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The newly announced Motorola Droid 4 and LG Spectrum will soon be able to roam overseas on both GSM and CDMA networks, Verizon told Phonescoop. Both devices will be running on Verizon's 4G LTE networkin the US and because of some network issues, previous LTE phones have not been able to roam in non-CDMA markets.

Network enhancements on their way, which would make the Spectrum and Droid 4 the first to take advantage of such capabilities.

Great news for everybody looking to get an LTE phone on Verizon but also would like it to work overseas in GSM markets.

Source: Phonescoop


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Motorola Droid 4, LG Spectrum will soon be able to roam overseas, says Verizon


Verizon finally did something right. Now it's up to Moto to deliver the goods (ICS, maybe unlocked bootloader) and this'll be one hell of a slider.

But these are not global or world phones. They still don't have a GSM sim card slot, right?? So to use them in other countries, you would have to pay VZW for extremely expensive roaming packages,

With my Dinc2, I called VZW and had them unlock the GSM. Now when I travel, I can just drop in a local prepaid sim card.

Unless VZW is saying, you will be able to use the LTE sim slot for global sims in other countries. But it does not sound like they are saying that at all.

I agree. I think the best way to handle International if you're on Verizon is just go buy a cheap GSM phone and drop a local sim into it when you arrive. Leave your Verizon phone at home.

Well currently, my Dinc2 works fine by putting a pre-paid sim in. Just make sure you enter the APN numbers in the GSM/UMTS settings.

I'm wondering why neither Verizon nor HTC admit that Rezound is a global phone and works with a GSM sim, as confirmed by many users, including myself?

replace LTE sim with a GSM sim (I used t-Mobile), when the phone boots up, type *#*#4636#*#* and change mode to WCDMA or GSM. i was able to make/receive phone calls but no data. you will get a message that sim card is unauthorized but just ignore it. there are few threads on this topic here and on xda. enjoy)

I personally don't want ICS on my Droid 4. I have a Gnex and I prefer ROMs running 2.3 I think they really messed up multi-tasking in ICS =0(

Sprint already has an CDMA/LTE/GSM phone from motorola, so it can't be a hardware limitation. People have also documented GSM capability buried in the HTC Rezound but not advertized as such. Hard to believe Verizon is dragging their heels when business travelers have to be lucrative, profitable market segment for them.