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The Moto E has been on sale for a short time now in the U.S., and those who put in their order early with Motorola are starting to receive their devices. We've just received our own $129 piece of Moto goodness after ordering on day one, and those who did the same should be getting theirs in short order as well. If you've been holding off on picking one up for yourself you can still do so, as Motorola's online store is still listing them as available.

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Moto E now shipping to U.S. buyers who purchased from Motorola website


Paid extra for expedited shipping; it sat at the local FedEx depot over the weekend (I'm in Houston, it shipped from DFW) and it arrived today. I'm really impressed - and I also own a MotoG and a Nexus 5 as my primary.

I already purchased 4 Moto E devices from Amazon this past month in the US. Why is this new exactly?

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Not sure how much use Snapchat and Instagram will be on this phone, with no front camera and a poor quality fixed focus rear camera.

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Average white girl? That's just a stupid comment.

I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

I do appreciate the effort put into creating a device at this price point, but was the $199 for the Moto G really too high for anyone?? The price difference between this and the Moto G is almost nothing, and most people that would buy a device in this price range are the casual user, so would probably not be looking to upgrade for a few years.

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my gf got a boost mobile Moto G for $99.99 she absolutely loves the device I can't see why this moto will be chosen by somebody over moto G in the US; the price points are very close, and the Moto G is all around a much better device than the Moto e
John Hancock

I agree. You can get the moto g for $99 Boost or Verizon. Also $149 on cricket(AT&T).

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GSM model sells for $179, $199, or $219 depending on model. Some struggle with having a $100 to purchase a phone, much less $200. Not everyone is rich and flowing with cash.

Got mine a week ago love it 3days after I got it I heard bout a new update after 1hour of reading bout it on google news I received an update to 4.4.3 and that's just the start Motorola will push out the next major update to this phone as well

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Bummer.... Can't even get 4.4.3 on my Nexus 5! Glad to read you like your E!

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I could really go for a Moto E if I could pay a little bit more for at least 8Gb of onboard storage. I know what people are thinking. "Just get the Moto G you idiot!" The thing of it is I don't want a phone, I want the device for use as a media player (insert iPod Touch Comparison) and some gaming. The main requirements I have are enough internal storage for some of the larger games I play and an SDCard slot for my music/audiobooks. Cameras are not allowed in my workplace, so the fact that the Moto E only has a rear facing camera is a HUGE advantage as well. The Moto G with LTE/SDCard is a higher entry cost and has an extra camera that I would have to deal with.

I already have 2 moto , 2 moto G, 1 moto x and xperia z1 unlocked, lenovo k 900, iPad mini ratina(for just fun) and nexus 7,5 and tegra note... I live in Delhi,India and for me..this took lot of money to get this much...and carry half of them every day and Lenovo K900 is my daily driver

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