Pixar animation technology seemingly making its way to a Moto X-exclusive game

The Motorola YouTube account has just posted a new video teasing upcoming news. Titled "Windy Day," the video shows several people being handed a Moto X and twirling around — as one would with an augmented reality app or game — with the video description reading:

A mouse, a red hat, a windy day and a smile. This is a new kind of story. Made by Motorola and Jan Pinkava. Brought to life only on the Moto X.

Jan Pinkava is a well-known director, and his work on a short called Windy Day was shown off at the recent Qualcomm Uplinq conference as a demonstration of a new real-time animation process from Pixar called OpenSubdiv. Motorola was listed as a client on the project, so we can connect a few dots and see where this is headed.

A little sneak peek at the very end of the video shows a screen capture of some sort of game running on the Moto X and the caption "Windy Day only on Moto X." Next week it looks like we'll be looking at the launch of a Moto X-exclusive app or game of some sort integrating this technology and design from Pinkava.


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Motorola 'Windy Day' video teases augmented reality app coming Oct. 29


More gimmicks and bloatware.


My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

What gimmicks or bloatware is there on the Moto X to begin with? The Active Listening and the notifications are the exact opposite of what bloatware or gimmicks would be. You're just a troll.

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This game looks awesome. I really hope its not a Moto only app.
Id be willing to pay for this in the Play store.

sure like just they did with touch less controls right? which every one was saying will just side load it and it will work ..it never did, because is hw dependent and needs special sw. this could be somthing like that as well ..will not make it to other phones ..

I understood why touchless wasn't portable to other devices. It required the dedicated hardware in order to realistically operate. I can't expect that this kind of app would require more than a Gyroscope which most new phones have.

When it says only on Moto X does that mean it will be on other phones too? How do I get it on my phone?

Guys, this isn't a game, it's a video that makes you be active in order to follow the action.

THIS IS BRILLIANT! Bummer that it's only for the Moto X right now, but at the same time, think about how cool this would be if we got like a web show of downloadable episodes that make you get up in order to watch them!


This fits in with the Google patent for a smart watch with a flip up transparent display. (Google it!) I wonder if the forthcoming 'Gem' device of 31 Oct 2013 will be a hybrid of the Moto ACTV, Wimm (Google bought them) and a Nexus device, with this Windy Day app running on the flip up transparent display as a killer app?

Funny that a company founded by Steve Jobs and 2 others would make an exclusive game for Google owned Moto and an Android device. Guess Tim Cook has no pull there like he does with Nike and the Fuel Band ban on Android.