Just in case you're not really feeling a new 2-year contract or the actual sticker cost of the Motorola Xoom that doesn't mean you still can't have one. If you're lucky enough you may just end up with a gold one and then you can be just like an Oscar nominated movie stars. As was sent out via their Twitter account, Motorola might just have a gold Xoom with your name on it. All you have to do is re-tweet the above and you're good to go provided you have read the full contest details and qualify to win. To make it easier on you, hit the source link and start re- tweeting. [Twitter]


Reader comments

Motorola giving away a limited-edition gold Motorola XOOM


What no alternate form of entry for us that do not tweet?

That must be illegal - shame shame shame Motorola.

I will not be forced into opening a Twitter account.

I'm not a twitter. What exactly do I retweet? (And if I'm correct, all I do is "tweet" that from my page? Sorry for the ignorance.

I'm not a twitter or a facebooker for that matter! Thanks for the alternate entry form....Guess I'm a LOOSER! gigidy gigidy goo

@rjmlakota, what exactly is the alternate entry form? I don't have a twitter account either and don't feel like making one just for this.