Moto X in bamboo.

Behold, the bamboo Moto X. OK, only the back is bamboo — but this thing looks sweet. We opted for the white face this time around (and it's already collecting pocket lint), along with black buttons.

Maybe you'll love it. Maybe you'll loathe it. Maybe you'll look at the extra $100 you have to pay for it and scoff. Or maybe you're hoping one of the other three wood backs (yes, we know bamboo is a grass) we saw earlier this year will soon become available. To each his own.

Also cool: The setup wallpaper is — you guessed it — bamboo.

For now, just feast upon the glory that is the best Android phone you can buy — in bamboo.


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Moto X in bamboo: Ridiculously awesome [hands-on]


Getting ready to look at Leroy in a few on Crackle. Lol!

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An additional $100 premium charge is too much for a phone trim, don't care how good it looks or feels.

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Well a good case is $40-$50 (yes you can find $1.99 ones on Amazon). I'd get the bamboo back, yellow accents and white front. Sexah.

Already have a black X though.

Seriously senseless statement.

Again rookie, there are many who don't wrap their phone encasement in a case.

For example all, I would venture to guess, who buy a bamboo backed moto x

a good case is $40? really?

how about $1.58 free shipping no tax on ebay
and this is the BEST case for a Nexus 4 of all I've tried.

and how often does anybody look at the back of their phone
sorry but this bamboo is just a downright silly waste of money

if you think bamboo looks so cool buy a freakin bamboo cutting board

LOL! And it will probably age like a cutting board I imagine. This appeals to me about as much as having wood panels on my car, as in not at all.

"and how often does anybody look at the back of their phone"

How often during the day do people look at their own shoes? Yet people still buy nice looking shoes. Go figure. When you are talking on the phone and someone looks at you guess what they see? The back of your phone. Its a fashion statement.

yes this is just for the uber elite class.

Snob, biaotch, or troll? Doesn't matter, I will just go with douche.

Kinda dumb comment, who are you to judge if someone wants to spend $100 of their hard earned money on a bamboo phone? If someone likes it, buy it.

LOL. Remember to put a /s after any sarcastic comment. Cause ya know, people think that everyone's always serious.

If I would have left it with the first paragraph, yeah I could see that getting misconstrued, but after the second?

Happy Holiday's from my phone to yours...

Actually I think it is the other way around. If it were just the first paragraph I would have assumed it was sarcasm. The second paragraph made me unsure.

Oh well. Sarcasm is correctly interpreted pretty much 100% of the time.

In this case it wasn't. NoNexus was being sarcastic (and it was funny) and the guy lamblasted him thinking he was serious. No thought process involved in this. Just reaction.

Wow, didn't know I belonged to the "pleb" class. I'm a plebber, you're a plebber, he's a plebber, she's a plebber....wouldn't you like to be a plebber a plebber....

Enlightenment me, a wood back that costs $100 more is going to make the exact same phone better or give you a status symbol? If I recall this is supposed to be the phone for the regular Joe... Doesn't know much about tech stuff, not over priced and gets the job done as well as the more expensive top tier models. That is way it's so highly recommended despite having mid level specs.

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You're confusing "Every Man" with "Regular Joe." This phone is designed by all...for all. If it was just for the "regular Joe" who didn't know much about tech, then we all wouldn't have it. I actually don't personally know 1 "Regular Joe," who owns this phone...yet, but PLENTY of techies.

It was originally only $50, but because it took so long to come out and the price of the X was cut, they had to up it

Nice, but not for $100. Mine is tucked away in a Defender anyhoo.

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I would have paid $100 for it, but not $250, which is what I would have to pay, if I return my Holiday Sale Moto X, and purchased this....Looks like I won't be getting wood until the Moto X2.

So is it actual wood? Or is it a under-textured plastic like what Samsung does with its backings.

~Merry Christmas!

Exactly. Its to hold down demand, because milling these out of actual wood one at a time and resource consuming, even when you have a whole bank of auto-feed CNC milling machines.

Personally wood (real or fake) on computer equipment just ends up looking sad after a while, like faded wood grain on a beat up 70's Cadillac. It dates the object, and last year's "new hotness" becomes this years "old and busted" all too quickly.

You still think this isn't massed produced? Some guy is not cutting these things in a Chinese woodshop

Happy Holiday's from my phone to yours...

That makes no sense since a Chinese shop would be busting them out by the boatload... And coating them in lead or cadmium...

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I agree but icebike has said twice now about them, and I am paraphrasing, being made individually to justify the cost....

I will pay $350 for a phone, no problem. Not paying a third of that for the back of a phone.

Over priced is what I am sayin

Looks nice, sure is unique.

Happy Holiday's from my phone to yours...

This is no different than people buying cars and then tricking them out with leather interiors, the latest surround system, custom rims, tinted windows, etc., etc., etc...At the end of the day, a car is supposed to provide you with transportation, but people like luxury and are willing to pay for what looks and feels good and matters to them. To each his own.

Yeah but everything on your list except the rims provides function. I know people have preferences and all... I guess it is just a different value system.

