Motorola Milestone X

Bluegrass Cellular, a regional carrier centered in Kentucky, has announced that the Motorola Milestone X is "coming soon" to their network. The phone is more or less a Droid X without the Droid branding, and continues the Milestone branding that Motorola has used for their Droid phones when offering them to carriers not named Verizon. The phone is the latest addition to a robust Android lineup from Bluegrass that includes the original Milestone (OG Droid) and the HTC-made Desire and Wildfire. For some reason the Milestone X is listed as having Android 2.1 Eclair as opposed to Froyo, which has long since rolled out for the Droid X. 

The launch of the Milestone X opens the possibility for the phone to make its way overseas or to grace other regional U.S. carriers like Cellular South. [Bluegrass Cellular] Thanks to Nathan for the tip!


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Motorola Milestone X coming to regional carrier Bluegrass Cellular


There is a CDMA version of the Milestone (I'm not taking about the Droid ) , also called Milestone (but with a different model number)

Sorry did u read milestone is the name they MOTO use for non VZW Droid phones. And bluegrass is cdma network.

Does anyone know where I can get this style home screen, I have the HTC Inc ? I am looking for the lock and mute buttons and clock not the background.


WidgetLocker 1.28 will give that , available on market (i think the paid is 1.99 $) & doesn't need root

Launching with Eclair at this point has to be a joke. Didn't Motorola cut the original Milestone off at Eclair even though the Droid got Froyo? That would male me very hesitant to buy one given you might be lucky to get Frito at best

It could be some left overs , Motorola also released it in Mexico (as Motori X) & china (as X) , all of them are CDMA phones , that might explain why they gonna be shipped with Eclair

Motorola is the joke actually, at least outside of US. Having fallen once and buying the OG Milestone (still on 2.1) back in April, when my contract is renewed in 3 months, I'm certain I won't buy another Motofail product.

Actually SE made the choice much easier for me. At least the Arc will be launching with 2.3, even if it won't be updated later on, whereas this POS will launch with 2.1 then following Moto's update history outside of US, it "maybe" updated to 2.2 January next year.

My friends that work at Alltel say they will have it very soon. They have been telling me it was on the way for about two months now and I have been holding out on the desire to get the X. I told them about this report and they said it should be any day now.

That sounds great. I wish I had a date on the Merge as well. One of those two will be my next phone, if I stay with Alltel.