'Designed by you. Assembled in the USA.'

The official Motorola Mobility Twitter account has just sent out the above picture, indicating that it is showing workers in the Texas plant that is manufacturing the upcoming Moto X. The picture shows plant employees diligently working away at some complex tools, and is accompanied with some not-so-subtle wording:

"Yep. This guy is building exactly what you think he is. Designed by you. Assembled in the USA."

That is of course the tagline that has been used since Motorola spilled the beans on the Moto X name in a nationwide newspaper advertising campaign, reminding people that the upcoming device will be customizable and assembled here in the United States.

Remember we also have an upcoming Google event on July 24th -- with this intensified marketing push by Motorola we could be in for a real treat next week.

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Motorola posts picture of Moto X being made in Texas plant


I don't think this plant can put out 5 million phones phones a month like samsung can. I also think this plant will have over 50 % of phones break within 3 months. I can't believe they are advertising the phones are made here. Seriously? The only products that should ever use that strategy is german. Made in Germany means something!

Why again shouldn't they advertise they make them in USA? Back when products were made in the US they were quality items and outlasted the crap made in China by a wide margin. The few things still made in the USA are also quality items and outlast their Chinese counterparts. BTW made in Germany means highly engineered, but means nothing about quality. Go buy a VW if you want to find out for sure.

I love the made in USA idea of a phone and will by it because of that. Hopefully this carries on to other phones and electronics.

Leo Laporte was at the Google event on July 11 and signed an NDA. All he was able to say is that the Moto X has features that haven't been revealed by anyone yet. He also basically told another person on his podcast that she would probably regret her recent HTC One purchase and she should check and see how long she has to return it.

It doesn't need "beast" specs, to provide features that other higher-spec'd phones may lack.

It's all in the software and the overall experience.

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I was just as curious about the DROID BIONIC, I even got in line at Costco, with all the old people on lunch day. I was like, "oh my god... They all want the bionic"

My wife was like, "dude chill out they always line up like this at Costco."


Anyways.. Look at the piece of turd the bionic turned out to be.

I am going to hold of buying the Moto X on lunch day, wait a while, see how much bugs it has, how janky it is. As Alex would say.

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You just described my situation exactly. I'd appreciate if you would stop spying on me.

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That's it, that's all I needed to see an American building an American product for the world.

I'm not buying this phone just because I used to like Motorola or even because it's Google's hardware company now. I'm buying it because I want my money to give my fellow countrymen jobs. Not just any jobs but well paying livable jobs. I'm going to buy this phone because Motorola and Google have the right idea. Bring manufacturing back to America.

and of course the obligatory... 'MERICA

A million times yes! I try to buy American as much as possible, but usually with high end electronics it isn't very easy.

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I'm with you 90% on the way. But for me it is more the fact that is is not made in China that is the real benefit. If it was made in Europe I would be just as willing to buy. Basically any location with laws that provide decent working conditions, fair wages, and environmental responsibility.

Okay - I have to admit that it's pretty awesome that it's being made less than 200 miles from where I live...

My thoughts exactly! If they do it right and the phone is well made this could be the start of a huge thing from Google!

I've been meaning to apply at this plant cuz I heard they are hiring and it's just a few miles from where I live... I heard that's where the Moto X was being assembled!

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Seems like, it would be a great place to work. If you're applying, good luck!!

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Let's hope it a whole series of phones.

Moto X, Moto X Mini, Moto X+, Moto XXX+ Mega, Moto XXX+Mega+...

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didn't you see the review for the Motorola XXX.

yeah they wrote it up here on Android Central in the "After Dark" section.

Speaking of that, I know this is a family site and all, but there should be a link somewhere to that and then a disclaimer page.,...i can never find it

Even if the specs are mid range the likes of the recently announced mini's if they push it with a nexus like price of say $300 or about $200 less then their competition they could have a real hit. Especially with the move towards buying the phone outright in the US it could work well. In Europe and most other countries carrier subsides are unheard of. At best you pay over a period of time say 12 months or so.
The fact is outside of the 2012 Verizon droid's most of Motorola's phones have been huge misses with poor specs and a lousy UI. And worldwide or at least in Europe they are almost non-existent. So this is a real opportunity for them to get back into the game. They have built up the hype now its time to deliver the goods.

There is a good chance of having good quality phone made in that plant. No unions in Texas! The worst quality products made in America are produced by unions. People are saying how nice it is to bring jobs back. But we only need non union jobs! Unions have ruined this country!