I could just about not care what my Note 3 looks like, as long as it lasts and has what it has under the hood

Happy Holiday's from my phone to yours...

Actually, performance rims are quite functional, if they're spec'd for performance, and not just bling. Lighter, stronger wheels can enhance handling performance (less unsprung weight on the car), and help with acceleration and fuel economy (less rotating mass the powertrain needs to drive).

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I'm still not really sure why we have wooden backs to our phones.

Does it serve a functional purpose or is it merely aesthetic? More scratchproof, better heat distribution (probably not), etc?

There's nothing wrong with it aesthetically. I just can't figure out why I would want to drop another Benjamin to have something that didn't functionally enhance the device.

Further, it just reminds me of the horrible skeuomorphic themes of iOS / OSX of days past.

Because it looks good. And is cool. And is different. You may not want to, but others do. The same reason people will drop another Benjamin on a name brand bag, or a designer hat, or popular sneakers, or leather seats in their car.I f you like something, and you can afford it, you get it.

And it is not the best Android phone you can buy.

It is the best Android phone at that price point.

Happy Holiday's from my phone to yours...

How dare you talk back to Phil.Say you're sorry and we'll forgive you of your sin and let you into!!!

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How could you be a traitor to the cause?!?!?! Selling out your Note 3 brethren like that?

You heathen, we are changing the secret handshake.....

Oooooh no please!!!,not that.Ok,Father forgive me for thouest has sinned.That was a close one,thxz for getting the prodigal son home.

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In my opinion it is, which is all that matters for me. (However everyone else should probably just agree with me, makes me happy.)

OK I will agree with you, if you agree with me that the Note 3 is the better phone and that way we can both be happy...

For what it is worth, The X is a hell of a phone. If the Note didn't suit my needs better than the X, I might have ended up with it. Locked bootloaders might have kept me away, but I would have considered it very strongly

No, he was correct. It's the best Android phone you can buy. "The best Android phone at that price point," would be the Nexus 5.

Looks awesome!.... I'm waiting on the Teak Wood to come out before I upgrade!

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I really think Motorola should have priced the wood backing at $50 instead of $100 which is 1/3 of the total price of the phone

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He's referring to the contract price, and he's actually right. If you purchase the phone or the "code" from your carrier for under 100 dollars, then, technically, you'll be spending more to add the wood back than you spent for the entire phone.

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ahhh.... i forgot about that stuff. I know I may be in the minority but I do not even think about this phone on contract. I guess any phone on contract at $400 is a bit of a waste (but I didnt do the maths). Not to disparage those that do it, its just me.

I know. Considering the recent sales, it's hard to imagine this phone is still being sold on-contract.

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If you are buying this phone on contract, you should a: not even be considering getting a wood back, because your priority was CLEARLY pinching a penny and getting a deal, or b: stop whining and pay for the wood with all the money you saved by buying the phone on contract. I fail to see the problem.

This a great option. I'd love it in one of the other options they previewed in the summer, but this looks pretty amazing. First phone I would consider no case for... Maybe a bumper case...

Ugly? Not really.
Overhyped? Yup!
Worth the hype? Nope.
Worth the price? Yup!

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No way would I consider $100 for a phone back, UNLESS they actually used a NICE wood that was worth it, like Quincewood or Cocobolo. (Cocobolo is an especially silky smooth hardwood that has a nice smell to it; I've got it on a few knives)

Sorry for the double post. Don't see a way to delete one. Teak for the win. Walnut would be awesome too, but not bamboo

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You have 15 minutes from the time you posted to edit a post. You simply click on the double post, click edit, then, at the top of the screen, you should see a delete "button."

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Lovin' my custom X. Got mine through cyber Mondnesday, so bamboo wasn't available anyway. Plus the price for bamboo doesn't appeal to me but it sure looks nice.

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A couple of points to ponder.
The wood is only 20‰ increase in the cost. Remember that the phone price is $500.
Corporate executives would like this for appearance. Business pays & writes off expense.

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I can see Motorola keeping the cost of the Moto X at the $350-$400 range for the regular and getting some of the money back with the extra $100 from the wood. I got no problem with that at all. Would make for a really compelling buy.

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1) Glad it arrived early.
2) Keep us posted on how it fairs in Florida's climate.
3) Fugliest one in the lineup.
4) Needs a bumper to protect phone AND back cover.
5) Not with my money you don't.

My PC will be water cooled later, I have to get one of these in Europe singer way.

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This looks really nice!! Paying the extra 100 bucks isn't something I would do but I have to say that I will envy the person I see rocking one of these in the wild :)

I think the wood back idea is ridiculous. It looks hideous too. If the whole phone was wood it would look very nice. I don't like the wood/plastic mix though. It's far too noticeable and just doesn't look right to me.

Plus $100 for just a wood back? Lmao. No thank you.

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I'll buy the T-Mobile unlocked one, so it won't have a carrier sign on the back. An I right?

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Correction: What AC THINKS is the best Android phone you can buy. There's a big difference.

