Motorola XOOM

If you have been looking to get your hands on an Android tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich, but aren't fond of the price tags you'd been seeing, 1SaleADay has a good one in store for you. For today only you can grab a 32GB Wifi Motorola XOOM for only $329, saving yourself $170. At the price point you get 32GB of storage, a 10.1 inch display, ICS, and plenty of other goodies, so it's definitely worth a look.

Hit the link below and grab one for yourself. The offer closes at midnight EST.

Source: 1SaleADay


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Motorola XOOM 32GB tablet on sale at 1SaleADay for only $329


It comes with Honeycomb. But there is an OTA update to Ice Cream Sandwich that will install once you fire it up. I have one. Works beautifully.

Some are upgradeable to ICS, other (International) versions require some trickery, which is silly because they're usually exactly the same hardware.

Quality is also unpredictable. With arbitrary ratings. That's kind of like the 1-10 pain charts based on faces at the doctor. What you might call a 4, I might call a 7. Just be careful.

Just bought a Flyer off of Cowboom. I thought the scale was fairly accurate. My device has some light scratches on the chrome back piece and the plastic covering on the power chord is coming off a little bit. It was ranked as a 7. Other than physical points, device runs perfectly. Bought for $150.

glazedfaith you could say that about any web site. I would trust a best buy site over ALOT of other sites out there that sell preowned or used electronics

I wish I had gone with 32GB over 16GB. You can not move applications to microSD. The system treats a portion of storage as "external SD" and that's where your application can go. I have a couple of games on my tablet and have a whoping 1.2GB free. My microSD card shows ~30GB free, but can't move anything to it.

A) I'm guessing its an androidcentral demo
B) that xoom is already on ICS, it doesn't really help, but worth noting

I bought one and it's great... How do I get the ICS update? I went to the setting and had it search for updates but nada!