Moto X wood back

Delivery delay of up to 14 days indicated on the website

Motorola said we wouldn't have to wait much longer for Moto X wooden backs, and today Moto Maker has just added a new "bamboo" option. A new category of materials called "Natural" is listed above the other plastic color options, and are listed as online exclusives. Currently the only option available is bamboo, which also adds $100 to the price of your Moto X, as well as a delayed shipping time.

After choosing the wood back you'll be stuck with white edges, but you still have all of the other color options for the front and accents on the phone — you'll also still be able to inscribe the back with your own message. The main Moto Maker page indicates that you're looking at a 14 day delivery time once you add a wooden back to your phone, but as we go through the order process we're being given an estimated delivery date of January 6th.

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Moto X bamboo back arrives on Moto Maker, carries $100 premium


I may have been wrong in my post to Jerry's recent potential availability update where I suggested the properties of wood would render this concept to not be commercially viable. Verdict requires more time to pass.

I'm disappointed by the white sides! Why can't they have white OR black. Looks terrible with the black front. Makes NO SENSE! How hard is it to also have black plastic trim? Ridiculous and a deal breaker for me!

So now there's finally wood. Way to keep your product in the headlines, Moto. Someone must care about it...

Well, it's not just the wood you're paying for, it's also the CNC machining, sanding and finishing. A lot more work goes into that than an injection molded plastic back they bang out by the thousands.

I'm not saying it's worth the $100, but it IS a far more costly part to make.

I just wish they'd release the CAD models for these phones so I could mill my own.

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I had been looking forward to this...but I would just feel ashamed more so than proud to advertise I paid 100 dollars for wood.

The price will make it a better status symbol though. If you can drop $100 for a wood back like it's pocket change, then you've done pretty well for yourself.

what's up with the mobile site listing the upgrade as $50? come on moto get your crap together.

$100 extra is pretty steep, but it is the only phone like it. I personally would not do it, but I am sure some will. At $50 i would consider it...

Eh I was really trying to get myself psyched up to spend the extra $50 to get wood, but probably won't care much for $100.

Edit: Besides, I only want the dark wood option, I don't care for the lighter ones one bit.

Now back to do I want all white or all black.

Yeah it costs a prostitute and a hooker to buy, it had better be sexy

Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!

Lol 100$ to go low tech?

Shabby chic?

Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!

Yes since the great capitalism reform movement the corporations have begun realizing that things are too expensive and that they should immediately remove the product and reintroduce it at a lower price when someone on the internet complains...

Finally got the damn wood backs that everyone has been having a heart attack over for months and now everyone complains about the price....

$100 extra for wood plus $50 for 32 gig. I was hoping rosewood would've been available, 'cause then I'd've gone for rosewood and black, but bamboo with white will still look awesome. Now if only they could ship it sooner that January 6.

Girl-"Is that Wood in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me!? ;-)"
Me- *Pulls out Wooden Moto X
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You are only mad because you are on the Sprint network. It's ok little man, everything will be ok.

You seem to be projecting a ton of insecurities in this off shoot of the comments section.

You should get out of moms basement more.

I just lost my shit and shot beer outta my nose... I'm ok with the shit, but the beer outta my nose was really uncomfortable

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Why are people complaining. That's real wood real bamboo real stuff not just some plastic that's cheaply made. That's quality 100$ for quality and it looks awesome.

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Reminds me of those old school station Wagons and caravans with the wood paneling on the side. Looks just as ugly too

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People are being asked to pay a high price to get wood...and there hasn't been a Viagra joke posted...what is this world coming to?

Thats actually a good way to keep it from being over ordered. Weed out the few who would and could actually pay for the extra $100 from those that see it as too much for an additional cost. This way, they dont have to have low stock levels and not get behind on the orders. (Keep that 14 day arrival date as close as they can)

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No it is a good way to make some of that 150 back you just gave away.

5 to make
5 for R&D
5 for package and ship
85 profit

Not complaining , it's the way it works

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That's a real bargain can't wait for this in U.K...maybe rub 2 moto x's and start a fire

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I want to get the moto x 2 only for the voice commands- but it has to have a better camera, snapdragon 800 or equivalent, 32gb min option or sd card, and MAYBE a bit bigger OR a bit better screen (screen isn't biggest priority). I would pay 700 for that.

I'm a wood worker (no jokes people ;)) and this is absurd. Anyone with a cnc and the plans can whip this out for next to nothing. Don't tell me r&d justified the cost because anyone with two days and some digital calipers could get the dimensions needed. If I had a cnc I'd make em and sell em for ten and would still make a killer profit. But that's just my opinion.

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How can you not expect moto to charge extra for a wood back the cant mass produce them like plastic backs that's like buying a car and getting leather instead of cloth for free lol

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Can't mass produce?

Your kidding right? Do you think that they have all the Amish cranking these things out? Maybe they didn't release this with the rest of maker because the elves had to stop for the holiday's.

There is nothing that cannot be mass produced.

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So we have a smart ass I didn't mean to offend you maybe your always right but please save the shit talking for a better

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1. Yes, yes I am
2. Offended? lol I do not appear to be the one that is offended
3. I can do much better in the crap talking
4. I was arguing? No, stating a clear fact.

It is what it is. Everything can be mass produced.

I think that assumption is a big part of why they have brought this out at a 100 dollar premium: this idea that something like a wood back is this outlandish, expensive, gourmet option, and that factory manufacturing has no place in this, etc. The fact is, wooden products are mass-produced everywhere, just walk into a hobby shop and tell me all those wooden project and craft kits are not mass-produced by machines. Bamboo is no different, there's plenty of bamboo flooring no cutting boards being made everyday, and the same manufacturing concepts apply. If anything, the price is extremely high due to the cost of US labor, but that has nothing to do with the wood backs themselves. Personally, I think it's Motorola cashing in on people's fascination with natural materials being incorporated into traditionally plastic products (as we really do live in a plastic world now), and on the consumer's concept of this "premium product" even if the base price of said product is actually not that high.

I'll wait for the Moto X2, when wood will be available at release. I'd happily pay $100 extra then. Not now.

really wouldn't care to have wood on any electronic but it's a cool option for many.
if I was into it I wouldn't know how to carry it. obviously using any case defeats the purpose but it looks like it would be prone to drops more since it's polished and slick. maybe they made it more durable and somewhat crack proof.
good luck

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I would destroy the wood back in no time unless I had a case on it. But that would defeat the whole purpose

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