Motorola Sholes Tablet

Here's another look at the Motorola Sholes Tablet (aka the XT701) with its unslightly bump. The thing is thin, sure, but there's a exactly what the hardware will be is still up for debate. This render clearly shows an 8-megapixel camera with xenon flash (how's that gonna affect battery life?), while a previous look showed a 5MP camera. Rumored specs continue be an upgraded processor from the Droid, built-in HDMI with 720p video quality (which we already have in the Droid), and an FM radio.

The Sholes tablet is rumored for release in Russia and China in 2010, with Android 2.1 on board. One more render after the break.

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Motorola Sholes Tablet

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pcdsim says:

WTF? Not one, but two bumps??!!

Anonymous says:

If this phone ever makes it to a US release, I hope they get rid of that "hip" on the right side. Looks like the top edge is slanted too.

ChocoBilly says:

It could be an ergonomics thing...

Ducky says:

The Droid does not do 720p video.

yes it does, just check the official specs ;)

It really doesn't...

There's a screenshot of the official specs. It shoots in 720x480 which is NOT 720p, 720p is is 1280x720. It's measured by the horizontal pixels not the vertical. 720x480 is 480p or i, whichever it is.

nomad2000 says:

u can check the moto official China site for specs.

there are another 2 devices for china mobile and china telecom. one's android , another is OMS

nomad2000 says:

sorry for wrong url,

the correct one is :