Minuum keyboard

Supporters will get access to the first beta version in June

Whirlscape started an Indiegogo campaign about a month ago to raise funds for development of their new keyboard. The fundraiser started with a goal of $10,000, and ended today with a total of $87,369 raised (almost 900% of the original goal). The solution to the problem that this keyboard proposes to deliver resonated with over 9,500 financial supporters.

The goal of the Minuum Keyboard Project is to create a keyboard that is both effective in typing and small in screen real estate. Taking down keyboard rows to just one, the Minuum keyboard allows for highly imprecise typing by using a specialized auto-correction algorithm. A magnifying function will allow for precise typing when needed, such as when entering passwords.

A second 'stretch goal' was hit once the fundraiser reached $60,000. This money will be put towards the wearable development kit (WDK). In the demo video, the potential of typing using wearable items was shown, which could be extended to peripherals like watches, glasses, or even rings. This could be the perfect complement to the upcoming Google Glass.

It's too late to get access to the early beta, but it shouldn't be long before we see a general release as well. If this keyboard delivers the functionality it promises, this could be the biggest thing in mobile typing since Swype.

Source: Indiegogo


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Minuum keyboard fundraiser a runaway success - coming soon to Android


as usefull and minimal as it is, from the screenshot above, its ugly.... would like a better looking ui by the time of release...
but is def cool and im looking forward to using it...

I don't care how good it's autocorrect function is, my big fingers could never type on that, maybe if I was using a 10 inch tablet, but never on a smartphone.

you're missing the point, you don't need to precisely hit those letters, you just tap roughly near the letter, and the algorithm figures out the word... watch the demo video.

Of course, we won't know how well it works until we get to try it, but in concept, it looks great.

You should watch the demo video. If this pans out properly, this is going to be a huge change for the tech market, especially things like google glass. You don't have to be anywhere near accurate with this type of keyboard.

You can also change the keyboard to whatever size you want on your phone. You can move it around all over the screen of your phone.

I can't wait to try this in June.

I hadn't heard about this until today, I would have tossed a few bucks in. Looks cool and I like supporting those who support Android.

Same here. I don't get the hate it's getting in the comments. I'm looking for something to replace Swiftkey.

This looks interesting. While I'm perfectly happy with Swiftkey, I'll take a keyboard that is just as good but takes up less space. Let me tell you though, it'll be hard to dethrone Swiftkey.

I'm still skeptical about this keyboard. I heard about it about a week ago from the verge. I think I will stick with swift key flow. But I wound mind giving it a try when it comes out.

One of my fingers would cover about 9 of those letters... yeah, I've got BIG hands... I don't think their program would be able to figure out what the heck I was trying to type.

Cool! Now if someone would just move the static soft buttons at the bottom off the dynamic screen back onto the device we'd have even more screen real-estate...Oh, wait a minute, we tried that. For some reason that's considered "old" now instead of *LOGICAL*. Why on earth do we waste precious screen space with static buttons. The only thing we get the space back for is video. Not photos, not web browsing, not reading books. Please Google, go back to the way it was. There's a reason Samsung and HTC are fighting it - because the new way is not logical. It's fine on tablets but it's foolish on phones. At least give us a simple gesture to hide the buttons on demand.

That looks pretty sick. depending on the learning curve im in. i should really make it a habit to check kick starter for things like this.

I totally contributed to their Indiegogo campaign. $5 was not so hard to donate to something as innovative as this has potential to be. I sure hope it works out - I'm very interested to try it out for sure! ;-)

I am surprised SwiftKey hasn't bought the company to incorporate the algorithm in the next version of SwiftKey Keyboard.

I am a supporter and cannot wait to get the beta! I jumped on this as soon as I viewed the video on Indigogo