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It looks like Motorola may offer a new variant of the Moto G, dubbed the Moto G Cinema. A leak posted by @evleaks reveals a screenshot of Motorola's support website, with the words Moto G Cinema underneath.

The "Cinema" in the name does indicate a device with a larger screen, but then again, the first Moto G Forte rumors speculated that the device would be a ruggedized version of the Moto G, based on the "Forte" in its name. The final Moto G Forte, which was launched in Mexico last month, turned out to be a standard Moto G with a Grip Shell case pre-installed.

It is possible that Motorola would go a similar route and bundle a Moto G with digital content like movies and TV shows and call it the Moto G Cinema. At this stage however, we don't have any concrete information to go by. What do you think the Moto G Cinema will be?

Source: @evleaks

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Grahaman27 says:

Punit Soni did say there was one heck of a software story.
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Von Spradlin says:

I have never in my life bought a phone because of bundled software.... Never ever ever

ChuckG73 says:

Watch it come with a Chromecast and the app preinstalled :)

That would be par for the course.

CeluGeek says:

A Moto G with a 1080p screen? We can dream...

Hammad Sami1 says:

Regular Moto G with a kick stand case?

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That actually makes a lot of sense.

SRN7 says:

That's what I was just writing

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tdizzel says:

Softcore pron on Friday night?

Oh wait, that would be the Moto G Cinemax

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BB_Bmore says:


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NoNexus says:

Or the Moto G XXX cinema

Mac58 says:


Zig261 says:

You got the mid-range covered by the Moto X. The low-range covered by the Moto G. How about a race to the top for once Moto? There's still a market for us high end users who want stock android that can't get Nexus phones(us Verizon users)

pedopoker says:

Moto X was supposed to be high end, but the specs really reduced its value to cause it to become a mid-ranger. Though I guess they gave up on the "moderate specs for a high end phone" idea because they're rumoured to price the X+1 at only $400. Now all they need is Samsung's marketing.

benurd says:

I think it'll be just another moto g with a new addition to it's name. I hope it'll be a moto g successor.

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Moto G is the best phone I've had. Prefer it to the high end phones.

Keep em coming Moto.

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