A few days ago, we reported on a new line of Android-based Asus Eee tablets expected to be released in 2011. Asus may be getting a little too impatient for CES to arrive because more information has now been revealed about these tablets, coming straight from the horses mouth. The Asus Eee EP102 and EP101 appear to be those exact tablets, sporting a 10-inch screen (hopefully) running the much more tablet-friendly Honeycomb.

As some of you predicted in the comments, at least one of these tablets, purportedly the EP101, will have a detachable keyboard as shown in that chalkboard demo. The EP102 on the other hand appears to be some sort of slider tablet. As if my anticipation for CES couldn't get any higher, Asus swoops in and teases us just a little bit more. Hit the break for two more pictures! [eeepc.it via CrunchGear]



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More details on the Android Asus Eee Pad revealed


What was that line last night Phils wife said. Keyboards are for old farts. Or snoring along that line

Detachable keyboard? That could be cool. Tablet when you want it, laptop when you need it. Could be the direction all end up going

If you really want an android laptop, you can give the android x86 project a try at http://www.android-x86.org/. I can't say that I've tried it yet (because of time constraints and just forgetting about it), but it looks intriguing and seems to have decent hardware support. And apparently you can run it as a live iso.

Coincidentally enough, they do support the eeePC.

*not affiliated, just looks like an interesting project that I personally don't see pushed on blogs and the like.

Okay, great Android tablet/laptop...I would love one, however...

Will I need to root the damn thing, killing my warranty, just so I can use it at work where I have to enter a proxy URL to get on the wifi network?

This is one inability of Android is driving me nuts with my MyTouch 4g. I have the fastest phone in the building and its basically a paperweight there as the cell signals are either pathetically weak or non-existent.

What about the tablet on the far right of the first pic? that looks like a normal touch screen tablet. The EP71 I think it says.

these look pretty sweet. I would love to get a tablet, but don't have a real need for one... but, I do have a need for a laptop with a real qwerty for work. voila! I was going to start looking into buying a laptop, but may hold off to see what Asus gives us!