Let's first off start by saying we have no idea what, exactly the recently announced Motorola i886 is running other then to say it's some form Android. With that out of the way, what you're looking at is apparently some sort of frankendroid built by Motorola and destined for Sprints iDen network.  It has very few "normal" Android apps built into it and as noted by Phone Scoop's in-store hands-on, it appears to be running a J2ME virtual machine that allows for installation of apps through a GetJar application. The thought for this is that it is designed to be the first non-touch based Android device since it has none of the normal touch based apps loaded onto it but thus far Motorola and Sprint are staying hush on the matter. Video can be found after the break, if you dare. [PhoneScoop]

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canucknnv says:

looks groundbreaking circa 2007.

SniperFery says:

Prabably it uses the china op of Android since it looks like a basic 1.x android that's used by china's android devices and the lack of android based apps and touchscreen makes it the less wanted android device

jbarajasp says:

i think its a GREAT idea. why use cheap feature phone os' when android is perfect for it...

this is not intended to be a smartphone in any way... its a feature phone with a great os....

Yea I definitely see xda jumping all over this... ....... ........

If moto advertises this, I hope they leave the "android" tag out.

briankurtz79 says:

If this is the crap that sprint is announcing on the 7th I'm changing networks. Are you kidding me?!

p4trickh#IM says:

This is for the their Nextel iDen network, stop being so dramatic. They'll have much nicer stuff on the Sprint side.

magma9495 says:

Of course, only Motorola would make something like this.

E_man says:

Looks a lot like the non-touchscreen based android concepts that were shown off before it was released (I'm not even sure if google had bought them at that point)

Alcibiades says:

Yeah, I remember the concept phone you're talking about. Wikipedia even has a picture of it:


I wonder if someone can find that old video of someone demoing this android device. It would be fun to see how far the OS has come. I had actually always assumed that android supported non touch devices, but that no phone companies chose to go that route.

Found a couple more pics:

Alcibiades says:

I remember the demo you speak of. Wikipedia even has a pic of that device:


I'd love to see the old video of them showing off this version of the OS, just to see how far we've come.

Alcibiades says:

Found it! This video will show you a longer demo of Android running without touch capabilities. Is this cupcake I guess?


droideris says:

Cupcake is version 1.5, this is 0.9 at the newest.

lcsglvr says:

Poor grammar. :)

You can do all that same stuff on the D1 using the D-pad. You can do everything except log in. that tiny screen would suck to use for touch though..

pDoG says:


justin926 says:

this is almost like taking a bad car and dressing it up to look like a corvette... or maybe taking a corvette engine and putting it in a bad car.. or maybe a freakish combination of both.

newtronco says:

wouldn't that be a corvette?

BKirby says:

Let em do what they do! Not everybody wants (or can afford) a touch screen like you pussys! GET A LIFE!!!

igobyzach says:

Affordability and Nextel phones don't go in the same sentence. Everyone knows iDEN phones are much more expensive than their CDMA counterparts, hell even the touchscreen CDMA phones.

Your argument has been rendered null and void.

SharonW says:

Sounds like a perfect blue collar worker group phone. You know, for those who work outside often with work gloves on so they can't use a delicate touch screen, and also need the push to talk feature of iden so they can speak to the whole crew like construction workers and firemen, etc. Don't they deserve a little Android love, also, to spice up their once bland feature phones?

dchawk81 says:

Exactly. Not everyone can wash their hands and wipe the screen every half hour just to use their phone. Some people need basic, usable functionality that they can access with grease on their paws.

superlinkx says:

Not Android. I already read about it on Phonedog. It is running an Android-like interface on top of BREW (that dumbphone OS that is slowly gaining popularity). Basically, its a dumbphone with a nicer display. Notice that it doesn't show any real Android apps.

DubA says:

Kill the abomination!!

Kiserai says:


Smalls says:

This is actually a pretty neat idea. Android wasn't just built for touch screens.

Uh guys, this was on display at my local store yesterday- nothing to see. A rugged Nextel Android phone with a t9 pad and QWERTY- not that big of a deal. Hardly AC front page worthy IMO. But go see if your store has one if you're really that curious..

Toxikhiro says:

Gross. I would never lay hands on such a thing.

jimbohsp says:

Looks good for their business and contractor customer base, would make.it POSSIBLE to add features and more stuff they could charge for all while having a device with a battery that lasts more than a few hours and harrware that doesnt break after one or two drops

abtxpress says:

This will be a boost mobile phone.

Quis89 says:

This phone is already out on Nextel. It came out last weekend.

rawheat200 says:

I was thinking more like Metro PCS! What a crock! Imagine being the brains behind this device...someone give that guy a raise! Com on MOTO, there's no glory in wasting your time in developing something like this!

bloodycape77 says:

Is that the blur alarm I spot in the video?

eric6052 says:

Okay then not my cup of tea but Android comes in all sizes and shapes.

borgey401 says:

Leave it to Motorola to come out with another P.O.S Android device. Nothing new.......

steve rg says:

I ended up with one of these phones and its the worst phone i have ever had... it has delayed reactions to everything you want to do.. forget about using any internet of any kind including e-mail... it constantly trips over itself is the only way i can explain.. camera is about what other phones offered in quality 10 years ago...
the only plus side to it is it does hold a battery charge pretty good (6 hours on the phone easy) and it is very strong... i have had this thing for a week and have thrown it, stomped it, smacked it over and over and it still works like brand new... but thats not saying much.