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Moto X $150-off promotion sells out almost immediately

Update, 12:10pm ET: That's it. Motorola is out of codes for today. The next chance to buy a Moto X at the promotional price is 12 noon ET next Monday.

Original story: As promised, Motorola has opened up its Moto X holiday sale, following the ill-fated Cyber Monday promotion that saw many customers unable to place orders. To make up for this, Moto X buyers in the U.S. can head over to now and get a coupon code to claim a $150 discount code for a customized Moto X through Moto Maker. (Developer editions are excluded from this promotion.)

As outlined by the manufacturer yesterday, you'll receive your code within a couple of hours, and you'll then have seven days to complete your customizations, meaning you don't have to rush through the process.

If you're trying to get your hands on a discounted Moto X today, hit the comments and let us know how you get on. There'll be another chance to bag an off-contract Moto X at a reduced price next Monday, Dec. 9.

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Moto X holiday sale now live [Update: sold out!]


Mine has been reserved! Great Deal Moto. I think this is a fantastic idea of getting the discount out there. I think more should be handled this way.

I'll join the celebrating after I get my promised reservation promo code - and really, not until the sale's complete.

Monday was a serious exercise in (1st world) frustration that left a bad taste. NTM the shopping cart I set up last night was wiped out again this morning.

I still think they should have just taken as many reservations as came in for a few hour period to give all those who felt burned a chance. Great buzz for the phone, much better PR, good for Moto and GOOG. They're already being trashed on Twitter for the 10 minutes the first "day" of the sale lasted.

Plus even if they were selling at cost or close to it, not a burden for the parent company - which has been doing that with the N5 and N7 - AND - I plan to buy hundreds in accessories and MotoCare - with the last being a nice margin for them, and the accessories, even at 30% off likely bringing decent incremental profit.

So, hopeful for me, empathy for others and crossed fingers for now.

A fantastic idea?

How about if they want to put it on sale, just put the damn thing on sale and be done with it.

First, the web site wasn't working, now these limited number of rebate codes. Just seems like they're playing games.

Exactly! At least this way you had an equal opportunity as everyone else to get in on the action. Don't piss and moan because you weren't fast enough on the trigger. Especially as a reader of this site where you had plenty of notice as to the specifics of the sale.


Ummm, if it's a sale, it's a sale. This hasn't been a sale, it's been a stampede/lottery. That's fine, but they should be honest and bill it as such. If it's a sale, just offer it at the sale price while supplies last - not some crazy lottery of limited numbers repeated over several days.

And I'm not moaning, as I'm perfectly happy with my Nexus 5. I just think it's a disingenuous way to run what's claimed to be a holiday sale.

Oh I get it now... so you're just complaining about a "stampede/lottery" you didn't even have an interest in participating in, because of the way it was labeled.. that makes complete sense..

I'm with you 100 percent. I had no intention of buying one as I've already had one and moved on to the N5 but this was just silly. I am sure many people got multiple codes with multiple email addresses and in the end it's just a terrible way to run a sale/promotion/doorbuster or whatever the hell they want to call it.

And again, they did that. And it crashed their site. By doing it this way, 50,000 people arent trying to order the phone at once.

I do not have an upgrade until spring of next year. Currently I have a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon (can't hold a charge anymore). Would you guys suggest this phone at 32gb for $400? (To hold me over until my upgrade)

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Moto G will be a little easier on your wallet and it's still a great phone! If your gonna get another flagship level phone in the spring, buying one now so close would be pointless.

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The Moto G is cheaper, lighter on the wallet, and can hold him over, until his upgrade in the spring.

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

ABSOLUTELY. I'm in the same boat as you (except my upgrade is up now). I just reserved my code and am ditching the GNex for the Moto X.

Well maybe I can keep moto x until the Note 4 or S5 come out! :) something about this phone I like. From just holding it to now this great price.

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Well maybe I can keep moto x until the Note 4 or S5 come out! :) something about this phone I like. From just holding it to now this great price.

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Well maybe I can keep moto x until the Note 4 or S5 come out! :) something about this phone I like. From just holding it to now this great price.

Posted via Android Central App

Well maybe I can keep moto x until the Note 4 or S5 come out! :) something about this phone I like. From just holding it to now this great price.

Posted via Android Central App

Well maybe I can keep moto x until the Note 4 or S5 come out! :) something about this phone I like. From just holding it to now this great price.

