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Some folks have sent emails into Droid-Life indicating that they've been contacted by Motorola to participate in a "soak test" for an Ice Cream Sandwich update on their Droid Bionic. If you haven't seen this go down before, Motorola likes to try and slowly offer an update to specific users to test out before pushing it to the rest of users. It's probably a good strategy in case there are any last-minute bugs, but hopefully it won't be too long of a process.

Motorola has backpedaled a bit in their commitment to update the Bionic to Ice Cream Sandwich in the past, but this will be a good way to make amends with the loyal Bionic owners.

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Motorola starting Droid Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich soak test


Bad analogy. Windows Vista came out in Q4 of 2006, almost 3 years before Windows 7 (Q3 2009) and about 6 before Windows 8 (correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's supposed to come out by end of the year). I.e., the people in Redmond iterate their desktop OS about every 3 years.

A better comparison would be a Mac just getting 10.7 Lion, as Apple has moved desktop OS to a yearly release cycle, which is approximately equivalent to Google's release cycle for Android.

He's not talking about the timing, he's talking about the letdown that was Vista.

Way to overthink it there buddy.

I actually think he was talking about "Getting excited" for you machine to finally get updated to an already "outdated firmware". Its actually a pretty good analogy albeit that the desktop updates happen less frequently. The analogy is updating to Vista when 7 is already out there. If I had a Bionic, or other phones in the same scenario, I would find it hard to get excited to get updated to ICS when Jelly Bean is out there.

ZOMG! I was starting to doubt Motorola was ever going to release ICS for the Bionic. Better late than never... I guess.

They make Webtop useful, just in time to sunset it. I hope they figure out what they're doing over there soon. So far Motorola seems to be taking business lessons from RIM or HP rather than Google. Yeah. I just said that.

I dumped my Bionic for a GNex best thing I ever did, why anyone is still hanging on to it is beyond me Gnex's are going for like $230 on eBay!

You wanna know why? because I like being able to get a signal, hold that signal, and have a loud speaker that doesn't sound like crap! And an earpiece that's better than ok.

Maybe they've fixed those issues by now, but when I was shopping around the Nexus just didn't seem worth it to me, since I actually have to you know...make calls on my phone.

Best response you could have given. The fact is Motorola has the single best signal performance on CDMA for unimportant drivel like, say, making phone calls. If my Droid X2 hadn't effectively died I'd still be using it. The battery & phone/data signal was far superior to this HTC Rezound or my GS3.

You have a true point, sir. It's probably true that literally no one does CDMA radios as well as Motorola. Though I think HTC has better ones than Samsung, I think. Samsung has quite a reputation for poor CDMA radios (or maybe just bad radios in general). I haven't heard such things about HTC phones, though.

I would like to see a signal comparison of the HTC EVO LTE, Sprint SGS3, and Motorola Photon Q. I have the EVO, and I don't know who to blame when I don't get good reception, Sprint for their mediocre network or HTC for their mediocre radios.

You're correct on the weak radios on the VZW Gnex, however it's a device to device basis. I'm on my third one and I've finally found one that I've never had it drop 3G or 4G once, Wifi and all transitions in between are smooth and flawless.

The Bionic had issues with 4G when I had one as well, it dropped signal just as much as the first Gnex I had did on 4G.

Software is far more important to me anyway, and the software on the Bionic felt ancient after just playing with a Gnex with 4.0, and I turn it on every now and again and it still feels awful.

It's a shame they'll not be unlocking the bootloader like they LIED about to us.

Actually, I had the Bionic last year and had major problems with the phone...many bugs, signal loss, etc. I dumped it for a GNex and have not had one single problem with it all this time. Great reception, no signal drops, no problems. Will never buy a phone again that has had Android tampered with. Original Droid 1 and GNex both with Vanilla Android have worked flawlessly.

Well my experience is the polar opposite, on .893 I experienced none of the bugs some claimed to have. As a matter of fact .902 was available and I forgot about it for a week because everything was humming along smoothly. I've had this phone since February and it has dropped 2 calls, yes 2.
I splurged and bought a Nexus a month later and it more than tripled that within the 2 weeks before I returned it. Even if it could hold a signal to save its life the call quality and loud speaker still stunk, and software updates and Verizon fleshing out its network wouldn't be able to fix that.

I did the same thing with my Droid X2 and I do the same thing today. The Gnex is a great phone and, thanks to Pete (BB) I'm always up to date. Currently at 4.1.2. And the signal issue is really a non-issue. I've never dropped a call or couldn't use my phone when I've wanted to. I have noticed that at times it seems like I have a "signal bar" less than I did with other phones. But ripping the phone for signal is just nonsense to me, and I use the phone every day.

Thank the maker! Now, within a matter of days, all the Droid Bionic owners will stop complaining about not having ICS, just like the people with HTC Rezounds and EVO 3D's did when they got their updates. Next up: people who bought the [insert ICS device here] will start complaining about not having Jelly Bean.

People that don't have a Nexus device will always complain about that, it's a vicious cycle with OEMs and carriers being the middle men.

There's even a small group with a Nexus that because their device isn't on the latest versioning number, it's upsetting.

Fact is, people will never be completely happy with any single device, no matter who they tell otherwise, there will always be something they'd like to change or make better about the device.

I still think it would have been better to scrap the bionic, since it was delayed to so close to the razr release. I think it's become somewhat of an unwanted child for moto. Agreed on the radio though. Would still like to see a moto nexus on vzw.

I really just wanted them to unlock the bootloader and release all the source necessary for the devs to make a real, working, AOSP rom that I could simple flash in a normal recovery and not have to jump through hoops and fill up my internal storage with safestrap.

The whole windows vista analogy doesn't apply, vista cost money, this upgrade isn't costing us a thing.I think many of the people who cried foul should try and remember that.

He's talking about how horrible things were coming into Vista from XP.. doesn't anyone remember the 2.3 update for the Droid X? Bricking phones and causing a muck left and right.

Nice......been using .232 for a couple months.....much better phone with ics.....wonder who will be the first to say Motorola is a crappy company cause jelly bean is not on the phone yet.......

Make amends my a$$! A year later and just now Motorola upgrading Bionic to ICS. What a f-ing joke! Will never buy another Motorola phone.
What would really make amends to all Bionic users would be just skipping ICS and going straight to JB! Now THAT would be impressive and cure world hunger.
FU Motorola! HAHAHA losers

So, the Bionic will likely get ICS about a 12-13 months after it's release. I'm so glad I sold it after a month and bought the GNex off contract. I'm already on 4.1.2. Once I found out the Bionic had a locked bootloader, I knew it was worthless (for me, not for everybody).

Ive been running the (leaked VZW OTA) .232 build of ICS on the Bionic... and i will be the first to admit, OMG it is so much nicer then it ever was... well worth the hassles of updating... it also helps that a buddy of mine who has both a Razr on ICS and his bionic on ICS, and prefers the bionic over the razr... go figure

I can't get rid of this piece of crap soon enough but unfortunately my upgrade isn't until May and I will rock out with Galaxy Note II. Since the Bionic was Verizon's first 4G device they should offer early upgrades for all of us beta testers out there because that's exactly what Bionic users were.

Only about a year late. Motorola better pick it up and prove they've changed or I'm never buying one of their products again.

I've been running the leaked 247 ICS build for a while now, and this really does make the Bionic a great phone.

You will all be much happier with your phones once you get the OTA.