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COMPLETELY AGREE!! For the price of the Moto X, I think the Nexus 5 is a MUCH better phone! The Moto X has similar specs to my phone that I had 2 years ago. It has some cool features, it's priced cheap so many people can afford it, and it looks pretty good. That's it though, it does nothing for me. I know I'm not the general user, as I always want the latest and greatest in technology and love having a big display(Note series has spoiled me!). That's why I don't go around bad mouthing the Moto X. I think it's wonderful to make good Android phones available to more people by pricing them low! I want to see Android take over the mobile phone market, and put Apple in its place!

Well you are on AC reading their articles. Do we need every title to include an asterisk proclaiming that it is an opinion of the author?


No, it should already be worded to reflect that it's an opinion but im noticing some of the writers here like to think otherwise. Another reason I see people like Russell Holly from as complete jokes.

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Here's my thoughts : It looks pretty good if we were still in the 70's or 80's, but definitely not in today's market. For $100 extra, you should be getting a REAL carbon fiber, or other expensive material, back AND front! If the front AND back of my Note 3 could be made with TRUE carbon fiber for $100 extra, then I would go for it. An expensive material like carbon fiber, which is also VERY strong, would definitely be worth the extra cost on an incredible phone like the Note 3. The extra cost on a very over-hyped midrange phone(in my opinion) like the Moto X, which is supposed to be a decent phone at a good price point, is far from worth it! I just can't see anyone buying this phone off contract and spending the extra money for wood(back only and NOT the entire phone), when for that amount of money you could just about buy a top of the line phone. I could see having this option on a high-end phone, but not the Moto X which is a value minded phone. Offer a REAL carbon fiber(front AND back) Note 3 for $100 extra and I'll hand them my money as fast as possible!!

LOL Note 3

I swear, it's like clockwork: whenever something positive gets posted about the Moto X, a Note 3 (or sometimes G2) owner will show up and be all pissed off and talk about how their phone is better.

What they always fail to realize is "better for them" isn't necessarily the same as "better for everyone. In some ways the Note 3 (or G2) is a better phone. But for the average consumer the Moto X is the better choice for an all around feature phone.


Gotta love a Note 3 user with his plastic "stitched leather" claiming the Bamboo Moto X looks bad. Once again all pissed about the "best Android phone you can buy" claim. Check please?

Awesome! Would go great with the Bamboo Watch I'm hoping Santa brings me this year. And its nice seeing a wood used that can replenish itself as fast as Bamboo does.

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Still think it's hilarious that people are getting upset with what other people are doing with their money.

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Why do you care? Jeez, buy the phone you like and get on with your life. We know you can do it.

Then what's your problem? You crying because an editor prefers another phone to yours? Get over it.

He's not "trippin" at all... He simply stated that his opinion of the moto x is it's "over hyped"... Why you "trippin" so hard over someone's opinion? You people need to have a fuckin drink and relax...

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Having bought one for my wife, and played with it quite a bit, I can tell you first hand that the Moto X is not over-hyped. It is genuinely an awesome phone, despite the seemingly lackluster internals. The user experience is smoother, faster, and generally better than on my Galaxy S4, which supposedly has "better" internals. Seriously thinking about ditching my S4 and going "backwards" to the X. It's that good, and I'm a techie geek. The only thing I would have liked to see is a microSD slot.

When I hear comments such as these I can't help but think how much better it would be if it DID have high end internals. That would be awesome I think.

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Frivolous... Half the price of the Moto G. I'll take a $10 cover. Its decisions like this that are hurting Motorola. Sure glad Google has money to burn.

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That doesn't make any sense at all. Motorola is hurting itself by offering MORE options to the customer, specifically one that customers have been demanding/waiting for since the phone launched. Uh, yeah. Sure, Motorola is killing itself with good business sense. Honestly, Motorola has hurt itself in other ways, but this is certainly not one of them.

As far as Google has money to burn, again you aren't making sense, since Motorola will be selling this at a profit, not a loss. Aside from that, it's Motorola, not Google selling them. Google may own Moto, but it is still operating as a separate entity.

since when is android central so biased towards anything but the moto x? its a low end device. i remember a time jerry and crew loved anything nexus.

The moto and the Nexus are cousins. For a phone not made by Google, it is deserving of the kudos.

They are also doing a hell of a lot right now to stay in the news cycle. See, wood, the G.

You cannot knock them reporting what is happening.

I can however knock them for being selective.

Forget the Samsung upgrade time line leak that they won't post, but they also failed on the dish buyout bid for Tmo.

It is the same rumor that was for sprint, so I don't get why one is reported and the other not

Happy Holiday's from my phone to yours...

Thought it was my next phone until i got to the check out and my price compared to Nexus 5 is like $150 more. without the Bamboo i might add. No way

I built one of these with the wood back on the Moto Builder site. I have a question before I buy. If I get a bamboo back and a black front will there still be white trim around the bamboo on the back? Cuz that is stupid to have bamboo, white trim, and then black front.