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Dude you're trying to buy this phone as a FILLER?? the other dude suggested - get a Moto G if that's your intention. I'd actually recommend getting the hell OUT of contracts altogether. Get a month-to-month with Straight-Talk or checkout Republic Wireless (they have the Moto X for $300 and no contract).

You make a valid point. It's just that I've been hanging on to this Gnex for too long. My brother used my upgrade that I was going to take for a Note 3. So I like this deal over buying a s3 or note 2 on craigslist.

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Also agreed. Whether or not you are of a like mind, the Moto X certainly makes a case for itself as the top Android phone out there. My bet is that if you buy the 32GB model (like I did) you probably won't feel inclined to "upgrade" when the time comes. The user experience is fantastic.

That said, if you're sure it's just to be a filler phone, got for the Moto G.

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Did that. Burned out as well. I'm also on my second gnex (warranty)

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An option is also to find a Nexus 4 that has been lightly used. Might be cheaper than the G and is similar if not a bit better.

He's on Verizon, though. And, this device is to replace his Verizon GNex.

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If you did end up buying the moto x, then don't use your upgrade in the spring.

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But, which would be the better deal?

Paying 350 for the Moto X and skipping your upgrade?


Buying the Moto G (200) and using your upgrade when it comes around?

I think it's safe to say that he's probably not leaving Verizon anytime soon. So, it would be best for him to buy the "G," now, and save the upgrade to use on any flagship that launches in the spring.

It'll cost nearly the same amount, to do so, and he'll end up with a new flagship in the spring and a great backup device (Moto G).

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

I agree with a lot of your points. If I'm going to spend 200, I might as well cough up 200 more for a flagship device on a great deal. I like the idea of maybe just keeping the Moto X without the need to upgrade unless I feel something much better comes around. It would be nice to have a upgrade whenever I feel.

Thanks for the feedback all!

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Buy the Moto G now, use it until your upgrade then go with whatever you want. Although, if you go with the Moto X then you won't need the upgrade in the spring, and you could give it to someone else on your plan.

I don't think the moto g is available for Verizon until January. Moto g available now is a gsm unlocked model.

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I would guess they put up 1000 or 2000 today. Purely speculation, but I doubt it was tens of thousands like a launch event.

I do not have an upgrade until spring of next year. Currently I have a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon (can't hold a charge anymore). Would you guys suggest this phone at 32gb for $400? (To hold me over until my upgrade)

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Not me! My phone lagged when clicking submit which resulted in all these repeat messages. Any way to delete them?

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You had up to 15 minutes (from when they were posted) to delete them. You snooze, you lose!! Lol

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Hopefully soon an X :)
As much as I love nexus. (What they stand for) being on VZ, I know it's not ideal. That's why I've got a Nexus 7 tablet. (Nexus experience and no crutch from the carrier)

That way I am satisfied on the nexus end and can still get a nice handset. (Moto x, note 3, etc)

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I actually hit an error page a refresh on 11:57EST, I knew something was up, by 11;58 I reserved mine with no lag unlike monday. =)

reserved. Now should I get the Tmobile version and run it on ATT since it has an unlock-able bootloader?

Yes but it is not sim unlocked from factory. It will have to be done directly by tmobile or maybe one of those 3rd party companies.

TMO version is supposedly SIM unlocked, but apparently I can't post the link to where I saw that info here.

Actually, it IS sim unlocked. I own the T-Mobile model and it's really just an unbranded, unlocked Moto X. Not even any branding on the startup screen. I have an AT&T SIM in mine.

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This. It even gets the updates straight from does not need to go through t-mobile at all. That is why it was updated first to kitkat

Absolutely! It's a complete waste to get the AT&T version as it is locked down tight. The T-Mobile version is basically an dev edition in the fact that it is sim unlocked. Just pop your card in and you are good to go.

I knw.... Mine tooo it just said that's it... i was there @ 12:05 seriously.. they must have had 20... BS

I logged in at noon and was able to register all the codes I needed (one for me, one for wife, kids). Only limitation was one code per email address. I think maybe they had a hefty amount, but the hype/demand from Monday, especially at this price, drove a high demand. Good news is you get to try again on Monday. Log in at noon and you will probably be fine.

hit refresh at 1158 and went to the reserve page. Went through and said to wait for promo code in a couple of hours. Will shall see.

