something that will be compressed for online posting?

Yes I think it would sell better than the average Android tablet out there. But I didn't know what the "nexus" name meant until a few months after I came on this website. I don't think the average consumer who buys an Android tablet will care if it's a "nexus" or not. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think some of the best selling Android phones of all time are even Nexus phones. That said, very cool for us fanboys, but it won't touch iPad's market share.

Nobody knew what a Kindle Fire was either.. if this thing comes out at the halfway pricepoint of an iPad, it'll sell. It probably won't overtake the iPad just yet, but I guarantee it'll sell.

People don't care how the Kindle Fire is spec'd underneath. They just care that it can talk to Amazon's music/video cloud and use their store.

Google's trying that approach w/ their Play market but they don't have Amazon's presence :-p

That said, I want one of these for development...or an Infinity if Asus can keep the price down :-)

I just don't see this being as well received as the Kindle Fire. Putting a Nexus name on it might get the guy interested in tech gadgets (but not a full on nerd) to take a look at the counter and wonder what it means to be a Nexus device, but most comsumers won't care. If the rumored sencond gen Kindle Fire comes out around the same time, this will have stiff competition.

That said, as a full on nerd, ME WANT ONE!


I agree that most consumers don't care about the Nexus branding, but that is the only brand that Google can promote that lets consumers have an almost pure Google experience.

Phil Maybe AC should work on getting their own sources then you guys shounlt have to post stories written by "oft-wrong" publications.

The market belongs to the iPad and the Fire. Note how the Kindle Fire smacked down all the Android tablets very very quickly. No Android tablet is even close. You can argue the Fire runs Android, but so can my Fridge.

The point is, the Fire does not have the Android Market and is an Amazon Tablet with a version of the Android OS hidden underneath. People did not buy it because its an Android tablet, but because it was a cheap and relatively quality way to get the content they wanted (Kindle book, Amazon streaming, Netflix, etc). Only the Android geeks care about how many cores they have. The rest of the world wants tablets that are fun to use.

There is no reason to believe the Nexus tablet will be anything but a flop.

You are right about people buying for the content, but a couple reasons to beleive it will succeed are because specs do matter, and because the Google and Android brands are not as weak as you seem to be assuming.

Even B&N was able to carve themselves out a nice chunk of Amazon's market share. No reason to think a Google device can't.

The main problem with Android tablets has been the premium ones couldn't match the iPad and the budget ones were severly limited. Kindle Fire was really the first acceptable budget device to offer a decent range of content.

Content and support matters. When I can get the New Yorker and other subscriptions on my Android tablet same as iOS, then I'll feel we're at parity. Currently the iPad has more content available with more attractive presentation. I'm in the corporate world and iPads and iPhones are now ubiquitous. The IT departments are actively supporting iOS not Android. Consumers also have Apple retail locations for support. Other than B&N for stock Nooks, where do Android consumers have to go for their tablet support? Oh, that's right, maybe Amazon on line, Best Buy or one of the mobile provider outlets...hmm, I'm beginning to see a problem.

I'll agree with you on the content. IOS has had a lot time to collect developers. Its a known fact that developers make more money on IOS then Android through the App Store. Apple has one OS, so if it works on your phone it works on mine. This is were for me Android/Google should change a little. IMO there should be limitations set for the use of Android to help keep it more uniformed and less headaches for developers to try to made there apps work with so many phones. How many times have you read information on a app that people were giving it 1 star just because it would n't work on their phone. That sucks for the developer because your carrier put in a line of code or something that interferes with the app.

There are plenty of Business Apps in the market that will allow you to use your phone for work. If you have Apple phones your tech people will be Apple people because of your needs as a business. If you company would switch to Android, they will need Android techs.
I myself will never own a Iphone. I have touch them. I've used the Tablet. But Spend money on that CrApple stuff, not me.

Based on Google says "Google is said to be prepping an own-brand 7-inch Nexus tablet to launch later this year, which will likely make it even more difficult for Android partners to compete." I dont think Nexus Tablet PC make from Asus. I think Nexus Tablet PC make from Motorola Mobility because Google already buy Motorola Mobility.

My wife said she wanted a Kindle Fire, so per usual, I researched and found the ASUS MeMo 370t was coming out soon for $250 and is going to be CRAZY AWESOME. I plan on getting it when it comes out whether it is the "Nexus Tablet" or not. Only wish it had a FFC.

Many people have had a Nexus tablet for over a year- the Xoom WiFi. 100% stock Android. One of the first updates to ICS. 100% factory authorized "unlocking". It was the Google tablet reference device for 3.0 and was the first 3.0 tablet.

It never had the name "Nexus" placed on it, but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck..... it probably is a duck.

Phil you stayed before about it being a better tablet just because it has the Nexus name. People do believe this and people do know the Nexus name as well. IMO Google did good with the Going Verizon. They put the name Nexus out there. I here it from people just like saying IPhone. " I want the Nexus phone.Its suppose to be just like the IPhone." LOL it's so funny and so true even in this age of the Internet and Smartphones how TV commercials can still brain wash peoples mind. I am blown away by the Note commercial wit the 2 people coloring a fish and how you can work on your coloring a see it on the other phone. But I see more affordable phones and prepaid phones still owning a lot of the android market.