It's about time! Bring more manufacturing jobs back to the US. Let's just hope the build quality doesn't suffer in this device, the way it does in American made vehicles and so many other products.
Great news though!

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The Honda and Toyota cars made in the USA are every bit as good as the ones made in Japan.

Of course, as good as they are, the American OWNED car manf. product quality is still far below standard no matter where in the word they are made.

Low,Mid, the end i think it's pretty amazing what Google is doing here. Hopefully other companies take notice.

Lol always cracked me up when built and assembled are confused. Like apple designed in California made in China. Here designed by you made in China assembled in USA lol just cause it shipped here disassembled doesn't make it all American.

Give it time, the factories will migrate back to US. Of course, only if you support them and actually buy the phone.

This is a test of your patriotic rhetoric, if the phone flops, well, we will send a clear signal to the manufacturers that we just don't care. They will continue as is, manufacturing their wares in foreign lands knowing full well we are ideologically unfaithful to ourselves.

On the other hand, if this phone is a hit with consumers in the USA, well, that sends exactly the opposite signal to the manufacturers. Other companies will follow suit, and there will be a one can dream.

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Factories will migrate to US, employees included lol. I highly doubt it will happen. And when it will people working there will get what? Prison rates 15-30 cents an hour? Cause if not than those manufacturing jobs will stay overseas.

Firstly, no one is calling it All-American (except you). Most people are making the distinction of assembled.
Secondly, manufacturing jobs went overseas because companies wanted to make an extra buck or two per widget, while consumers liked paying a buck or two less per widget. Corporations and consumers are equally to blame, but consumers like yourself are more to blame than most since you clearly don't care.

I hate you so much.

When you not white knight in something your posts make sense, like this one

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Yeah, I guess I don't care either. I'm not really down with this 'us vs them' rhetoric. If you don't have any real skills other than working an assembly line, living in the US in this economy, you're pretty much shit out of luck. That ain't gonna change.

The infrastructure doesn't exist in the USA to manufacture the phones from scratch, not yet anyway. But if this trend continues, and we support it, by buying even that which is only assembled in the USA, pretty soon it will be made in the USA.

The companies left because they were chasing higher profit margins, you are still paying for the phone crazy amounts regardless where it was made.

Many cars are still made in the USA and are profitable, granted the margins are much lower, but the cars are still priced competitively.

So given time, once the infrastructure is built up, again, the phones will be competitive priced. For one simple reason, you can't built high precision technology on the cheap, not anymore. It used to work in the past with cheap transistor radios, but doesn't work with high technology, this is why iphones are still so expensive even though they are made in China by slaves (basically). Apple could take a hit on their profit margins and move the production back to the USA. We are already seeing this with the Mac Pro.

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The only ones to blame are the unions!!! Unions are 100 % the cause of our debt & and everything else bad in this failing country

Any ignorant person can make that generalization about a lot of things. But I guess that's for the closed minded

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He has a point though. Unions are pretty much poison in the US. The worst one is the NEA, but so many of the others are crap as well.


Stop it. I came here to b*tch about android, the latest phone, lack of a high end 4.3" inch phone, nexus vs skin, and the iPhone.


next thing you know Jerry or Phil will do an article on it (sorry Alex, your British)

better not let George Costanza see that pictures....

he'll be very upset that Motorola's American employees don't have chairs and have to stand all day long...

(compared to Chinese factory workers who are NOT allowed to stand and are required to be seats when performing smartphone assemblies)

Since this is the first batch of the new Motorola phones assembled in the USA, is it safe to assume that they are more likely to have glitches and other problems? (as with the first batch of any consumer electronic production)

Now dude is on assembly line, most likely went through week of orientation on where to put back cover or battery is an awesome patriotic move for American patriots to get this awesome American phone. I'm surprised it didn't get released on 4th of July. Damn Google, couldn't think of better strategy and too cheap to make decent add campaign.

I would want more supportive shoes if I were standing all day on a hard, polished surface.

Logic wise, I doubt they can be building the phone "designed by me" when I have neither been given the full breathe of the customization options nor allowed to spec a phone.

If this was really designed by me, it would have a 1080p screen, 3 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage, and a Snapdragon S800 chip.

My only gripe: Why the instagram pic? I mean, this is supposed to be part of a 500 million dollar campaign... Couldn't someone afford a DSLR to take a decent effing picture?

I for one will be glad to salute and patronize american companies that produce in the US. They probably scan employees for deadly tampon guns before their shift, but I'll buy one anyhow.