I was refreshing constantly between 11:59 and I didn't get the reserve screen until about 12:04. Finally did get registered, though. I hope that means I'm guaranteed a code. I did it twice with different phone/email combos, just to be safe. If I get an extra, I'll donate it to someone on this site who didn't get one.

Unless you have a US address, it's pointless to waste a code. Not trying to be mean, just being honest.

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Actually they didn't get the message and it wasn't a sale - rather a "door buster" like the big box stores offer to get you in the door when they only have two or three of something, and hope you'll buy something else after camping out.

Except we all went to the site for the only thing there we wanted, so nothing left but a continuing bad taste for many.

You woulda' thunk they'd get it. But corp dinosaurs learn and adapt slowly if at all.

It's the website's fault. I think there was a decent supply. But, they got hammered, and fast. There's no way for us to know, how many Motorola actually set aside.

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Oh for sure. I would never sign another contract if I could consistently get new high end phones at that price.

Probably not until at least after the holidays though. If they were planning on doing it within a couple weeks anyways, they wouldn't be so stingy with this deal.

I can see that happening next summer, if/when Motorola decides to follow up with an X2.

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LOL, I'm imagining Motorola with a slightly embarrassed look on it's face going, "I'm so sorry. This never happens."

Hey I have a question about which Moto X to get. I'm in Canada with Bell, and i am getting a customized moto x from the states since bell doesnt even carry the phone. I was wondering which carrier i should get, i know i have to get a GSM one so it's between T-Mobile & AT&T, is there a difference between the 2 phones? Can one be unlocked easier and will they both work with the LTE networks up here? Thanks for the help in advance

The off-contract T-mobile moto x is already unlocked out of the box, plus the bootloader is unlockable. I'm using it on AT&T, currently.

Go and search for the Moto X's radio bands (GSM Arena). Check to see what bands Bell uses. If the band's on the Moto X specs page correspond to the band's that Bell uses, then you're good to go. =)

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Thanks for your info on using T Mobile Moto X on ATT and getting LTE. Really clarified things
for me.

My reading on another forum from someone who listed all the radios is that the T-Mob (and therefore maybe the DEV) version lacks two bands that ATT holds - but is not currently using.

So no current hit - and as for the future, unknown.

My understanding is that AT&T is launching a new LTE band next year, but it is not one of the ones on the AT&T version of the moto x anyway... band 29 I think.

As I already said, I'm using a T-mobile Moto X with AT&T in the Sacramento area and I have no problems getting LTE data. Getting a newly provisioned nano sim, however, was another story. If you have a micro SIM and are going to the T-mobile moto x, you'll either need to cut your sim or get a new one. If you get a new one, make sure they don't try to use the T-mo Moto X IMEI to provision the new sim -- it totally removed my data plan from my account. They had to re-use my old SGS3 IMEI to get it back on there, but once they did, the moto x connected to AT&T's LTE and hasn't had a problem since.

To be sold out in 9 minutes is a joke. I feel bad for the people who patiently waited for hours on Monday trying and trying to give their money to Motorola only to be told to come back today. Enter today, if you weren't in within NINE MINUTES, were sorry but you can try again next Monday but I am sure that one will be sold out in several minutes as well. What a F*@#ing joke Motorola, glad I've moved to a Nexus 5.

Not all day is understandable but 9 minutes?!? There is no way enough people even know what this phone is let alone want to buy it to make any reasonable amount of stock deplete in 9 freaking minutes. As NoNexus mentioned below. They are just trolling at this point.

You had a few days and knew what time the phone codes were to go on sale. If you cared enough to want the phone at the price, you should know when it goes on sale.

I don't get why you're pissed but, relaxing is a good thing regardless.

Posted Via VZW Moto X on the Android Central App

Why are people acting like anyone is entitled to receiving the discount?

You do realize that had the website worked on Monday, it might not have even lasted as long as nine minutes, right? What would people be complaining about in that case?

Motorola never said that they would be selling an unlimited amount of phones at this promotional rate.

No one is saying that everyone is entitled to one at the sale price. Also aware that Motorola said supplies would be limited but after Monday's debacle, they would have a larger supply of stock when the sale did start. So the people that tried all day Monday to order one waited again until today at noon only to see it last 9 minutes? What about the people who were at work? Or had to do anything that kept them from getting to the computer for longer than 9 minutes?

This game that Motorola has been playing since Monday morning is getting old. Nothing they have done since the release of this device has made sense. Carrier exclusive Moto Maker, terrible customer service and now this.

