Moto G Accessories.

Five color combos keep your Moto G looking pretty no matter your mood

Following up some time after the Moto G (read our full review) made its U.S. debut with a solid grouping of accessories, the more ruggedized Moto G Grip Shells are now on sale from Motorola's online store. Just like the other replacement back covers, the Grip Shells simply snap onto the back as a replacement for the stock cover, but in this case provide a nice rubber bumper of protection around the outside.

Each one will set you back a cool $19.99 plus a bit more for shipping, and you'll have your choice of five different color combinations — chalk, black, royal blue, lemon lime and cherry. Royal blue and lemon lime are probably the most off-the-wall combinations, but each one offers a nice bit of flair to your device. Best of all you can always swap between them at your leisure if you don't like the color.

Source: Motorola; Thanks, Matthew!

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live2skico says:

ordered mine today (lemon/lime)


The sharpest 4.5" HD display in its class, all-day battery, quad-core speed, Android 4.3 with guaranteed upgrade, and colorful backs to customize your phone.

mattrt85 says:

Thanks for the shout out Andrew! The Moto G is a great phone for the budget conscious and doesn't lack in the style department. Huge bonus with quick upgrade to KitKat and it's starting to get it's legs in the developer community!

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RavinX says:

F-ing finally.

Still no love for Canada? Whaaa?

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AgentXIII says:

Not in UK doh!

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Retailers in the U.K. have had the Grip Shell for some time now iirc.

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AgentXIII says:

Do you have link ?

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DannyHeard says:

I'll second that, I can't find any in the uk

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tastisnax says:

Too bad the site isn't working. Can't buy ANY shells at the moment... page won't even load properly. Not that I was going to buy one for my X haha.

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Where can I buy these in the UK??

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Scooter De says:

They are on Amazon, though I think 10% of the phone's price is too steep for a coloured back.

wareagleash says:

Can you post link? I've searched Amazon and can't find them.

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Tom Barnes3 says:

No sign of these on UK yet, I know the lad wants one, does anyone Stateside want to send one over for me please?

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