Verizon NFL Pro Bowl

Verizon has started a contest that will reward a pair of tickets to the NFL Pro Bowl game for a lucky winner. The contest involves picking which Verizon Android phone you use -- only Motorola phones here, sorry fellow Droid Incredible users -- and registering into the contest. It looks like you don't have to actually have the device you pick as your "king of the gridiron" and the only entry requirement is that you be at least 13 years old. It would seem that customers on other carriers should have no problem entering.

One winner will be chosen and he or she shall receive:

  • Two tickets to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii on Jan. 30.
  • Two plane tickets.
  • Two-night stay at a hotel for two rooms.
  • The Motorola phone they chose when entering the contest (we would suggest shying away from the Devour)
  • $125 in Verizon gift cards

The whole thing ends at midnight on Jan. 15, so anyone interested should head on past the link and register pronto. [Verizon


Reader comments

Motorola and Verizon team up to give away NFL Pro Bowl tickets


motorola & verizon budget
Two tickets pro bowl.... nosebleed seats
Plane tickets.... cargo
Two night stay.... in motel 6
Motorola phone choice.... droid X... then sell it and get a HTC THUNDERBOLT
125$ GIFT card to make the htc thunderbolt look good...

Good! don't enter... better chances for me! I'll take a free trip to Hawaii in the middle of winter! a-thank-you

Amen to that! I'd sell the Pro Bowl tickets, cancel the hotel, and take a plane to Maui instead... after I stop by the North Shore to see the huge winter waves!!

"only entry requirement is that you be 13 years old."

That you be 13?

So only 13 years old will win?

Bad choice of wording Kyle.

Thanks to Kyle Gibb! My name is in! To all the other's crying who cares! It's the Pro Bowl In Hawaii!!! I'll send you all a post card 'cause if I win you'll hear me shouting Android Central all the way over! What the hey I'll even bring back a lei for you!! Thanks Kyle for the info, I'm ready!

Man, I'm so sick of big red and their sloppy fellation of the NFL. I don't give a crap about football (do ANY geeks out there care about football?), and hate bloatware. So happy I'm not on VZW anymore. Now if they'd just stop their nigh-unto-ubiquitous tv commercial campaigns. If I have to hear one more 70's song/christmas carol mashup, I'm going to punch a kitten.

I bet Apple gave big red the two tickets to pass along so that we can all feel better about our early upgrades going away.