Motorola Xoom Family Edition

We have seen the Motorola Xoom Family Edition a time or two already, and today Motorola has made it official, and it will be an exclusive to Best Buy. The tablet is aimed at being a kids media tablet by day, but still being able to keep up once the kids go to bed with the professional stuff that needs to get done. The tablet brings quite a few features in tow with it, such as

  • Runs on Android 3.1, built specifically for tablets
  • 1GHz dual-core processor for lightning-fast responsiveness
  • 10.1” HS IPS HD screen display with capacitive multi-touch
  • 5MP back camera with flash, with 720p video webcam
  • Preloaded with almost $40 worth of applications, plus Zoodles™, the award-winning Kid Mode application
  • Preloaded with MotoPack by Motorola XOOM (App Downloader by Motorola)
  • ·Preloaded with Quickoffice™ Pro HD for seamless productivity at work
  • Preloaded with MotoPrint – the application that allows you to print straight from the Web browser
  • Preloaded with fun games like Asphalt 6 from Gameloft and SIM City Deluxe
  • 16GB built-in memory
  • Battery lasts up to 10 hours for video playback and Web browsing
  • Access to more than 250,000 apps in Android Market™

The device will be available in store as well as online starting Oct. 16 for a limited-time price of $379. So will you be picking one up for the family?


Reader comments

Motorola Xoom Family Edition is official, coming Oct. 16 for $379


It also looks to have the power button on the side edge, where it belongs. Never liked the power button on the back of the tablet.


1) You can't tell that from the supplied picture

2) There is nothing wrong with it on the back. In fact, I think it is a great location for it :)

I suppose what others have said, it's also got 16gigs instead of 32...although I could be wrong didn't believe there was a 16 gig wifi before.

Nothing except it has 16GB of storage instead of 32GB. I assume it has the same memory, and it looks like everything else is the same.

It is about the same weight as all other 10.1" tablets. That is what glass touchscreens do- they makes things heavy!

As a Gtab 10.1 owner with a 18 month old, I think the biggest kid friendly feature I need is a hardware switch to turn off the touch screen controls.

My daughters favorite thing to do on the tablet is to watch Yo Gabba Gabba on Netflix, but she has a bad habit of wanting to carry the tablet around and touch the characters on the screen. It's all very cute but she always ends up pausing the show or going out of the app entirely and then she comes to me to fix it.

I think a software lock would be better, similar to what is used with the "Toddler Lock" application. My 4yr old understands that touching the screen may result in her not being able to enjoy the movie, so she leaves it alone.

On the other hand my son, who turns 2yr old next week is ALWAYS touching the screen, opening his favorite videos and applications. The fact that he can actually navigate the UI with much success astounds me. On my GS2 and the wife's Infuse, he as easily figured out that the power button can be pressed to remove the screen lock while watching videos. The standard lock screen is also no challenge.

But... he has yet to figure out how to unlock the "Toddler Lock" application with its clockwise 4 corner press combo. So I think a software alternative, that can overlay the application or video player would be the best bet. Maybe even a semi-transparent pattern unlock that pops up if the screen is pressed while it is enabled.

My daughter just swiped to the right home screen and touched the netflix icon for the first time the other day. It brought a tear to my eye for many reasons.

At 2.5, my son would pick up the Xoom, say "I play birdies now" and proceed to turn its screen on, unlock it, fire up Angry Birds Rio, and beat a few levels!

Its amazing to me that my guy can do it, but to hear of others has me totally astounded.

Now, at almost 3, he gets lazy, hands it to me after completing one level and says "here, you do it"

My son was able to navigate Netflix and find shows he wanted to watch like anime etc at around 3. Unfortunately that meant I had to constantly watch him and keep him out of shows that were too adult for him lol After a while he could do it no problem on the tablets and PS3 as well.

Is this actually a new product, or is it the same xoom hardware bundled with more software? I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it just being a repackage. Just curious.

I don't have kids but at $379 seems like a good deal. What am I missing here? If it just has pre-loaded apps, that I don't have to use, this should sell well to families and individuals alike?

"I don't have kids but at $379 seems like a good deal. What am I missing here? "

Well, rumors that Kal El based tablets could come out as soon as 3 weeks from now.

That said, today's tablets do a great job with no glaring omissions and it will likely be a while before they are "obsolete" based on software available that they can't run.


So this is a good price for the Xoom now if the galaxy 10.1 price drops then I choose galaxy but this price is really great.

All you have to do is work with your kids and they will get the hang of it. Also the biggest pain is the software buttons. Home and back were just annoying when my boys were a little younger. I stopped letting them use my android devices and now they use the pc. I set up chrome with a ton of apps and a few bookmarks and they can navigate their way around it with no problems now and my boys are only 3 and 4.

but still no multi logins for a personalized experience. This is the biggest thing missing from ALL tablets right now. It's the perfect way for someone to actually make a name of themselves and provide something useful. Why hasn't anyone done this yet?

>"The tablet brings quite a few features in tow with it"

Not really. It is exactly the same WiFi Xoom as before, just 16GB of storage instead of 32, at a lower price. (Again, there is no mention of memory in the specs, at all). Everything else are just apps.

The price at $379 is comparable to the Lenovo and less than the new Samsung 8.9" at $469. I really wanted the smaller Samsung 8.9 but I'll go for the Xoom Family, if the specs are good. I hope they also have an option for a 32GB memory. I currently have the Samsung 7" with only 16GB but it is already out of memory!

My 5 year old Boston Terrier uses my Xoom all the time to post updates to his "DogBook". It's just the cutest thing you ever saw. I'm so proud of him.