Motorola Atrix HD

It's big, sleek, slim and covered in Kevlar, and it's just $99 - it's the Motorola HD on AT&T.

Motorola Atrix HDYou knew it was coming, and here it is officially -- the Motorola Atrix HD on AT&T. Motorola inadvertently outed this one a week ago, but let's have another look at the specs, shall we?

  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 1.5 GHz dual-core processor
  • 4.5-inch 1280x720 HD ColorBoost display
  • Gorilla Glass
  • 8GB on-board storage, with expandable microSD card slot
  • 1.5GHz dual-core processor
  • 8MP rear camera with LED flash and 1080p video recording, 1.3MP front facing camera
  • 1780 mAh battery
  • 1GB RAM
  • LTE
  • Smart actions.

All in all, nothing you probably weren't expecting. But the $99 price tag isn't to be ignored. That's pretty darn cheap for a new. In fact, it's pretty much AT&T's version of the Motorola RAZR. Not that that's a bad thing, and the Atrix HD changes things up a little bit by moving to on-screen buttons, which some of us have once again found ourselves in favor of. Webtop? Meh, yeah. It's there. But we'd rather see someone do something with Ubuntu for Android, quite honestly. But for a mere Benjamin, the Atrix HD's probably worth a look.

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Reader comments

Motorola Atrix HD gets officially official on AT&T, for $99 on July 15


As an Atrix 2 owner who got it for a dollar hoping to have hackery and fun - wait until AFTER the bootloader is unlocked before pulling the trigger on something like this, if you're like me - a phone tinkerer with a budget.

Us A2 owners are still waiting for...well...anything.

I did the same thing. Lost interest in waiting before my 30 days was up and jumped ship to the HOX. Now instead of waiting on bl unlock I'm waiting on source. . . cant win it seems!

Atrix post 2 months from now: Introducing the all new Atrix HD MAXX!!! I can hear the angst bubbling already...

I thought that too when the Droid 4 was released but Motorola never did offer a "Maxx" version. Still, there's no good reason for Motorola not to make the 3300mAh battery standard on all their high-end Android devices.

You do realize that Ubuntu for Android came from Webtop, right? Ubuntu for Android is just the Ubuntu guys trying to sell the work they did for Webtop to companies other than Motorola.

Just a day or so after we get an article telling us what Google's official line is concerning small memory and microSD support we now get a phone released that has both.

And we get it from the company that Google OWNS.

To be fair, this phone was likely in development long before the buyout of Moto was official, and was likely held back due to that... The $99 price point is a reflection of the fact that its somewhat late to the party behind the HOX & SGS3. Also, Google still maintains Moto will be independently operated, tho I give that a year before they either fold it in and scrap Moto or assimilate it entirely, maybe two years.

Yeah, not to mention the fugly AT&T logo front and center... I still dont see the point of on screen buttons, not until someone makes a phone with on screen buttons that sports a 4.5"+ 720p display but is at the same time smaller than other 4.5"+ phones. Right now on a Nexus or Atrix HD vs a HOX/EVO or SGS3 you're just permanently giving up screen space to the buttons for nothing in return (beyond not seeing an ugly menu bar with older apps or not depending on a physical menu button and long press for app switching).

Taking the soft buttons into account, the Galaxy Nexus @4.65" has he same usable screen space as the SGS2 @4.3" (the I777). I imagine this 4.5" will give around 4.15" usable... Just a tad more than the OG Atrix and ATRIX2.

That's not too bad, IMO.

Its gonna be significantly larger than the OG Atrix tho. Whereas the HOX & SGS3 aren't much larger, if at all, the while giving you the full 4.6-4.7".

"you're just permanently giving up screen space to the buttons for nothing in return"

You're not permanently giving up screen space. Whenever you're doing something full screen (watching a video, playing a game, etc) the soft buttons go away and you have use of your full screen size.

The other cool thing about soft buttons is if you root and flash, you can change them. Change their appearance, location, or even what they do.

You can change the functionality of capacitive buttons too you know.... And the vast majority of apps dont go full screen like that, the stock gallery and youtube and couple others do, but some games just black out the buttons and leave an empty black bar, and and if they do go full screen that can be even worse... How do you quickly back out of a full screen game to answer a text?? There's no home button, no app switcher button... The ONLY trade off with capacitive buttons is seeing the menu bar with legacy apps, until we start seeing bezel-less phones anyway.

From what I've seen, Moto's ICS skin & mods are the most lightweight of the four major manufacturers.. Tho I haven't taken a good look at LG's.... Samsung's TW is the biggest visual and functional departure, and HTC's Sense straddles the line in between tho they messed around with memory management and sleep/sync too much (easily fixed with root access but not everyone roots or should).

I wouldn't be surprised if Google's acquisition of Moto is thank for this. Maybe they told them to stop skinning their beautiful (IMO) OS.

Is it me, or does the notification area (AT&T logo, 4g, signal strength, battery indicator, time, etc) look very Nexus like. Or is this how all displays on motorola devices look. Just curious. I have not had a motorola device since my Nextel i930. Just my .02

For $99 this is a great deal, very up to date specs for a phone at that price. my mom is interested in upgrading to a smartphone in the next month or so and she's on AT&T, this could be the one I suggest.

I wasn't the biggest supporter of on screen buttons, but I have to say they make some devices look damn sexy, this is one of them.

Having experience with the OG Atrix(wife's phone)and having an A2, I would recommend this phone to normal phone users. If you wanna hack away, I caution that the A2 is still locked down tight. I was tempted by the specs, but we (A2 owners) still don't have ICS and JB is looking pretty tasty. Next device= Nexus, ftw!

I seriously wish that AT&T would come to my area. It makes absolutely no sense why Verizon charges a lot more for this phone. I would love to give VZ a swift kick in the a$$.

This actually seems pretty cool. And while the GS3 is lighting fast, for me, many of the new features aren't that impressive and some don't even work that great. I think there's no doubt that Moto's build quality is far superior to Sammy but where Sammy's concerned, I'd opt for the Skyrocket which I think is more bang for the buck over the GS3. Just my two cents there.

Where this phone is concerned though, I'm eager to see the reviews and benchmark tests. Obviously TWO processors is a typo, LOL. Or is it? Not sure why they'd put the smallest battery of any phone in an LTE device though. Maybe they've done something with power management that makes it work? Great price though. I wonder what Amazon will have it for? Kewl...

The big advantage this has over the SGS3 and One X: The skin looks darn close to stock.

TouchWiz and Sense are just awful designs compared to Holo.

At this point, all these 720p devices look pretty similar and have performance to spare, so I think my next purchase is going to come down to which one has the best camera. The SGS3 seems to be winning for now, but I'm holding out hope the next Nexus (or Nexii) will finally give us an Android camera that can hold its own against the iPhone 4S.