As someone stated, if you are going to have a sale, put the damn thing on sale and be done with it. Not this "we are going to have a sale for 9 minutes on Wednesday, then tell you we are all out BUT....We are going to do it again next Monday and who knows, that sale may last 10 minutes!!

It truly is a shame since this is one of the best devices on the market. They are running this price to compete with the N5 but I would think that this mess has done more to sell N5's than it has to sell Moto X's.

"So the people that tried all day Monday to order one waited again until today at noon only to see it last 9 minutes? What about the people who were at work? Or had to do anything that kept them from getting to the computer for longer than 9 minutes?"

They miss out--just like other people who were busy might have missed out on Monday.

People who tried all day on Monday and were at work or were busy today? Oh well. FOR NO REASON WERE THEY ENTITLED TO A DISCOUNT. Why is that so hard to understand? You said that "no one is saying that everyone is entitled to one at the sale price", but then go and contradict yourself with the rest of your post.

You yourself said "Motorola said supplies would be limited." They sold out of the supply in 9 minutes. That's how sales work sometimes.

For instance, concert tickets often sell out--and believe it or not, that often happens in less than 9 minutes! Back before the days of the internet, sometimes people would wait all night long in line in order to buy concert tickets only to have the tickets sell out in 2 minutes. So many of those people waited in line all night long with nothing to show for it.

Same thing happened with Cabbage Patch Kids in the '80s. Stores would have them. They would put them on sale. They would sell out in a few minutes. Lots of people missed out and stores didn't issue rainchecks. OH WELL.

Same thing happens every year with different toys. I could go on and on with examples.

THAT'S LIFE. The situation with the Moto X promo codes is very much the same.

I understand how ticket sales and such work. You are a moto x apologist and I get that because everyone on here defends the device they carry and that's cool. But I feel that everyone just thinks moto can do no wrong.

If people missed out then you are right, too bad for them, but I feel moto was doing nothing more than trying to create an elevated interest in this device based on a bullshit promotion.

They can do what ever they want and if they want to put the x on sale for 9 minutes or 9 seconds then that's their right, but it's also my right to call it for what it is and it's been a mess.

Posted via Android Central App

"I feel moto was doing nothing more than trying to create an elevated interest in this device based on a bullshit promotion."

See--that's your problem. For some reason, you choose to assume the worst.

My saying that is nothing about being "a moto x apologist"; it's about taking the company at their word when they've provided no reason to believe that they're being dishonest.

I'm sorry, but I'm just not as cynical as you to make that assumption, especially given Motorola's track record with the Moto X prior to this week.

Honestly, the "fake promo to create interest" conspiracy theory is pretty laughable. Yes, I'm sure Motorola wanted to piss off potential customers on Monday, knowing that many of them might not bother to try again. Right.

"I'm going to whine and spread conspiracy theories about this Moto X deal--but no! No one was entitled to receiving the discount, except Motorola should have continued the discount long enough so that everyone who wanted one should have gotten one. But no, no one is entitled to a discount. It's just that they deserve one!"

I'm not sure what your problem is nor do I really care. I'm not trying to create a conspiracy theory, let's look at the facts.

Motorola spreads the word last week about this awesome cyber Monday sale. People understand it is going to be a sale and of course not everyone will be guaranteed a sale price.

Cyber Monday comes. People wait for hours relying on tweets of "it will be working soon" from Moto.

Cyber Monday ends and moto puts on this "we are so sorry, were going to make it up to you by offering the sale twice and increasing the supply"

Enter today, the sale lasts 9 minutes...

That's a crappy way to do business. That's all I am saying and that's all I've been trying to say. If you take that as I believe everyone should be entitled to the sale then take it that way.

Motorola's goal should be to get as many of these great devices in customers hands as they can. They are not succeeding.

A few more people will get codes on Monday and it will be the same story again.

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What we should be pissed about is all the people posting in forums that they saw the deal on AC, The Verge, etc. and reserves the deal just to see if they could, never having any intention to actually buy the phone. WTF? Now they feel bad? They should try not being sh*tty in the first place.

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I can get the code and forward it to my cousin who lives in the states. Then he can get the TMO version and i can use it here in india without any hassles of unlocking and shit. Am i right?!

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I believe the T-Mobile version is unlocked and supports all of the global radio bands. Check GSM Arena for the actual bands and compare them to your carrier's bands. If they match up, then you're good.

