Motorola Droid

The Motorola Droid's Android 2.1 update should be pushed out to the first 1,000 guinea pigs lucky users anytime now. Sing out if you've got it (we'll know if you're lying!) and be sure to post your thoughts in our Official 2.1 Findings thread.

Update: Not to panic anyone, but we're getting whispers of server problems or some other sort of delay, or may it's just the smartphone gods toying with us yet again. Stay tuned.

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mdionis says:

Wish I could be saying I have it but looks like I will have to wait.

Camel says:

Wonder if it's only going to be verizon wireless employees?

Anonymous says:


quinceya1013 says:

Wow never thought that it would only go to employees first but thats a good thought...

Jesse Potter says:

It doesn't go to employees first. I assume the ESNs are selected at random.

And you might want to fix the link to the 2.1 findings thread. As of now, it just links to the image of the Droid.

CSI Guy says:

Waiting, waiting, waiting!!!!!

Havekk says:

Not me 8_(

VirtuaGeek says:

I keep hitting "check for system updates" in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, I might get fortunate and sneak in...

Anonymous says:

Now official- delayed- see BoyGeniusReport. They have the memo.

BigYetti83 says:

wow way to drop the ball again vzw and moto... goodbye droid

Anonymous says:

it not coming out today, verizon has stopped the update and posted it to be relased at a later time. check engagets website!!!, i knew it was to good to be true.

TonyM says:

Haha, nice over-reaction BigYetti83. I'm curious what parts of the 2.1 update are essential to you? My Droid has been servicing my needs just fine, in fact, it has exceeded my expectations. I will be happy when 2.1 lands, but there is nothing I can't wait for.

Anonymous says:

HA. I fucking new it was another scam from them. I said in my post yesterday, sounds like another scam, lie. and ill say it again, SCAM SCAM SCAM.

Anonymous says:

HA. I fucking new it was another scam from them. I said in my post yesterday, sounds like another scam, lie. and ill say it again, SCAM SCAM SCAM.

Mikey says:

Cool you jets people. If it's been delayed, that means there is a problem. Better for them to sort it out internally than make guinea pigs out of us customers. It's almost ready (obviously)!

Anonymous says:

Scam! Yeah, they got you good! Sucker! What did they scam out of you, again? What did they trick you into giving up? Your hopes? Dreams? Did they hurt your feelings and make you cry? Crybaby. Harden the f up and get over it, wuss.

Mike says:

Wow. Verizon finds a bug and delays the update to fix it and a lot of you complain because a buggy update wasn't pushed out. Guess you're mad because you didn't get an update that won't work properly. I'll happily wait for an update that works. Call me crazy.

DivingDancer says:

Oh come on, people! Seriously, is this the worst thing that has ever happened in your life? Is the fact that you'll have to wait a few more days for a phone OS update (that doesn't really have much in it anyway!) really totally ruining your day, as so many of you seem to indicate?


That's just plain friggin sad, in my opinion.

My advice would be:

--Put down your phone
--Go outside
--Walk around in the sun
--Talk to some people, maybe even face to face (the horror!)

Honestly, the fact that you can't update your phone's OS this afternooon is not a reason to lose sleep, change cell providers, change phones, eat liver, kick your dog, or anything else. Just go on using your phone (it does actually work with the old OS, you know). The OTA update will be along sometime in the near future. No big deal.

And if you think I'm wrong, you need a new perspective on life.


Hawgpapa says:

Man, I agree with Mike. Life is too short to to have something like a phone upgrade not happen ruin your day. It's just a another piece of technology, albeit fun and useful, that we did not have just a few short months ago and we survived without it.

Enjoy the day, time will come when we won't even remember the disappointment and frustration of this day.

I still love my Droid...2.1 or not

Ton says:

I couldn't have said it any better than MIKE other then adding you complainers obviously have no life and probably have never seen a girl naked. (Your mom doesn't count)

quinceya1013 says:

Understands frustration but I'm happy.... @ least they caught it before it screwed up someones droid

Anonymous says:

And my advice would be, buy the f#%&*# Nexus One. What are you all waiting? Give yourself freedom from network trash. Afte all the NexusOne is the one true and real Android device, the rest being second rate and that includes the Droid.

Anonymous says:

you are an idiot

Ben says:

My fear with this is that the reason they're holding back the update is because of the pending litigation from apple regarding pinch to zoom on android handsets. If that's the case, it could be a very long time before we see 2.1, or at least pinch to zoom in the stock browser.

sgtturner says:

Dam... Oh well rerooting...

Anonymous says:

wow, you fucking morons have nothing better to complain about. Bunch of fucking losers.

Anonymous says:

have 2 phones got one today wonder when get the next