We know Motorola has something ready for us all, they've made no bones about teasing everyone with it, so it's not surprising more leaks have now shown up for the devices known as the Xoom 2 and Spyder / Droid HD / Droid RAZR.

The Xoom 2 hasn't changed all that much since we last saw it, though it is noted that these devices are as close to final form as can be. Looking at the Spyder though, we can see Verizon logos all over the thing, leaving no doubt about where it will drop.

Noted also is the info that the Spyder actually has a 1.5GHz processor but when it arrives in consumers hands it'll only be clocked at 1.2GHz -- nothing new but still interesting.  Also, the back of the device is said to be kevlar coating, though I'm sure it won't be stopping bullets any time soon. More shots can be found past the break for you all.

Source: Engadget

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Motorola Spyder and Xoom 2 appear again in new images


Good to see Motorola releasing a phone with a nice screen. I heard the back of this phone will have a Kevlar coating. Can't wait to hold this.

Looking good? The Spyder looks hideous. Bezel is too thick. Makes the screen seem tiny. Also not a fan of the jagged edges and angles. Yuck!

I have such a bad mediocre experience with my Droid X that I don't think another Motorola device will be in my future. I'm not a fan of the clunk design(s) either. Look at the bezel/lip around the screen of the Spyder. That is just not attractive to me.


the droid x was a fine introductory device for me to the android world, and coming from a blackberry storm it was like night and day, but the device had some major defects that annoyed me to no end. for instance it was regularly sluggish -- at the time i purchased it, the day it came out, it had one of the fastest processors available and was still a whole lot laggier than even the OG droid. EVERY time i would take a picture in the dark the flash was mistimed so the picture came out black (i had three droid x's, so it was 100% a phone issue), the wifi would sh_t out on me regularly (after the gingerbread update), the battery cover wouldnt stay on, and the phone would freeze once a week. after dropping it on pavement the screen shattered thus proving gorilla glass is not unbreakable and i purchased a droid incredible for $50. After using the Dinc for a month now i regret having ever purchased the DX (seeing as the Dinc was out before the X) because I could have had this awesome Dinc for going on two years now. Safe to say I will probably never buy another Motorola device, and seeing as I'm not gonna go Apple (ever) I will upgrade to either Samsung or another HTC when the time comes.
//end rant.

The DROID X didn't have gorilla glass, it had a "protective coating", moto didn't install gorilla glass till the X2.

I guess I shouldn't had listened to my roommate who has a X, however his screen feels more rough compared to my X2. *next time i'll google first"
And my OG screen wasn't exactly scratch resistant, however a dropped that phone more times than I care to admit and it never seemed to phase it.

It looks great to me! It reminds me of the tablets and sheets of paper on Battlestar Galactica - they all had the corners angled like that. Neato.

If this thing isn't basically vaporware like the Bionic was for so long, I will consider it for my next phone.

Edit: I have never owned a Moto phone, but my wife has had three, and all were great. She abuses them too, and the worst I have seen is a cracked corner on her Droid 2 after a locust landed in her hair, and she screamed and threw her phone up in the air with it coming down on a brick floor. Still ticking and barely even looking damaged. Like the guy above, I have an HTC Incredible and love it.

Yes, I rescued the locust from her hair. And no plagues followed (yet). LOL

I was just expecting a shattered display and was extremely surprised to find only a small crack - and it was in the upper corner where the speaker hole made it weak. Those Droid 2 phones were built Ford tough, it seems. My friend's Droid X is just as tough, it seems. I'm impressed with how solid they are.

I'm not sure why there are so many Moto haters. I've jad the Original DX for 1.5 years and it has never given me trouble, has received many ota software upgrades, very reliable. The Bionic looked like a decent upgrade option but I may wait to look at the spyder. Why no more love for Moto? Did I just get lucky or is it just any move from an AT& T Iphone to Verizon DROIDX a good thing?

Dont mind the haters my friend. Haters are just gonna hate regardless. Proud owners of the OG Droid and Droid X2. Couldnt be any more proud and happy of these Gems! Moto FTW!!!

Yea , for some reason Motorola is getting allot of Hate , even before Android

I think most people hate it for the sake of hating , its always something (Locked bootloader , Screen , Old UI , New UI , Industrial Design ... etc)

Personally , I think they make the best phones
Best Radio , Outstanding sound quality , durable built

Im on my 3rd Motorola phone , Atrix I bought it last month & after seeing what my OG MILESTONE can take (Ran over by a Taxi & the phone didn't even crack) , my next phone will be also a Motorola

Fandroid users are just massive haters. iphone people think Android people's hate for the iphone borders on pathological, but I dont think they even realize how much Android people hate on other Android devices. The iphone hate is nothing compared to Bionic hate lol.

These sites are made by devs. Many people that come in here are geek and they want to mess with their devices and do all kind of nonsense . Since moto lock their bootloader that is why many people in here hate Moto. Moto does not care anyways, they keep selling good and making good devices and tablets :)

Can somebody explain to me why UIs are so bad. You have enough RAM in the phone to not get slowed down. Same with Touchwiz and Sense, where can I see before and after shots with or without them? I'm just curious, thanks...

Yep , that was my first reaction when I reed it

But im not making it up , it was found it the BIONIC webtop codes

Just so you know you can always install custom ROMs on these Motorola phones even without a unlocked boatloader. I am running a Steel Droiid Rom on my droid 3

But non-removable batteries usually perform better than removable batteries of the same size/volume because you don't have to design room for connectors/removable doors/etc. and can cram in a larger battery or cram in a thinner battery that is longer and takes up that connector area. So, they can make it thinner and still have a decent battery in it. It may only make it a few hours for all we know, though - I'm not saying this phone will have good battery life.

Honestly, the last phone I had a spare battery for was a Nokia candy-bar-style dumb phone like 6 years ago. Even with it, it was a pain to carry around the spare battery and try to keep it charged when I needed it. I ended up doing what I do now - carry a charger (or now a data cable). Do people still swap out batteries on the go?

I do if i'm going to be out all day..! I love motorola had the Droid og... But moto is making so really fugly phones right now... I don't like the square angles.... And i'm a motorola fan.. And I'll say their slipping

I've had Android phones from Moto (D1,X,Bionic)
HTC (Thunderbolt,Sensation, and Samsung (Fascinate,Galaxy s). IMO, Moto consitantly builds phones with the best radios and build quality.

My first hand held Moto cell phone was the "brick" it was sometime back in the late 80's. Coming from the old car phones and bag phones it was quite a jump forward. Sorry but us old guys need to reminisce at bit.