Motorola Xoom

Motorola and Google made the Xoom with an unlockable boot loader (thanks for that!), so it's great news when the hacking community has a way to roll things back to stock.  You never know when your experiments with Android get you so far off base that you need to return to something stable, or when you might need to prepare for any future OTA updates.  That's why we're really happy to see the stock SBF file leaked out -- it allows anyone and everyone to go straight back to the software the Xoom was shipped with, using RSD lite.

We're unsure about Motorola's feelings about this one, they usually don't take kindly to their factory SBF files getting leaked, so this might not last long.  You can get the download links, and a bit more information at the source link. [XDA-Developers via Android Central Forums]


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Motorola Xoom stock SBF leaked


Why, it makes their job easier. If the stock software its on the device and it is malfunctioning it is bad. Hacked software or not. It should lower the number of user caused warranty claims, I would think.

I am kind of a newbie, but can people use this file to create roms for other devices? Does it contain the kernel/drivers needed to port HC to other Tegra 2 devices like the G-Tablet?

Who cares? It's a friggin TOY

I'm makin up a new website.....don't click this link cause I have NO idea where it goes...just makes sense for this. :)

Ummm that is total BS. One person's toy is another person's tool. When I get my Xoom in the next two weeks I'm loading every single printer maintenance manual for work on it along with every Dell, Lenovo, Apple, and Sony laptop/desktop manual that I use every day. and BAM. no more do I need to drag along my company laptop with me to every job. But of course, its just a toy.

doesn't anyone realize the obvious reason this is good? Its so that you can easily revert to the stock firmware so you can upgrade your xoom to 4G...

Your 4g upgrade was a feature you purchased along with the xoom, so motorola has to upgrade your xoom locked or unlocked. Now if you need motorola to repair your xoom under warrenty, that's when this sbf will come in handy.