Moto G 2014

Motorola announced various new products at IFA 2014 this morning, including the flagship smartphone Moto X, affordable Moto G, Moto 360 and some other Motorola devices.

The company has since confirmed pricing and availability in the UK. The Moto X will be available for £419.99 and consumers will be able to pick one up from the end of this month.The cheaper Moto G will be available today for £144.99, but you'll have to wait for a short while until the company releases its interchangeable shells. Check the list below for full details on each Motorola product.

Moto G

  • Available in black and white
  • Starting from £144.99
  • Available from Amazon from 5th September (Motorola Shells will be available from October)

Moto X

  • Available in black 16GB, leather 16GB and bamboo 16GB
  • Starting from £419.99
  • Available from Amazon from the end of September

Moto 360

  • Available in gray leather and black leather
  • Starting from £199.00
  • Available from O2, Tesco, Amazon and John Lewis from early October

Moto Maker

  • Moto Maker 16GB – starting from £419.99
  • Moto Maker 16GB with wood/leather – starting from £439.99
  • Moto Maker 32GB – starting from £459.99
  • Moto Maker 32GB with wood/leather – starting from £479.99

Moto Hint

  • Moto Hint will come to UK in the coming months. Remain tuned to our feeds for more details.

Which Motorola product(s) will you be picking up?


Reader comments

Motorola confirms UK availability and pricing for Moto X, Moto G and more


Where in UK high street, been in every shop in Glasgow this morning for new Moto G and they haven't even heard there is a new version.

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Eventually the Moto Maker is available in the UK!! I probably still won't pick one up as £420 is mental. You can buy the G3 for cheaper than that!

I wonder if the Nexus line will follow suit and price their phone at the 400 mark instead of the 300

Wit an introductory price at £419 for a 16Gb phone I would say that most people should wait to see what the Nexus 6 brings to the table and at what price. I would have been hoping that £419 would have been the price max for the 32Gb
Makes me kind of glad I was able to get the One+ One when I could.

£419 for a 16GB phone is outrageous, it's unbelievable how corps are still allowed to get away with this nonsense especially as we all know how cheap storage is.

Posted via Android Central App

Do you still think we'll see a new nexus. I have a feeling it's been shelved as we've heard nothing really. Hope I'm wrong though


Guess I'll be waiting for the Nexus then. The X is too expensive and the G isn't a step up from my Nexus 4. Too bad, I really wanted to own a Moto X...

I want a Moto G but can't find one on sale anywhere, I've heard that Amazon UK are going to be selling them from today but it's not on there yet!

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I was really psyched about the 360 but i see that 2 reviews say it doesn't even last a day. That's a real deal breaker but will wait for more reviews before i decide

Okay. Now that the dust has settled and we've seen all the new devices. I'm really curious as to what shipping times will be for moto maker in China

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I really wanted a Moto X to replace my M7 but I think I might wait it out. Unless it gets some great reviews on the battery life and other cool features. However I'm leaning toward the Nexus devices again.

Same here, the back looks horrible now especially with the nasty looking leather, not to mention the added cost of the 32GB version which should be standard nowadays.

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All very good points! +1 to them as well. Leather is not something I want. was the plastic still there with the colors? Sorry I just woke up and drinking coffee! I have not looked at all the news just yet! If not then the Moto G looks better from the eye stand point IMO. Girlfriend loves her Moto G LTE. Its a great little device. We shall see when Moto releases this puppy to north america I guess! :P

Has anyone got a link for UK availability?, so far I've only found it for sale on Motorola Germany for €199

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Clove and expansys are selling it, but at a higher price than was announced. It was meant to be on Amazon for £145 from today, but it looks like that information was wrong.

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Moto UK, I think you got the prices for both moto X and 360 a bit wrong. I am not in.

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Can someone show me where this is available today (5th sept) in UK? It simply ISN'T so why say it is? Even says "Coming soon".

And I bet the price rockets to the £250 mark instantly, a weeks wages in most of the UK. Budget?!?!

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