Also, if you do get a code, then your cousin will have to redeem the code and have the device shipped to them. From there, it's up to you on how to secure said device from your cousin.

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

He is staying in california. And went there to visit his aunt. So he will bring it back with him on his return in january. Thats the plan bro

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Per the Motorola Support twitter account, you need to use a U.S. shipping address AND a credit card issued in the U.S. If you try using a card issued in India the sale won't complete.

Posted via Android Central App

I hope he sees this.

And, thanks! I didn't realize that you needed both.

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Yeah dude i knoww! Ill just get the codes thats it. Rest all the billing and procurement stuff will be done by him from cali his uncle works in google so will use his card haha :D thanks anyways :)

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OK I am sorry but you all are getting trolled at this point. What did they do, put 12 of them up for sale?

It really sounds as if they are creating an artificial demand here. Put out 10 codes, announce it ahead of time, get everyone excited about it. 10 codes sell out right away, create more demand on Monday, those 10 codes sell out

MUST HAVE PHONE! go and buy it from your carrier.

A little market manipulation maybe?

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Motorola doesn't have to give the discount at all. Even if they are creating a demand, more power to them. Not any different that HTC, Apple, or Samsung shenanigans.

Agreed. I think the demand from Monday simply carried over into today.

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Still a little on the shady side. Good marketing though.

Is this what 500m buys you nowadays?

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

not sure if you're serious? Getting a code was easy, i got one but I was there refreshing the page at 12. Told my brothers to head over there and get a code too, if they were interested. They both got codes, no problem. Sorry you didn't get one but not sure why you'd think this would last more than 10 mins, I'm actually surprised they lasted even that long. In fact, I can't believe how easy it was to actually get a code. Then again, I set an alarm on my phone to remind me at 11:50 to drop what I was doing and man the F5 key.

Lmao, I was on right at noon too and got nothing! I sat there and refreshed for 9 straight minutes till I was told it was over. Obviously it wasn't that easy for everyone.

It may not have been easy for everyone but heck I did it from my cell phone @ 12:03. It sucks that people were having issues even then but it may not have been moto fault for this one.

Actually, it wasn't that bad. I was waiting for the deal to be posted so my hubby could get a Moto X for himself (I paid full price for mine a week or more ago) -- I was one of those people who was at the computer practically all day this past Monday with no joy. So, today, I just happened to hit refresh on the Motorola page a couple of minutes before noon Eastern, and bam. There it was.

I could have gotten several codes in the time the deal was up (thought about reserving one for my brother who was planning to wait for the next monday session) -- and I got one with no problem at all at about 11:58am EST. I think the issue is that the deal was actually live a few minutes early, or all of my PCs internet-synced clocks are off =P.

Needless to say, I'm pretty sure there were more than 10 of them if I got one (and could have gotten another with my own email address) so easily. My hubby's phone is already ordered without a problem, too.

Motorola is voiding codes for sale like this. Hope it ruins your day as you have others by being greedy. You have been reported.

9 minutes! I am so glad I got on at 9am and got a code--although I hope it went though--no confirmation yet...9 minutes...and no dev edition...still not impressed with motorola so far..

"If you registered and saw a confirmation screen, no worries -- your code will be emailed today."

Could Android central do a poll after this sale is finished to see how many people got this deal. I feel like the only people aware of the moto x deal are probably those who follow tech blogs and probably most are aware of android central so I'd be curious to get some idea of how many phones motorola actually set aside for this deal.

Imagine that! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... another fck up, just like the N4 rollout. Seems sooooo very familiar. Oh wait, Google bought Moto! HAHAHAHHAHA

Fckin morons.. C'mon, with $150 off, ANY MOTO exec knows full well that the sh!t is gonna hit the fan once the order window is up. MAKE THIS WORK FOR ONCE with the demand. It's not rocket science. Anyone could've seen this coming if your not prepared.


I got two discount requests submitted for each of my gmail accounts! Now just waiting to get them both :) I only intend to buy one so hit me on twitter if you want the other code, I'll give it away if my brother doesn't want it.

Hopefully the following doesn't negate my submission o_o;

Can I buy multiple Moto X phones with this promotion?

Technically, yes. But, each email address can be registered only once and a promotion code will only be valid on one device.

