Motorola Backflip source code

If you're the type of person who's into Android source code -- and let's face it, you probably are -- then you should know that Motorola's had the source for the Backflip available for a week now. Now you can play amateur Android chef and cook up your own locked-down, drive-a-blogger-nuts Motorola Backflip ROM, just like AT&T. [Motorola]


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Motorola releases source code for Backflip


Agreed. Nice first step Moto. Now unlock the bootloaders so people can use it.

Sad that the only phones that aren't manufacturer and carrier locked are the two that Google forced the companies not to. Hope the Backflip users get lucky like the Hero/Cliq/Dext/Tattoo users did, vs. the situation that Eris and Milestone users have.

Plz forgive me as im new to andriod lingo. Dose this mean the backflip can be rooted and custom roms installed.

Possibly Dropp, if one can use the source code to make an update that restores sideloading to the phone.

One would also need the Android SDK to do this though, although those who make ROMS will already have that.

Thanks a lot pbrennan42. I want try try andriod os but also want a decent phone. Hope with a few tweaks the backflip can be a good phone.