Motorola Milestone

Motorola has finally released a Froyo update for the Milestone, the international version of the OG Droid. Responding to an "extremely high number of requests" for Froyo from Milestone owners, Motorola is now offering the update package direct from its support website.

Today's update will be welcomed by frustrated Milestone users who have been stuck with Eclair since launch, while Droid owners across the pond were among the first to get a taste of Froyo back in August 2010. Users can check Moto's release notes to find out exactly what to expect from today's update.  [Motorola Support]


Reader comments

Motorola Milestone finally gets Froyo update


Finally , I've been waiting for a long time for this
the one day I don't check for updates ! & what do you know , bam its out
Thanks for the heads up

Holy geez! I'm an epic user, so I thought having to wait eight months for froyo was bad, but hasn't this phone been out, 2009?? I thought Moto was supposedly GOOD at updates!!

Happy for you milestone users who finally get some froyo goodness. I applaud your patience!

We were the first (MileStone users) to get Eclair 2.1, but with FroYo it took a while , Im just glad that we got it

Good thing I didn't wait for the official Moto update. Will never buy from them again, HTC maybe or perhaps I'll just forgo Android altogether because I hate fragmentation!!

Users from Venezuela just getting Froyo for Movilnet's Motorola Milestone via Motorola Software Update