You’re not a store. We do not authorize using the codes for commercial purposes. If we detect you are applying for multiple codes for resale, we will not provide a code and we will invalidate previously provided codes.

This is why they ran out of codes. Some people got more than one.

You'll be fine, as long as you're GIVING the second code away and not being a tool (like the guy above) and trying to sell it.

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

I got 2 - well I think I'll get 2. I just did it because it wasn't entirely clear whether or not I was actually guaranteed a code the first time, and I wanted to be sure. If so, it will be donated to this site.

Hey, I understand, some people have their reasons for wanting/getting two codes. That's fine.

It's appreciated, that you donate the second code (if you don't need it), since it didn't costs you anything.

P. S. You'd make one of those angry posters (up there) very happy, lol.

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

"P. S. You'd make one of those angry posters (up there) very happy, lol."

Keyword, ONE. The rest will be just as pissed as they were Monday and today. Poor blokes.

I was logged-in at about 11:57 and reserved my code. It's now 2:07 and I just received an email letting me know that it was successful and it will still be a couple more hours to get my code. Hilarious!

Received a sort of confirmation e-mail just now letting me know they're working on the code. They still mention sending in the next few hours.

Funny, just got an email from Moto telling me I'm registered, and they're working on generating my "unique promo code". I'm all excited to get the code and they send an email to tell me the code's coming later. Moto has some sense of humor.

You know, they could always just send you a pm. You better hope the spammers don't see your email address.

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What a F------ joke. Got shut down the other day due to internet issues now I try again when I got out of work and sold out. Take the Moto X and shove it where the sun doesn't shine. I refuse to chase a freaken phone to buy it. Very happy with what I think is the best phone made, Thank You Samsung for the Note 3.

I mean couldn't be closer analogy -
Small compact beast w amazing handling , outperforming most of the "high end" competitors. :))

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Wanted to use it for back-up. Was going to order the 32gb model in all white. For such a great price I figured it would make a great back-up phone or even a gift for someone. Note 3 is without a doubt the best phone to date. That S-Pen, That S-Pen, did I say that S-Pen is really some fine soft-ware.

Got it for my wife recently - superb device. I just can't deal w the size, both holding and carrying it around. If I had a purse, maybe. :)

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I wasn't sure until I got the email. :-) Now just the code.
Had no idea how close it was to miss - 1 min.

They should show by how many devices they "doubled" the inventory.

Sucks for those who got their carts emptied on Monday and got relaxed for this "new deal". I really thought it would take longer than this.

Posted via Android Central App

I got my reservation email, but haven't seen the code yet. I promised my Nexus 4 to a friend this Sunday, and I just got the accessories I ordered in the mail, so I was hoping to get one sooner than later. Oh well! Glad to have a smaller and smarter phone on the way soon.

Just got the email ...

"Hi ,

It won't be long...

Thanks for your patience.

We’ve received your successful registration and we’re working on your unique promo code.

We’ll be sending it in the next few hours.


The Motorola Maker Team"

No, I meant checking out with account number. I figured out mine, I was adding 2 0's at beginning...when they shouldn't be there. Mine's set for Monday according to Motorla.

I guess I was one of the lucky ones. I was able to register 3 minutes after it started. I received an email an hour later saying they received my registration and would send a promo code in less then 8 hours. I received the promo code 2 hours later. I went into MotoMaker and ordered the phone and some accessories using the code. It all worked. And all of this from a Christmas present for my girlfriend :)

You know what they should do, they should make you pay a deposit upfront, but that would lead to more Web issues..

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Hasn’t this been interesting? It certainly puts the fiasco in a different light. I went through the Monday fiasco and went ahead and saved a design for my next shot. So today I was able to get a promo code, which I was lead to believe meant I could complete the purchase over the next day or so. However, when I tried to checkout the Motorola website cycled me into the Vzon upgrade. After a couple more pages it tells me I’m not eligible for an upgrade. I know that. I want to purchase a Moto X of my own to use on Vzon. After waiting through two chat sessions where I got to be next in the queue both sessions vanished. Finally on my third try I was told that even though I had the promo code they were sold out….but I could use it Monday. Great.

Yeah bro I cant find it either on the app. If you log on to the website you will see it. Would love a Moto X if ya can send that code

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And I finally got through to the point it asks for credit card info and asks me to correct non-existent I'm still no closer to actually having a phone ordered than I was Monday.

Don't add the 00 in beginning of the moto credit account... This happened earlier to me too

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