Okay, let's play a little bit of catch up. The device pictured above was first known as the Motorola Sholes, which for a little while turned into the Motorola Tao, and now looks to be named the Motorola Droid. Hmm. Tao is our personal favorite since we're not even sure what a 'Sholes' is and 'Droid' being too repetitive of Android. Regardless of name, it looks like the Motorola Droid/Tao/Sholes won't run MOTOBLUR, instead rocking a 'with Google' build of Android (which actually lends more credence to the 'Droid' name) that will include native Adobe Flash support.

The reported specs of the Motorola Droid/Tao/Sholes (via phonedog):

  • 3.7″ screen with 854×480 (16:9 widescreen) capacitive touchscreen
  • 600 MHz ARM Cortex A8 Processor
  • Wi-Fi, EV-DO
  • 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash and video recording
  • QWERTY Slider, 13.7mm thick
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • 16GB onboard storage with microSD expansion slot
  • Android 2.0 'Eclair'
  • Launches December 1st

Overall, everything looks fine--the additional screen real estate is a big plus but we were being greedy and hoping for a wee bit more CPU power. BGR also reports that there may be a keyboard-less version for 2010. TheStreet independently reports that Verizon and Motorola may announce the phone next week, which would be highly convenient timing considering rivals HTC and Sprint are launching the HTC Hero on October 11th. Talk about stealing the spotlight.

However, most rumors and reports suggest a later reveal date for the device but with CTIA being held next week, the stars might just be aligning for us. Who's excited for this device and be sure to tell us what's your favorite name--Droid, Tao, or Sholes--in the comments!

thanks Carlos for the tip!


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More Info & Specs on Verizon Motorola Droid aka Tao aka Sholes


I really do like the Tao name but I would be a bit worried about anything that has multiple ways of pronouncing it...

Am I the only one that thinks this phone looks really ugly? Like something from the early 90's.

I like the idea of the keyboardless version. I prefer droid however tao isn't too bad and either is much better than sholes! Please tell me that even though it's "with google" it will have exchange support otherwise as much as I might like it I can't justify it.

I'm glad there's no Motoblur. I'd rather have a standard Android UI. I'm not interested in using the phone for social networking, so I wouldn't even use the MotoBlur UI anyway. This just prevents there from being additional crap on the phone getting in the way. I can't wait for this to come out!

Wow , can't wait , am a huge open source fan and promoting Linux on a phone just fits real nicely .
Go Google , first phones next netbooks/notebooks , give MS a run for it money .

Eff motoblur, the tweenz can have it. I don't see the "ugly" arguments either. What do you want? It's a 3.7in screen with nav buttons. Function before form. I personally can't wait to ditch TMo and jump into the world of android.

With regard to the name, "droid" is cool cuz you can have the following conversation:

Nub:"Whoah, what's that? Is it a new iPhone?"
Me: "Nope, even better. This is my droid. These are the droids you've been looking for."

Though, as a standalone name, I prefer the "Tao" but it's not nearly as usable.

Good news. These ARE the droids you're looking for. No official announcement about the S/T/D specific, but VZ talked about their partnership with google and . . . brace yourself kids, their COMMITMENT TO OPENNESS! I called Hitler, he says it's frozen down there. Google voice will ship with VZ android sets because "You're either open or you're not..." Wow. GREAT news!

This is the phone I have been waiting for! This is a bad picture of it on this site. Search on motorola sholes on google images and you will find much better pics. This compared to iphone is no match. Many, many apps will be FREE compared to paying for everything over at APPLE. Open source means only GOOD things.

For the name i prefer DROID. As far as the phone is concerned the money is sitting in a seperate account just waiting for the arrival of this phone.


What am I missing here? The Droid is a boxy and clunky looking phone that is in no way as nice looking as the HTC Hero (I've played with the Sprint version). Both are going to work great as far as Android is concerned...in fact, the Hero, if it lives up the HTC phone standards, might have even better audio than then Droid. Why would I buy the Droid and not wait for the Hero? If there's some good logic, someone please enlighten me, but form factor alone, plus the fact the Droid is larger, is a big turn-off. Oh, and BTW, I could give a hoot less about a real keyboard, so please don't use that as the reason. Thanks.

@ LarryMcJ

I was thinking about waiting for the HTC hero as well but upon doing more research kept hearing reports of lag problems with the device. While HTC has come up with a lot of new functionality with their HTCSense system, all of those widgets seem to be too taxing on the phones processor. Also the physical QWERTY is awesome I didnt think i would care until i got a phone that had one and it lends itself to much faster typing.

watch some videos of the hero and look for ones that show you the lag it has. not cool

Go Droid

Lame. You want the real iphone killer? Its been out since May09. The samsung i8910. It blows this phone away, and the iphone. Samsung is by far the best mobile phone company. They're leaving the others in the dust quickly.

This is just another wana-be iphone.

it's easy to take an existing (popular) platform and add to it to make more appealing than the later. it takes true inginuity to develope the trend setting platform.

plus, capacitive touch screens suck - hard to see through in the direct light, not very sensitive, cheap, usually plastic/mylar which scratch easy, ect...

You're an idiot. HTC and LG were doing it years before Apple were. Apple just have more fanboyz who'll lap up anything with the Apple logo stuck on it. This phone IS BETTER on all counts from processor, OS, open source, camera, connectivity, functionality and when google take over the world you'll be first to walk the plank. ;-)


Hey there retard...iPhone has a capacitive touch screen too! And the point isn't just the outside of the phone, its the functionality. Apple has focused so much on style lately they've forgotten function. They launched a phone that can run more than one app. at a time...for multitasking that sucks. Plus, Apple launched the iPhone without MMS, what good is that, since most people send pics via phone...the Apps was the only functionality Apple had and they've controlled it to such a degree, developers are already jumping ship in favor of the Android platform.

No matter what iphone tells or thinks how great they are, their reign or the “so-called” supremacy for two years will finally go on a stop.

This motorolla droid is driving us crazy. With all its features, I hope it lives with the expectations

see how Motorolla Droid Mocks iPhone: Will Motorolla Droid Kill iPhone Now?

kudods to anroidcentral

How much is this phone? It seems much like a iphone or ipod touch? As, i hav a ipod touch i was woundering how much the Motraola costs? Or i will just buy a number online for My ipod so i can use it as a phone instead? Do could someone please tell me how much this phone is?
Thank You

I bought this phone and I am glad I did. It is awesome. It does everything but cook dinner. The voice application will find anything.